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Recipes of traditional medicine


Recipes of traditional medicine – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Recipes of traditional medicine

Recipes of traditional medicine Natural remedies
are Efficacious Relieve Joint Pain The more we
age the greater the risk of the body is exposed
to a variety of health problems one of the many
complaints is a disorder of the joints. Joint
pain can indeed happen to anyone but people who
are more susceptible to health problems this one
11 Symptoms Of Appendicitis In Adults.
  • Along with joint pain medications in pharmacies,
    You can also choose natural ways to overcome
    joint pain using natural herbal ingredients. Here
    are some of the medicinal plants joint pain
    natural can You get
  • Aloe Vera
  • Medicinal plants joint pain is the first aloe
    vera has long been known and used as an
    alternative treatment of various health problems
    in a natural, anti-inflammatory properties as
  • well as the ethanol that is in it is able to help
    overcome the joint pain naturally.
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Herbal plants of turmeric have been long used and
    very popular in the world of herbs, the content
    of curcumin in it is what makes turmeric so
    beneficial to the body. In addition to
  • curcumin turmeric also contains oil attrition and
    are anti-inflammatory which is very good for
    sufferers of joint pain.

3. Green Tea Furthermore, there are plants green
tea is one of the popular tea and widely
consumed, who would have thought that this green
tea has a lot of benefits one of which is to
strengthen bones, prevent fractures and help
treat osteoporosis. And this has been evidenced
through research, Flinders University, Sout
Australia. Where in the research is known when
the consumption of 3 cups of green tea a day can
minimize the risk of occurrence of bone
fractures up to 30 Signs and Symptoms Of
Appendicitis In Kids. Traditional Medicine To
Treat Diarrhea Naturally Diarrhea is a health
problem that is often experienced by children and
should be addressed immediately to avoid
dehydration which can be bad for health. But I
don't need to panic, because cope with diarrhea
can be done in various ways, one of them with a
good mix of their own traditional medicine that
are safe for the health. The following natural
ingredients that can be used as a traditional
medicine to cope with diarrhea. How to make it
was not difficult and the ingredients are also
easily found in the environment. If your Little
one has diarrhea, first aid can I do is make ors.
Traditional medicine is known since long as a
drug diarrhea most effective. Ors will replace
the body fluids lost due to diarrhea so that the
body will not be too limp. Way too easy, Mother
could make your own ors at home with the recipes
of traditional medicine are the following Half
a teaspoon of fine salt, two teaspoons of sugar
are then dissolved in one glass of warm water.
How to drink this solution should not be directly
spent just yes Ma'am. The trick is to drink 2 to
3 times a gulp. Then stop for approximately 3
minutes. Repeat the step until the solution runs
out Where Is The Zika Virus ? How to symptoms of
zika ?. Guava Leaves Mom, do you know already a
lot of people who have proved the efficacy of
this traditional remedy. Guava leaves will cure
diarrhea naturally and eliminate the pain in the
stomach due to diarrhea. The mother can
immediately give guava leaves to the small to be
consumed directly. In addition, the Mother can
also take shoots of guava leaves are still young
that have been cleaned and then mash until
smooth, squeeze to obtain 1 tablespoon and give
it a little salt, then give the recipes of
traditional medicine to the little one. Soursop
Fruit The taste of the fruit that is not bitter
from the fruit of the soursop is certainly very
help the Mother when giving these folk remedies
for the little one. The trick, prepare the fruit
is ripe, then squeeze the water, drinks 2 3
tablespoons at a time when the child has
diarrhea. Turmeric
Turmeric is well known as a spice plants that
have efficacy to treat certain types of diseases
such as diarrhea. To make medicine natural
diarrhea of the turmeric is very easy. Clean the
turmeric and then wash until clean. After that
boil the turmeric in one glass of water until
the remaining approximately 1/3 of the water in
the pan. Add whiting then stir until evenly
distributed. After the water decoction of
turmeric is cold, strain the water and then
consume 3 times a day. Drinks the recipes of
