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The ABCs of Laser Hair Removal


1. What Is Laser Hair Removal? 2. Who Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal? 3. Which Laser Hair Removal Equipment Is Best? 4. Benefits of Laser Hair Removal. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The ABCs of Laser Hair Removal

The ABCs of Laser Hair Removal
  1. What Is Laser Hair Removal?
  2. Who Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?
  3. Which Laser Hair Removal Equipment Is Best?
  4. Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

What Is Laser Hair Removal?
  • If youve been looking for an effective and
    efficient way to remove hair and dont want to
    keep waxing, shaving or tweezing, you may want to
    think about laser hair removal.
  • Currently, laser hair removal is one of the most
    common beauty treatments in the United States.
    During this process, beans of light that are
    highly concentrated are placed on the hair
    follicles to draw the hair out. The pigment in
    the hair follicles absorbs the light from the
    laser machine, which destroys the hair.
  • Are There Specific Benefits?
  • There are a number of benefits to laser hair
    removal, and the treatment can be done on various
    parts of the body, including the bikini line,
    arms, legs, underarm and face.
  • One of the reasons that people choose laser hair
    removal is because the procedure is very precise.
    The laser can target hairs that are difficult to
    remove without damaging the skin around the hair.
  • Laser hair removal is also pretty quick. The
    pulse of light in the laser takes less than a
    second to affect the hair. This hair removal
    method also allows you to treat lots of hair at
    one time. Each second, lasers can treat an area
    of hair about the size of a quarter. Smaller
    areas of the body like the upper lip can be
    treated in less than 60 seconds however, large
    areas like the legs and back can take about an
    hour to treat.
  • This method of hair removal is also predictable.
    Most people who get their hair removed with
    lasers will be able to enjoy permanent hair
    removal after getting three to seven treatments.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?
  • Preparing For Your Appointment
  • Its important that you prep your skin for laser
    hair removal. This protects your skin and ensures
    that the procedure is effective.
  • Laser hair removal isnt just the zapping of
    unwanted hair from your follicles. It is actually
    classified as a medical procedure. This means
    that the people who perform the treatment on you
    should be trained so that there are very little
    risks. Before you have your hair removed with a
    laser, make sure that the credentials of the
    doctor or technician can be confirmed.
  • About a month or so before your appointment, make
    sure that you limit the amount of waxing,
    plucking or electrolysis you do. Remember that
    the laser goes straight for your roots, and when
    you wax or pluck your hair, your roots are
    removed temporarily. So, if you pluck or wax your
    hair too much before getting lasered, the
    procedure wont be as effective.
  • What Should You Expect?
  • Right before laser hair removal, youll have your
    hair trimmed so that its just above the surface
    of your skin. The laser machine will be adjusted
    according to the thickness of your hair and skin
    color. Adjustments will also be made to the
    machine based on where youre getting the hair
  • Be sure to talk to your skin care specialist and
    laser hair removal professional about any
    concerns or questions before you begin. After you
    have a clear understanding of how laser hair
    removal works, you may find that you want to use
    this as your primary hair removal method.

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?
  • If youve been thinking about laser hair removal,
    you may be wondering if you are a good candidate
    for the procedure. There are a few things to be
    aware of before your laser hair removal
    appointment so that you can be prepared and get
    the right results.
  • Skin Tone
  • Laser hair removal works by targeting melanin.
    The concentration of melanin is high in both dark
    skin and dark hair. So ideally, youre a great
    candidate for laser hair removal if you have dark
    hair and light skin. However, there are special
    machines and settings for people who have darker
    complexions or hair that is not very dark. This
    is why you have to have the procedure done by a
    professional who knows how to work with various
  • Skin Area
  • Its also a good idea to get laser hair removal
    if youre looking to treat a large area of your
    body. This is because laser hair removal is a
    quick process, so you can remove hair from areas
    like your back and legs in a matter of minutes.
  • Taking Precautions
  • Depending on the light source youre using for
    laser hair removal, both you and the professional
    performing the hair removal may have to wear
    protective eye gear. You may also have to have
    special gels or cooling moisturizers applied to
    protect the outer layers of your skin. This makes
    it easier for the laser light to get through the

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?
  • After the protective coating is applied, your
    technician should apply a pulse of light to the
    area that is being treated. He/she will then
    watch the area for a few minutes to ensure that
    the right machine settings are being used for the
    removal process. The technician will also check
    your skin to see if there are any negative
    reactions on your skin. No matter the color of
    your skin or hair, youll have to continue
    getting laser treatments until your hair is no
    longer growing.
  • Risks and Recovery
  • For about a day after your laser hair treatment,
    the part of your skin that has been lasered will
    look and feel a lot like sunburn. Its important
    to keep your skin moisturized or use cold
    compresses to ease the discomfort. If you got
    laser hair removal on your face, wait a day
    before wearing makeup. If you find that your skin
    is blistering or especially red, wait a little
    longer before using facial cosmetics.
  • Its also important to note that over the next 30
    days or so, the hair that has been treated will
    fall out. This is why its important for you to
    wear sunscreen so that you wont have any changes
    in your skin color. Its pretty rare that youll
    get blisters from laser hair removal, but this is
    more likely to happen if you have darker skin. If
    you have a darker complexion, you can also
    experience other side effects like redness,
    swelling and scarring. This is why its best to
    have a small section of your skin tested first
    before treating an entire area with lasers.

