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Full Inforamtion about First Trimester | Healtheoz


Welcome to the most exciting and wonderful experience in a women’s life.  It will be a long nine months but don’t worry we will be with you every step of this exiting journey.  For all first timers HMom – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Full Inforamtion about First Trimester | Healtheoz

HMom is a medical app and comprehensive pregnancy
management platform.
Welcome to the most exciting and wonderful
experience in a womens life.  It will be a long
nine months but dont worry we will be with you
every step of this exiting journey.  For all
first timers HMom will be there with relevant
advice every day and every week.  For Moms who
have experience we will try to make this journey
again with reminders of all the correct things to
do.  Well be here every step of the way to make
sure your pregnancy goes as smooth and safe as
possible!  After all, thats why we were founded!
Good luck, its a long and incredible trip! -Hmom
Pregnancy Trimesters
  • A simple way to determine which trimester you are
    in is as given below
  • Trimester 1
  • Week one to thirteen
  • First month to the third month
  • Trimester 2
  • Week fourteen to week twenty six
  • Fourth month to sixth month
  • Trimester 3
  • Week twenty seven to week forty
  • Seventh month to ninth month

Pregnancy calculator
  • Calculating Estimated Due Date or EDD is quite a
    simple process.  However confusion occurs when
    talking about how many months one is pregnant and
    how many weeks long is the pregnancy.  The
    estimates are based on the following
  • Last Menstrual period is required to be known
  • Add 40 weeks to the end of the last menstrual
    period and that is the EDD
  • Alternatively you can add 280 days to the end of
    the LMP
  • A normal pregnancy is approximately 266 days from
    conception to birth
  • It normally takes two weeks for your period,
    ovulation and fertilization. Hence conception
    occurs approximately 14 to 16 days after the
    first day of your last menstrual period (LMP)
  • Pregnancy is often broken down into weeks and 40
    weeks is considered to be full term pregnancy.
  • Any baby delivered in less than 37 weeks of
    pregnancy is considered to be premature.
  • Fertilization is counted to have occurred around
    the 14th day of the 28 day cycle of menstruation.
    This is so due to ovulation occurring about 14
    days before the start of your period.
  • The EDD calculated is only a guide. Average
    pregnancy can last anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks.

Pregnancy week by week
  • Week 4 This is the four weeks of pregnancy and
    confirmation of your pregnancy has been done. 
    This week the embryo has found its way to the
    uterus and is looking for a suitable place to
    nestle in for the next 36-38 weeks or so. The
    embryo is now called a blastocyst.   This is also
    the time when most women are expecting their
    period.  Some of you may experience a slight
    bleed in the fourth week. 

Week 5 The five weeks of pregnancy marks the
start of the embryonic period.  The babys body
systems and structures, such as heart, brain and
spinal cord begin to form.  The babys heart
starts beating at a steady rate even though this
may not be detected by a vaginal ultrasound for
one or two more weeks.  Along with these
developments the placenta also starts to develop
  • Week 6 By 6 weeks of pregnancy the baby is about
    a quarter of an inch long.  This is just the size
    of a grain of rajma or a bean. babys spine is
    completely developed and has closed over at both
    ends. Inside his/her lungs, secondary branches
    have started to appear. They will continue
    branching out after she/hes born. Someday these
    branches will connect to the 300 million tiny air
    sacs (called alveoli) in his lungs.

Week 7 In 7 weeks of pregnancy you will notice
that the baby has doubled in size.  It is now a
full half-inch long.  However, it still retains
its tight coma shape. The heart tube has formed
small bulges and is much faster than last week.  
The babys limbs start to manifest as tiny
flippers at this point.  The ears begin to take
shape and joints for the elbows, knees and wrists
are formed.  It is astonishing to see that the
eyelids are nearly complete.
  • Week 8 It is the time when the facial features
    are getting refined and the lips nose and ears
    start becoming visible.  The eyelids also take
    shape. This is end of the second month of your
    pregnancy.  The baby is now nearly an inch long
    and weighs about half an ounce.  Despite the
    small size the central nervous system is nearly
    completely formed.  The babys heart has four
    chambers now and the heartbeats at 160 beats per

  • Week 9 By the start of the third month of
    pregnancy your baby has started to move a tiny
    bit.  Its arms have grown longer and the legs
    have lengthened.  The fingers and toes are
    getting defined.  The head has begun to get
    rounded.  The neck appears to be developing. The
    ears continue getting more defined and the nose
    is defined by a growing tip.  Now the baby has
    tubes from the lungs to the throat.

Week 10 The end of 10 weeks of pregnancy the baby
is now a fetus and no longer an embryo.  Major
changes are on the way.  Webbed hands and feet
give way to separate fingers and toes.  The bones
have begun to get hardened and wonders of wonders
the kidneys are producing urine.  The baby now
moves in the warm amniotic fluid.  It has grown
to nearly two inches long.  The body is more
proportionate.  The fingers and toes are visible
and the ankles and wrists are formed.  The yolk
sac has separated and the umbilical cord is
  • Week 11 By ten week s of pregnancy and eleven
    weeks of pregnancy your baby has started to
    breath.  The inhaling of small amounts of
    amniotic fluid is help full in development of the
    lungs.  The babys ears are taking position
    alongside the head and the head still remains
    disproportionately larger than the rest of the
    body. At this stage the baby has However, it
    maybe yet too early to determine the gender of
    the baby by an ultrasound.

  • To know more about your baby's growth during
    pregnancy please visit our website
    www.healtheoz.com THANK YOU!
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