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PSD to Wordpress Theme Conversion Services


This PSD to Wordpress theme conversion is required because Photoshop is the single piece of software which is most popular with graphic. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PSD to Wordpress Theme Conversion Services

PSD to Wordpress Theme Conversion Services
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  • What is a PSD?
  • Most people who have been in or around the design
    and web design industry can easily understand
    this terminology - just like they would
    understand any other design terms which are not
    familiar to people outside of the niche. But in
    reality, the term is very simple to understand.
    PSD is short for Photo Shop Design therefore PSD
    to WordPress is the process of converting a
    Photoshop design file to a working WP template
    using Bootstrap or other methodologies and
  • This PSD to Wordpress theme conversion is
    required because Photoshop is the single piece of
    software which is most popular with graphic and
    designers and how most WordPress website designs
    are created.

  • What is a WordPress Theme?
  • There are two primary aspects to creating a
    WordPress website usually.
  • The actual look of the website
  • The content of the site.
  • In WP, the most popular CMS for creating a site,
    the content is independent of how the website
    actually looks. How the website looks is actually
    defined by a PSD to Wordpress theme conversion.
    Think of themes like you would for smart phones,
    for your desktop computer or laptop or anything
    else which can be "skinned" to your preference.
    The template or theme you use can be used to
    "skin" the content, or give it a look and feel
    which you are opting for.

  • WordPress themes are a collection of PHP files
    which contain "commands" or specifications which
    define the colors and patterns, the styles, the
    icons, the fonts, the sizes of headers and text,
    the buttons and essentially the whole look of all
    of the elements of the website you are designing.
    There is a whole industry around these designs,
    where you can either get your template for free
    or buy one which is already made (typically
    called premium), for anything from 25 to a few
    hundred dollars.
  • There is also the option to create your own
    custom design, rather than go for a popular
    product which has already been created. This is
    the actual process to convert PSD to Wordpress
    theme. Going forward, we will guide you to the
    exact procedure of creating your own design.

  • Best PSD to Wordpress service
  • You're in the unenviable position of having to
    find a good reliable partner, without getting
    cheated, or lose a lot of time (and money) with a
    low-quality services provider.
  • Our experience in finding trusted developers has
    not been pleasant. We've had to deal with a
    number of major issues

  • Developers returning extremely low-quality code
  • People who communicated very sporadically,
    creating significant communication problems
  • Code which was 100 plagiarized creating legal
    issues for us
  • Expensive rates, with quality which was mediocre
    at best
  • Developers who vanished (or we never heard back
    from following deposits)
  • But don't let this scare you from outsourcing,
    you just need to find a trusted company for PSD
    to Wordpress service providers - and, we're here
    to help you!

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