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Title: Drug mag

Drug mag The NUMBER of drug mag on the market
often confuses the people to choose the right.
Let's identify the types of drugs mag, The number
of drug mag on the market often confuse the
public in choosing the right type. Not only have
labels that are similar, drug mag on the market
are also generally promising a similar effect.
  • Can not be denied, the mag is 1 of 10 common
    diseases suffered by the patient inpatient in
    hospital in Indonesia. These conditions impact on
    the number of types of drugs circulating, so
    people mag is required to not choose the wrong
    drug. Here is the remedy mag which is generally
  • Antacids
  • Drugs of this type serves to neutralize stomach
    acid. Antacids are the most common drugs used
    and can usually be purchased freely. This
    medication contains aluminum and magnesium can
    increase the pH of the stomach. Antacid drugs
    relatively safe and relatively cheap Sinus
    Headache Medicine, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Causes,
  • H2 receptors Antagonists (H2RA)
  • Drug H2RA work at the level of the production of
    gastric acid by way of controlling the receptors
    that receive the signal to produce stomach acid.
    In general, the drug H2RA will decrease the
    production of stomach acid and gas production in
    the stomach.
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI)

  • This type of drug has a mechanism of action that
    is almost similar with the H2RA, which suppress
    the production of stomach acid. Drugs PPI's can
    stop working the cells that produce the gastric
    acid to the maximum. This is one kind of the most
    effective drugs to reduce the production of
    stomach acid.
  • Antibiotics
  • Antibiotics are usually given if there is
    bacterial infection that takes place in the
    stomach such as the bacteria Helicobacter
    pylori. Avoid taking antibiotics without the
    supervision of a physician, as required a
    treatment plan that is right for using this type
    of drug.
  • Prokinetic
  • Drugs prokinetic help reduce the symptoms of mag
    to launch or accelerate the process of
    digestion. This type of drug is usually
    administered as a combination drug mag Runny or
    Stuffy Nose Medicine Natural Home Remedies
  • Oral Suspension (Antidiarrheal Agents)
  • Agent oral suspension used to coat and protect
    the stomach wall and is only temporary. This
    agent is also usually used to prevent the
    diarrhea that often occurs in patients with mag.
  • Now that You know the type-the type of drug to
    overcome the mag. To ensure the remedy mag which
    is the most appropriate, you should consult with
    a doctor.
  • In addition to containing risk, drug-free is not
    necessarily appropriate to cure the disease. The
    dangers of otc drugs or medicines without a
    doctor's prescription can bring risks and pose
    some side effects on Your health, such as eating
    too much of the drug paracetamol can cause liver
    damage, cause dizziness, diarrhea, abdominal
    pain, the risk of drug interactions, and risk of
  • Drugs without a doctor's prescription or otc
    drugs can be purchased freely in drug stores.
    The drug is safe and effective when You follow
    the instructions on the label and direction of
    the pharmacist. Generally the drug is consumed to
    handle the mild symptoms that are considered not
    in need of consultation to the doctor, such as to
    reduce pain, pain, itching, toothache, and
    headache Home Toenail Fungus Medicine, Treatment,
    Symptoms and Causes

A fairly common drug such as paracetamol is used
for pain reliever and fever. Eating too much of
this drug can cause toxicity and damage the
liver. Combining the drug paracetamol and the
decongestant phenylephrine (PE) can cause
serious side effects, which increase the levels
of PE in the blood of four-fold. Increased
levels of PE may cause dizziness, insomnia, and
high blood pressure. Aspirin which is sold
freely in the market can also interact badly with
some kinds of medications, such as
blood-thinning drugs, antibiotics, and a group of
drugs anti- inflammatory non steroids
(NSAIDS). An antihistamine drug that is consumed
too much can also cause seizures and the onset of
abnormalities in Your heart rate. The dangers
of otc drugs that can cause reactions side
effects drug interactions or food and very
dangerous, especially if the dose taken in excess
of the recommendations indicated on the label
Aleve Pills ( Naproxen Sodium ) In A Tablet
Potent People with high blood pressure need to
avoid the consumption of a decongestant and a
drug that's the high sodium content. Not all of
the drugs exactly given to toddlers, such as
ibuprofen which should not be given to infants
aged less than six months. The body of the
elderly to process drugs in a different way
compared to groups of younger people. In
addition, the side effects and drug interactions
often risk occurs because the elderly are often
taking several other drugs at the same time. The
drug in doses safely consumed pregnant women
could be dangerous for the fetus. For example,
the consumption of aspirin can increase the risk
of miscarriage, disorders in blood clotting,
inhibit the growth of the fetus, and extend the
process of giving birth. Any medication including
otc drugs can not be consumed if a person has an
allergy to the drug. If You are taking any
medications with a doctor's prescription, ask
first your doctor if You are planning to consume
the drug freely. It is intended so as not to
cause drug interactions or contraindications
serious. Due To An Overdose Use Of The
Drug-Free The dangers of drug smoke can appear
if consumed exceed the suggested dose, and can
make You at risk of experiencing the symptoms or
even certain diseases. Types of side effects
caused can be different according to the type of
drug consumed. Here are some of the risk of
illness due to consumption of excessive
medication Hepatotoxic, that is liver damage
due to chemicals contained in the
drugs. Irritation of the digestive system so it
can be abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or
diarrhea. Changes in body temperature, blood
pressure, pulse rate, and heart rate.
Pain in the chest and shortness of breath due to
disorders in lung and heart. Confusion. The skin
becomes hot and dry, or conversely, cold and
damp. Vomiting of blood. Appear blood in the
stool during defecation. Coma. Shortness of
breath. Died. Guide Taking The Drug Smoke Not
a few people died from taking the
drug-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol in
excessive doses. Some of these things You need
to consider before taking the drug free,
namely Always read the label Read and follow
the dosage information on the label instructions
for use every time you will be taking the drug.
The dose has been adjusted to bring benefits with
minimal side effects. If you exceed the dosage,
the drug even will bring bad effects on Your body
Anti Depression Pills Types and Side Effects of
Drugs Appropriate tools measure Recognize the
difference and remember to follow the dose that
is listed as 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, one
tablet/pill, or millimeters. One teaspoon is
equivalent to 5 ml. Some drugs include a tool
measure in the packaging of the drug (spoon, tool
drops, or a small cup). Avoid the guessing by
using a dose of the other. The type of drug and
dosage for different age groups Some drug
manufacturers provide diverse variants with the
same brand, for example cough medicine X for
adults and cough medicine X to the child. Each
variant is intended for a different age. Each
contains a different formula. On different types,
the dosage indicated in the instructions for use
are usually distinguished for the age-groups,
namely adult, child, and toddler. Consumption or
give drugs according to the right dose. For
example, the dose of paracetamol for an adult is
500 milligrams up to 1 gram every 4 to 6 hours,
with a maximum consumption of 4 grams per 24
hours. While in children aged 4 to 6 years, the
maximum dose is 4 times 240 milligrams per
24-hour period. Avoid giving free medicine to
toddlers under the age of a year without asking
a pediatrician. Before taking any otc drugs,
find out the brand of the drug smoke, what to do,
read the label and instructions for use of the
drug, the active ingredients contained in the
drug, and warning of the use of drugs smoke You
consume. The use of free drug in pregnant women
need to
be consulted with a doctor first Type, Trademark,
and Dose Anti Inflammatory Pills ( NSAIDs Drugs
) If You hesitate to consume the drug freely
sold in the market, You should consult your
doctor first. The dangers of drug smoke can
appear if You do not eat them according to the
instructions that are available.
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