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Social Media Advertising - Yupple Technologies


Social Media marketing has become the core process of sales for number of businesses. Learn how to create your campaigns better with these clever tips of campaign creation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Social Media Advertising - Yupple Technologies

Social media advertising
  • Social Media Advertising Is An Extremely
    Important Element Of Digital Advertising And
    Usually Refers To The Advertisements That Are Run
    On Social Media Platforms.

Some of the important elements of social media
advertising include
Community growth
  • Growing a targeted audience who have an interest
    in your brand or business

  • Promoting content to a specific audience to drive

Website clicks
  • Driving targeted and meaningful traffic to your
    website should be the main purpose of social
    media advertising

  • Serving ads to people who have shown interest in
    your brand or service will increase the chances
    of conversion

How social media advertising can help?
  • It helps in increasing brand visibility
  • It improves brand loyalty
  • It is much cheaper than traditional adverting
  • It helps in improved search engine rankings
  • It increases conversion, sales, page views as
    well as exposure

Some of the major social media advertising sites
Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook advertising helps business reach people
    based on age, location, gender, interests and
    more. You can also measure the progress of your
    ads to improve your targeting and get more

Advantages of Facebook advertising
  • It offers the most targeted form of advertising.
    Better targeting leads to increased sales
  • It is great to increase website traffic and
    create brand awareness
  • It increases word of mouth and referrals
  • It is fast and measurable
  • It increases revenue, sales and leads
  • It can also drive off-line sale
  • It can help you break into new markets and build
    your email list
  • It is cost effective and offers fast results

Different types of Facebook Ads
  • Here are some of the main types of Facebook Ads

Link click ads
Video ads
Domain ads
Carousel ads
Facebook lead ads
Canvas ads
Collection ads
Dynamic product ads
Lead ads
Offer ads
Page like ads
Event ads
Classified ads
Stories ads
Sponsored Mentions
Having A Facebook Business Page Is Fundamental To
Your Brand. Even If You Don't opt For Paid Ads,
You Can Benefit From Facebook In Following Ways
  • capitalizing on free of charge ad spaces that
    includes profile images, Facebook banner etc.
  • encouraging audience to engage in meaningful
    conversation about your brand with the help of
    contests and offers
  • post boosting
  • sponsored stories
  • Facebook open graph
  • Facebook exchange
  • asking users to check-in
  • engaging with target audience through Facebook

Twitter Advertising
  • Through Twitter Advertising, you can either
    promote your account or a single tweet

Advantages of Twitter advertising
  • It improves traffic on the website
  • It is affordable and offers immediate real-time
  • It helps to optimize your brand
  • It helps in increasing conversion
  • It allows target marketing

Different types of Twitter AdsSome of The
Different Types of Twitter Ads Are
promoted tweets
promoted accounts
promoted ads
promoted trends
Having A Twitter Account Can Also Benefit You In
The Following Ways
  • help you monitor your brand mentions on Twitter
    using the advanced search feature
  • gather positive reviews about your brand with the
    help of advanced search and use it to gather
    customer testimonials
  • favouriting tweets is a great way to say thank
    you to your loyal customers and followers
  • help find important data about your competitor
    with the help of advanced search and let you
    filter out your competitor's tweets
  • find news stories shared about your brand to gain
    insight into the type of content people like
  • find influencers who are tweeting your content
  • create an RSS feed of results to keep up with a
    specific account
  • leveraging popular hashtags to your advantage

LinkedIn Advertising
  • Being the only professional social network in the
    world, Linked advertising lets you connect with
    the most relevant professional audience for your

Advantages of Linked Advertising
  • It helps you reach and engage with professional
  • It can help you improve SEO placements
  • It can Increase conversion rates
  • It allows you to leverage lead nurturing
    possibilities with the help of lead accelerator
  • It offers advanced targeting opportunities

Types of LinkedIn adsSome Of The Different
Types Of LinkedIn Ads Are
Self-service PPC Advertising
Content Ads
SlideShare content ads
Social ads
LinkedIn group ads
Featured company ads
Follow company ads
Spotlight ads
Instagram Advertising
  • Instagram advertising lets you post sponsored
    content in order to reach a more targeted
    audience and drive traffic to your website

Advantages of Instagram advertising
  • It helps in increased engagement. Instagram has
    around 1 billion active users which is still
  • It offers a high conversion rates given the high
    engagement rate on Instagram
  • It helps you reach your target market
  • It has lower CPC
  • It helps in increased visibility
  • It offers multi channel connection

There are two ways of advertising on Instagram
Free advertising
Paid advertising
Different types of Instagram adsDifferent
Types of Instagram Ads Include
photo ads
video ads
carousel ads
Instagram stories ads
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