Which Laser Hair Removal Equipment Is Best?
  • Now that you know a little more about the people
    who are the best candidates for laser hair
    removal and how the process works, youll need to
    know about the right equipment. Its important
    that the technicians you choose are using the
    right tools for your hair and skin type. This
    will increase the chances that youll be pleased
    with your results. The right tools also ensures
    that the hair is properly removed from your
    follicles. This means that you should see
    improvement with each treatment, and that after a
    series of sessions, your hair will be permanently
  • When it comes to the right device for lasr hair
    removal, youll need to talk to your therapist
    about the devices that are ideal for the type of
    skin you. A number of practitioners suggest the
    long-pulsed NDyg is the best laser to use. Other
    professionals say that the Lightseer is the
    highest quality laser hair removal machine. It is
    possible that either of these machines could work
    well. The length of time that you need to use the
    laser and the color and condition of your
    complexion will help your technician decide which
    machine to use. It has been said that NDYgis
    ideal for darker skin and Lightseer, also
    referred to as a diode laser, is ideal for people
    with lighter skin. Theres also a laser called
    the alexandrite laser, and this device could work
    for a variety of skin types. Alexandrite lasers
    are not as common, but are effective for lighter
    and medium skin, so if you think this is the
    device you want to go with, talk to your laser
    hair removal professional about the possibility
    of using this device.

Which Laser Hair Removal Equipment Is Best?
  • Be sure to talk to your technician which machines
    need to be on your skin for the longest amount of
    time to get great results. If you can use the
    laser less than one second per hair follicle,
    this is ideal. A quick treatment keeps your skin
    from getting burned or scarred.
  • No matter what type of laser you use, remember
    that you have to prepare your skin for the
    procedure so that you wont experience scarring
    and irritation. You should shave your legs the
    day before your appointment. Its best to use a
    brand new razor and lots of shaving cream to
    ensure that your skin is as smooth as possible.
    This also makes your hair follicles more
    prominent so that the machine can get to the hair
    right away. Be sure that you dont add any lotion
    or oils to your skin after bathing, because the
    moisturizers will make it more difficult for the
    laser to work. If youre getting your underarms
    waxed, dont apply deodorant before your
    appointment. Make sure that you can see the roots
    of your hair before you go in for your laser
    treatment, since you shouldnt pluck or wax
    before your appointment.
  • You can also ask your laser hair removal
    specialist if you can view before and after
    pictures before you have your hair removed. This
    can help you decide on the right device for your

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
  • Hopefully the information youve read has given
    you a clear idea of what laser hair removal is.
    Youve also learned about the machines that are
    best for this procedure. While youve learned
    that laser hair removal is a common procedure and
    whether or not youd be a great candidate, you
    may not be clear on all the benefits of this hair
    removal process.
  • There are several perks to having your hair
    removed by laser as opposed to other forms of
    hair removal. If youre still not sure if laser
    hair removal is right for you, here are some of
    the benefits to consider.
  • One of the main reasons why people use lasers to
    take hair off their bodies is because the process
    is fast. If youve ever spent half an hour at the
    sink or shower shaving your arms or legs, you can
    likely appreciate that sensitive areas like your
    bikini region and underarms can be fully treated
    in about 20 minutes.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
  • Its also important to note that laser hair
    removal is cheaper in the long run. Even though
    the treatments are more expensive initially than
    shaving or waxing, when you think about the fact
    that you wont need these things after your laser
    treatments are over, youll be saving money. When
    you finish your series of treatments, youll
    never have to buy another razor or hair removal
    cream again. The overall cost of laser hair
    removal has also gone down over the years, since
    people are aware of new technologies and
    equipment that is more cost-effective. The cost
    of waxing, however, has increased. If you have to
    get waxed every month, youll likely see the cost
    add up pretty quickly. You may also notice that
    your skin may have an adverse reaction to shaving
    and waxing, such as ingrown hairs, razor bumps
    and redness. Once you have your hair lasered, you
    wont have to worry about treating these skin
    issues again, which means that laser hair removal
    could be the best treatment for you if you have
    sensitive skin.
  • Another benefit of laser hair removal is that you
    wont have to remove hair daily. This means it
    wont take as long for you to get ready when
    youre heading to work or a special event. You
    also dont know to grow out your hair in between
    treatments. You can shave in between treatments
    and this could make it easier to remove the hair
    from the follicles so you can stop the growth
    process quicker.
  • Of course, the amount of treatments youll need
    is something you should discuss with your
    technician. If you have very thick or coarse
    hair, it could take more treatments than if you
    have lighter or thinner hair. The total time of
    treatment could span between 1 and 3 months,
    depending on the part of your body being treated.
    After every laser hair removal session, you
    should see at least a 10 reduction in hair in
    some cases, youll see a 15 reduction. Talk to
    your technician about any existing health
    conditions as well, since these could affect your
    treatments as well.

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