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Do We Need Alternative Medicine


Do We Need Alternative Medicine – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Do We Need Alternative Medicine

Do We Need Alternative Medicine? To get the
optimal treatment, cancer patients must undergo
the appropriate treatment method as early as
possible. Cancer patients must undergo a series
of therapy treatment in accordance with the
conditions of each. Therapy the conventional
treatment includes surgery, radiotherapy,
chemotherapy to hormone therapy What Is Best
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Unfortunately, not all cancer patients are
willing to undergo therapy treatment with a
conventional variety of reasons. The lure of a
cure and relatively affordable price make the
most of the cancer patients are tempted to
undergo an alternative treatment that has not
been scientifically tested. Step 'try' cancer
patients in terms of treatment it can be a
boomerang for the safety of the patient itself.
Research in the Journal of the National Cancer
Institute shows that alternative medicine can
actually increase the risk of death of cancer
patients. A team of researchers from the Yale
School of Medicine revealed that the life
expectancy of cancer patients who underwent
alternative treatment have a mortality risk of
2.5-fold in the last five years. Only the 54.7
percent of cancer patients who managed to survive
in five years time with an alternative medicine
therapy. On the contrary, as much as 78,3 percent
of cancer patients who underwent alternative
treatment able to survive at least five years.
The difference in results is increasingly seen
in breast cancer patients. Breast cancer patients
who choose alternative treatment have a
mortality risk five times greater in the period
of five years. On the contrary, 86,6 percent of
breast cancer patients undergoing conventional
treatment survive at least five years 7 Herbal
Remedies For UTI ( Urinary Tract Infections ).
From these findings, the research team concluded
that cancer patients who undergo conventional
therapy have a life expectancy better than the
cancer patients who rely solely on alternative
medicine. Ignore the advice of medical therapy in
the treatment of cancer will only bring negative
impact to the quality of life of the patient.
Therefore, the researchers encourage the cancer
patient to choose the treatment conventional if
you want the results of the optimal therapy. "We
found that cancer patients who choose treatment
with an alternative drug without conventional
cancer therapy is have a tendency to die," said
the research team as reported by the NHS. On
the other hand, the team of researchers also
revealed that their research did not highlight
the combination between conventional and
alternative treatment. Additional therapy such as
acupuncture or tai chi may help some patients.
But this additional therapy should not be used
as a substitute for conventional therapy in the
care of cancer patients. Cancer patients who
choose conventional treatment tend to live
longer. While alternative medicine risk increase
of death up to five times. Thus the conclusion of
research recently published in the Journal of
the National Cancer Institute How to Treat Bed
Bug Bites Remedy.. Not a new thing if the
alternative medicine so popular choice for many
people in different countries to combat a number
of diseases. Ranging from the simple such as the
utilizing medicinal plants or herbal drink to
other alternatives such as yoga or acupuncture.
However, different from other diseases, new
research shows that reject conventional medicine
when faced with a cancer diagnosis it can be
very risky. The researcher started the research
by collecting information from 840 patients with
cancer of the breast, prostate, lung, and
colorectal--cancer of the large intestine (colon)
or rectum, which are listed in the National
Cancer Database in the US The research was done
by analyzing the data of the survival of 280
patients who have chosen alternative treatment,
compared with the data of 560 patients who have
received conventional cancer treatments, since
year 2004 until 2013. The treatment is considered
an alternative for patients not receiving
conventional medical treatment such as surgery,
chemotherapy and radiation, or hormone therapy.
The result is quite surprising. Researchers
found, as many as 78 percent of patients who
undergo treatment conventional cancer survive at
least five years, compared with 55 percent of the
only treatment alternatives 10 Best Home
Remedies For Termites How to Get Rid of
Termites. In more detail, a breast cancer
patient with an alternative treatment have a
mortality risk five times higher, while the
patient colon cancer risk four-fold, and lung
cancer patients two-fold. While the prostate
cancer patients did not show any increased risk.
Not only that, researchers also identify the
people who tend to choose alternative medicine.
