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all about ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


modern age, humans have rational thought and
happens a lot of progress in various aspects of
the field, one in the field of health. In the
field of health alone is now a lot of equipment
and advanced technology that can be used to help
cure all the diseases or to produce drugs that
will also helps the healing of the patient. But,
in a time when technology is increasingly
developed and developing countries, most people
in Indonesia believe and choose alternative
medicine or traditional medicine are not
necessarily efficacy and authenticity 5 Safe and
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  • Alternative medicine is not foreign anymore for
    the society in Indonesia. Since the first,
    alternative medicine is handed down from
    generation to generation. Ranging from herbal
    treatment, smart people, community leaders or
    religious figures. Types of alternative
    treatments there are that can be
    dipertanggungajawabkan scientifically,
    particularly because of the suitability with the
    knowledge of medicine or biology and there is
    also still haven't got an explanation
    scientifically. Even so, of course, many reasons
    why people still trust alternative medicine in
    an age of sophisticated is because some
    alternative treatments have been proven to give
    good results in curing patients.
  • In alternative medicine, not everything is
    labeled legal or in accordance with the standard
    treatment, so that not infrequently many persons
    who commit fraud under the guise of alternative
    medicine. Instead of giving healing in the
    patient, but they instead bring up other
  • diseases or side effects that could not be
    accounted for medically. Therefore, efforts are
    needed standardization of alternative medicine .
  • B. Formulation Of The Problem
  • What is the definition of alternative medicine?

  • What are the different types of alternative
  • What are the factors that influence people to
    choose an alternative treatment?
  • How the efforts of standardization of alternative
    medicine so in accordance with the standard
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    Apnea Herbal Treatments
  • C. The Purpose Of The Discussion
  • To know the definition of alternative medicine
  • To determine the types of alternative medicine
  • To determine the factors that influence people to
    choose an alternative treatment
  • To know the efforts of standardization of
    alternative medicine so in accordance with the
    standard scientific aspects.
  • Understanding Alternative Medicine
  • Alternative medicine is an attempt treatment or
    care outside the medical science and nursing
  • The WHO states that the traditional medicine or
    alternative medicine is the science and art of
    medicine based on the set of knowledge and
    practical experience, both of which can be
    explained scientifically or not, in making a
    diagnosis, prevensi, and treatment of imbalance
    of physical, mental, or social (in Agusmarni,
  • According to Aakster, the term alternative refers
    to the medical system outside of the normal
    method applicable to several characteristics that
    distinguish it with the modern medical system,
    as the cost is not guaranteed health insurance,
    his method is not taught in college, his method
    is based on the views of others about the disease
    and another view on the relationship between
    health workers with patients with the disease.
  • Alternative medicine or traditional medicine
    understands disease not only of the biological
    aspects but there are also involves a spiritual
    aspect to the supernatural Natural Remedies For
    Snoring 7 Ways How to Stop Snoring.

  • The processing of herbs (herbal preparations).
    Processing plants based on plant products which
    are already settled, or some of the products of
    processing plants results from the extraction,
    dissolving fraksinisasi, purification,
    concentrati, or processing fisikawi and other
    biological. This type of treatment including
    treatment mixed with honey, alcohol, or other.
  • Plant products (finished herbal products). A
    group that includes the type of this is the
    processing of plant material, either from one or
    more of the type of plants used.
  • 2. Therapy based on the traditional procedure
  • Therapy based on the traditional procedure is
    therapy-therapy used with the technique are
    varied, mainly without the use of medication. For
    example acupuncture and the techniques
    associated chiropractice, osteopathy, manual
    therapies, qigong, tai ji, yoga, naturopathy,
  • thermal medicine and other physical therapy, as
    well as therapeutic mental, spiritual, therapy
    or mind-body Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety and
  • Based on the elements of the agent used in the
    process of providing treatment services or
    health services, treatment alternatives are
    grouped into several types, namely
  • Herbs-agency. Alternative medicine that uses
    plants, both the original material and processed
    (herb) as an ingredient in alternative medicine.
  • Animal-agency. Alternative medicine that uses
    animals, both the basic material of the animal,
    the results, and intermediaries as part of the
    process of service alternative medicine.
  • Material-agency. Alternative medicine using the
    materials of the earth as a material treatment
    services alternative. For example needling,
    water, and therapeutic Crystals.
  • Mind-agency. Alternative medicine that uses the
    powers of the soul as a material treatment
    services alternative. For example energy chi,
    prana, spiritual, and hypnotherapy.
  • Event-agency. Alternative medicine that uses the
    properties, symptoms, phenomena, events as
    material treatment services alternative. For
    example the sound of music, color,
  • wave or elektromatik, electricity, heat, or
  • Management-life agency. Alternative medicine
    menggunakanhukum nature of life, as part of the
    process of service alternative medicine. The
    ability to manage life becomes something that is
    fundamental in the process of the development of
    alternative treatment. For example
  • exercise, diet, culture, dining, lifestyle, as
    well as the development of positive thinking
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    That Work.
  • C. Factors that Influence People to Choose an
    Alternative Treatment

  • the personality of the Individual. In this case
    the culture is influenced by rates of the nation
    embraced by the patient, if the aspect of tribes
    is very dominating, then the consideration to
    accept or reject based on the suitability of the
    tribes adopted. All cultures have ways of
    treatment, some involve scientific methods or
    involving a supernatural power and the
  • Psychological Factors
  • The role of the hospital is an unpleasant
    condition, because it a variety of way will be
  • undertaken by the patient in order to find a cure
    and ease the burden of pain, including come
    kepelayanan alternative medicine (in
  • Factor The Saturation Of Medical Services.
  • The treatment process is too long cause the
    patient is bored and trying to find other
    treatment alternatives that accelerate the
    healing process.
  • Factor in Benefits and Success
  • The effectiveness of the alternative treatment be
    the reason that is very influential on the
    selection of an alternative treatment.
  • Knowledge Factor
  • Most human knowledge acquired through the eyes,
    ears, or mind which is very important for the
    formation of a person's actions (in Agusmarni,
    2012). Knowledge can be gained formally and
    informally Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks and
  • D. The Efforts Of Standardization Of Alternative
  • To be able to utilization of alternative
    treatment in the health service, many of which
    must be considered. One of them that are
    considered to have a very important role is
    efforts to standardize. Expected, with the
    absence of standardization is not only the
    quality of the alternative treatment will be
    improved, but more importantly the emergence of a
    variety of side effects that medically can not
    be accountable, will be avoided.
  • Understanding standardization is the ideal state
    or the level of achievement of the highest and
    perfect, which is used as the limit of acceptance
    at least (Clinical Practice Guideline, 1990).
    The standard show on the level of quality
    achieved is not prepared too stiff, but still
    within limits that are justified are called by
    the name of tolerance.