traditional medicine this several times until the
diarrhea the small heal 9 Natural Home Remedies
Medications For Migraines. Coconut
Water Coconut water can also be used as a
traditional medicine to treat diarrhea. In
coconut water many substances such as
electrolytes that can help replace body fluids as
well as kill bacteria that cause diarrheal
diseases. Recipes of traditional medicine is also
easily made, simply give your little one a
coconut water pure without the addition of any
material to be taken directly. That's 5
traditional medicine to overcome the disease of
diarrhea which safely given to your little one.
In addition to how to treat diarrhea that has
been mentioned above, it is highly recommended
the Mother give the little one lots of water.
Cause when diarrhea so much body fluid that is
issued so that the body needs fluid intake. If
the diarrhea is a little not heal, see a doctor
immediately. Natural Remedy Acid
Stomach Impaired gastric acid is one disease
that is suffered by many people today, whereas
there are some ingredients that can be natural
remedy stomach acid. Pain stomach acid is a
condition of pain in the solar plexus as well as
sensation such as burning in the chest when
stomach acid up toward the esophagus. Acid reflux
is because the ring of muscles located at the
bottom of the esophagus or commonly called LES
does not function Medications For Gout And How
To Reduce Uric Acid ?. The cause happens stomach
acid itself can be a result of stress, heredity,
medication, overweight, pregnant, and consume
foods that are high in fat. Indeed currently,
many drugs sold to to heal a sour stomach,
because of this disease each year continues to
increase. But there are some natural ingredients
that You can consume as a companion drug so that
Your stomach acid quick cure. Natural remedy of
Stomach Acid that Can Easily Find There are some
natural remedy disorders of the stomach acid or
heartburn that You can try, so can control the
stomach acid to do not rise. Where this natural
material is easy to find as well as cheap price,
usefulness also is not good with drug stomach
acid is sold in pharmacies. 1. Cucumber Of
course You not foreign again with this fruit, in
addition to can be a remedy for the disease of
stomach acid but the fruit is often used for
beauty care. Even so, the content of
  • compounds in it can relieve the stomach acid.
    Therefore, to relieve acidic stomach then You
    can consume cucumber which has been cleaned as
    much as 2 pieces every 2 hours, sanga is good if
    You discard the skin and seeds. However, cucumber
    is effective in reducing stomach acid on a low
  • Turmeric
  • Besides being able to whiten the skin, turmeric
    into traditional medicine stomach acid is very
    potent. Because since the year 1953 found that
    turmeric is effective in curing wounds, so it is
    with gastric ulcer. Where based on the results of
    the study showed that during the 12 weeks, 88
    of patients who consume pills of turmeric shows
    recovery, which is significant Natural Remedies
    Medications For High Blood Pressure.
  • Where 3 pills turmeric is the equivalent of 4 g,
    how to process turmeric menjagi drug stomach
    acid is also very easy. You just need to set up 2
    finger turmeric, then peel and grate and add
    boiled water. Then wring it out using a clean
    cloth, then take the water that will be drunk as
    much as 2 times in a day. Very good if You
    consume before eating and before going to bed.
  • Green beans
  • Green beans certainly are often processed into
    pulp or a snack, whereas the content in the
    green beans can thicken the lining of the stomach
    so it is very good for people with diseases of
    the stomach acid. Plus more material one is able
    to neutralize the stomach acid levels are high,
    You can therefore consuming green beans regularly
    but try not to mix the coconut milk in it. And
    also don't get to cook green beans too long
    because it can remove the content of vitamins in
    it Medications For Vertigo 10 Natural Home
    Remedies That Work !.
  • Ginger
  • Ginger is one spice which has great benefits for
    health, where this spice has properties of
    aromatic and slightly spicy. Contains curcumin,
    starch, glycosides, carbinols, protein, fiber,
    and potassium okslat make this spice to be a
    natural remedy stomach acid as well as other
    diseases. Where You can boil 30 grams of ginger
    and drink the water, but You can not consume
    ginger in excess as it may injure the stomach.