Namely people with a younger age, the majority
of women, are at a high stage, more healthy--do
not suffer from other diseases, also educated or
higher-income. For high income, health insurance
in the US indeed does not bear the burden of the
cost on the treatment that is not clinically
proven. So it is only the rich who are able to do
alternative treatment. According to Dr. Skyler
Johnson of the Yale School of medicine's as the
main author of research quoted by CNN, now
patients are increasingly avoiding or delaying
conventional cancer treatments and prefer
alternative therapies. The reasons are many and
widespread. In between the doubts of patients to
discuss their thoughts with the doctor, a
sense of disbelief about the medical institution
or doctor, to the belief that the alternative
therapy is just as effective and even more minor
side effects 7 Dry Skin On Face Remedies
Natural Treatment That Really Work. In addition,
people may not consider the possibility of the
presence of patients cured through the
alternative treatment, may have undergone some or
all of the conventional treatment recommended,
explained Dr. Skyler. In fact, the result does
not receive the conventional treatment, cancer
can develop and trigger spread reached an
advanced stage. "This is important, because the
chance of healing can be decreased if the cancer
grows and spreads," he said. Confirmed this
while commenting on the research, Dr. David
Gorski, surgeon oncologist at the Barbara Ann
Karmanos Cancer Institute, expressed the opinion
scientific site Science-Based Medicine. In
addition to outlines one by one similar study
which according to him amounted to only a
little, he also said that alternative medicine is
actually not much different from the path
medical. Which can be expensive, just
troublesome, and just rely on action. Dr. Gorski
also emphasize a few things. First, he noted
that the research has limitations, namely the
lack of data. Even Dr. Skyler himself confessed
in New Scientist that he and the team did not
examine types of alternative medicine used by
patients. "(Alternative medicines) can be in the
form of herbal plants, homeopathy, special diets,
or crystal energy, which is basically just a
stone that believed the people have the power of
healing." Second, most research about the
efficacy of alternative treatment makes it as a
therapy "complementary" to conventional
treatment. Third, there is no one (study) that
proves alternative medicine specifically are
anticancer 5 Best Home Remedies To Remove Facial
Hair Naturally. The truth of the last two things
is need to be scrutinized. Is it true? Effective
as a complementary therapy, of course. A number
of research have proven that acupuncture can be
used as an alternative to relieve pain in the
conventional treatment of breast cancer and
prostate cancer. Even aromatherapy can also be a
way to cope with stress, as well as relieve pain
and nausea for cancer patients. However, to the
statement of Dr. Gorky the third, is not
necessarily the case. Though indeed there has
been no research specific to cancer treatment
with alternative ways, Psychology Today ever
mentions, there is no particular reason why
people choose alternative medicine. Mainly
because of the treatment itself make people aware
of health so that pushed him to be cured of the
disease. Yes, confidence and psychologically feel
heard, supported, and cared for is the key. The
progress of science and technology, especially in
the medical world, has been very proud of for
some experts who pursue the medical world,
especially with the presence of the technique of
test-tube baby. On the other hand, the number of
health disorders that is delivered by the
community continues to grow long. Without
underestimating the efforts made by medical
experts, a lot of cases there are not find a
satisfactory answer, can't be overcome with good
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In conditions like this, one of the steps
performed by a lot of people are searching for
alternative treatment. Too many to mention here,
a type of alternative medicine that exist today.
Those who pursue this field and those who 'feel'
the expert will put ads or make the board name
to give you a bid. Need alternative medicine? For
the people of Bali in particular, an alternative
treatment is still necessary in modern life. Even
those who live in developed countries, the state
super-power, the leading countries of the world
alternative medicine well developed along with
the development of medical treatment. For the
Balinese, the human body can be divided into
three layers, namely, body rough, subtle bodies,
and the mental body. Health disorders can arise
on one or more of the third entity. In addition,
health problems not only arise from within
ourselves but can also be caused by
interference from outside, either from inanimate
objects or from the objects of life. Disorders
on body rough has can be overcome with good by
the medical personnel. By examination of urine,
blood, and with the help of modern equipment,
experts can determine the health problems that
occur in a person. Disturbances in the subtle
bodies (the meridian and chakra) and the mental
body can not be known with the help of modern
equipment. This disorder can occur in any person.
For example, those who do not dare to fly,
afraid of in a dark place, and other phobias. One
of the causes of psychosomatic disorders in the
body mental state of a person. The mental body
this can only be corrected by changing the way of
thinking, doing relaxation, meditation, and
prayer. Of course, with how good and true, with
the conscious mind balanced 12 Natural Remedies
For Nerve Pain, Safe-Most Effective
Solution. Thus, alternative medicine is not a
setback in a world that is said to be more
advanced. With a combination of medical
treatment, alternative medicine, setting the
pattern of life that is better, and how positive
thinking will bring optimal health within each