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about cancer treatment and Symptoms


about cancer treatment and Symptoms – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: about cancer treatment and Symptoms

Beware 7 Symptoms of Early Cancer are Often
Overlooked Two decades ago maybe cancer just
sound like a disease suffered by people who are
far away do from us. Can't imagine a malignant
disease that can strike any person. But as time
goes by, changes in the environment and
lifestyle of the community, a variety of
malignant diseases including cancer is not
impossible attack.
Of course we know the suffering of Julia Perez
who suffered from cervical cancer. Even recently
confirmed that Kim Woo Bin is also exposed to
nasopharyngeal cancer. It means that cancer can
strike anyone, from the anything. One of the
ways most effective to cure this malignant
disease is the handle before it's too late. That
means we must always be vigilant and not ignore
the symptoms that can harm our health condition.
Here are 7 cancer symptoms that are often
overlooked. 1. Itching on the body it can be a
sign of early cancer. Indeed itching can occur
in anyone and most of the cause is not associated
with cancer. However, the diverse cases in the
history of the world health have shown the
presence of a relationship between itching in
the skin with the symptoms of cancer. For example
neoplasm or the growth of abnormal cells in the
uterus can cause itching in the pussy. In
addition to cancer of the brain also can trigger
itching on the nose. Patients with blood cancer
polycythemia vera can also suffer from itching in
the body, especially after a warm bath. Of itch
is different with the itching of regular, severe
enough to
  • interfere with activities. Itching is also just
    one of the symptoms that must be in check with
    the other symptoms for cancer.
  • The pain is relentless in the throat can also be
    a symptom of early cancer of the throat.
  • Sore throat that lasts for a long time can be a
    symptoms of throat cancer or cancer of the tongue
    base. In addition, throat cancer can also be
    associated with difficulty breathing and
    swallowing, the taste of scotch that accompanied
    the growth of a lump of neoplasm in the neck,
    voice hoarse even to the lost, to the bloody
    cough and breath odor.
  • Cancer of the nasopharynx that is associated with
    the respiratory tract as experienced by Kim Woo
    Bin can also have symptoms like this.
  • Changes and severe disruptions in the digestive
    system can also be light red to you.
  • If you are experiencing acute digestive
    disorders, which lead to stools with blood,
    stools with mucus or pus, or stools suddenly it
    could be you suffer from the symptoms of cancer.
  • The discharge of the secretions during urination
    should you wasada, especially against kidney
  • is there any weirdness when you pee, for example
    the outflow of blood when urinating. Other
    symptoms which also commonly accompanies is
    hypertension, pain in kidneys, or a weak sense
    of chronic. All of this can indeed be a symptom
    of other diseases, but it could also indicate
    kidney cancer.
  • Cough endlessly could be a harbinger of some
    serious diseases, including lung cancer.
  • Prolonged cough can be a symptom of a number of
    diseases of the respiratory and lungs, e.g.,
    bronchitis or tuberculosis. However, if someone
    is coughing never ended, decreased appetite and
    weight loss drastically, as well as shortness of
    breath, not impossible all it leads to lung

  • The emergence of a neoplasm or growth of abnormal
    tissue on the skin don't you underestimate.
  • The growth of the neoplasm aka network abnormal
    cells often associated with skin cancer or
    breast cancer. The symptoms include the presence
    of a hard lump in the breast or underarm,
    irritation or rashes on the skin which the cause
    is unknown and not derived from food allergies
    or cosmetics.
  • The presence of ulcers in the middle of the
    neoplasm and the occurrence of the change in the
    shape and size of the birthmark could also be a
    symptom of skin cancer.
  • Weight loss is not always better, especially if
    it happens suddenly and drastically, be aware of
    stomach cancer.
  • Weight loss is not always so good news. If it
    happens without you know the cause, suddenly,
    quickly and drastically, you must be vigilant.
    Indeed not just cancer alone that can affect
    weight loss, but you can observe also other
    symptoms that accompany it.
  • If the appetite to consume meat is gone, too
    quick satiety (whereas new eat in small
    quantities), have anemia, or food difficulty to
    pass through the gastrointestinal tract then
    there is the possibility of someone suffering
    from stomach cancer.
  • The above symptoms can not be directly determine
    whether you suffer from cancer or not. But you
    also don't should ignore it or trivialize it so.
    You need to do is immediately to the doctor and
    check yourself with the labor and professional
    facilities. Watch your diet, do a healthy
    lifestyle and take care of your condition is
    always yes!

Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Most of Your food
is vegetables and fruits. You are also exercise
routine, never forget to use sunscreen, stay
away from cigarettes and alcohol. You always try
to live a healthy lifestyle, because You know it
can be an antidote to cancer. But, the research
conducted by John Hopkins University found,
two-thirds of cancer cases in adults are
triggered by gene mutations that attack people
randomly, and eventually Cancer Symptoms and
Treatment tumors.
In other words, the case of a tumor the most is
because of the luck factor. This research started
from the curiosity of researchers why is there a
body tissue, for example in the small intestine
and the pancreas that have a higher cancer risk
than others. So they keep track of the number of
stem cell divisions in 31 tissue types, comparing
it with the risk of cancer symptoms throughout
life in the same network. The conclusion they
get is the higher number of cell divisions the
tissue, the higher the level of risk of cancer
symptoms. "Our study shows that in general, the
change in the number of stem cell divisions in a
tissue type is highly correlated with changes in
the incidence of cancer on the same network,"
said investigators of the study, Bert Vogelstein,
M. D., professor of oncology Johns Hopkins
University School of Medicine. That is, the more
cell division that occurs , the greater the risk
of random mutations and the malignant
development of cancer symptoms. So, does this
mean we don't need to implement a healthy
lifestyle? Not so. Although there are 22 types of
cancer is associated with factors gene mutation,
there are nine other types that is related by the
pattern of life.
Nine types of cancer that include, skin cancer,
neck, head, colon and rectum (large intestine
and anus), and lung cancer. The ninth type of the
cancer symptoms, in addition to a better
associated with lifestyle, also nothing to do
with heredity. Therefore, regular medical checkup
is very necessary to be able to detect the
presence of cancer early, before it progresses to
life- threatening. The other thing that needs
to be understood is, sentences gene mutations are
random does not mean completely randomly.
Conversely, cancer may arise as a result of
lifestyle factors. "The number of mutations is
higher in those exposed to toxins because of the
style of life haphazard, and lower in those who
consequent a healthy lifestyle," explains David
Katz, M. D., M. P. H, director of the Yale
University Prevention Research Center.
Studies show, gene trigger cancer symptoms become
inactive and suppressor genes the cancer to
become active in their work that favors a healthy
life. In conclusion, cancer is the result of a
combination of various factors like genetic,
environment, and gene mutation in random order,
quotes John Hopkins. Because there are several
types of cancer, which offers greater
opportunities for You to reduce the genetic risk
factors, living a healthy lifestyle is a step
that is very wise. Start limit the consumption
of meat, more fresh fruits and vegetables,
regular exercise, the anticipation of the sun's
UV rays with sunscreen and stay away from
cigarettes, advice of the American Cancer
Natural Home Remedies For Cancer Natural Hore
remedies have been handed down used to treat a
wide variety of medical conditions. There are
some certain herbal remedies that are believed to
help prevent the spread of cancer cells in the
body to reduce chemotherapy side effects.
However, scientific evidence about the
effectiveness of herbal medicine is still limited.
For that, discuss it first with your doctor if
You intend taking one of the drugs cancer herbs
in the bottom of this while undergoing cancer
treatment. Diverse types of drugs cancer herbs
that can be used for the treatment of cancer 1.
Echinacea Echinacea is an aromatic plant from
Asteraceae family that is widely available in the
eastern part of North America and Europe. Cure
for cancer this herbal have 3 common species
Echinacea purpura, Echinacea angustifolia, and
Echinacea pallida. Echinacea purpura is the
species most often used in research and
treatment. Echinacea is also referred to as
coneflower, purple, snakeroot, Kansas, or black
Sampson. Animal studies suggest that Echinacea
purpurea can be effective in the Natural Home
Remedies of cancer. Flavonoids contained in
Echinacea are believed to boost the immune
system and protect the body from the side effects
of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Echinacea can
help extend the life expectancy of the patient in
advanced cancer.
  • Garlic
  • Garlic is touted as Natural Home Reemedies for
    cancer cure herbs because it contains ajoene, a
    substance binder sulfur which work to slow the
    production of cancer cells. Anti-cancer
    properties of garlic are also largely derived
    from the levels of sulfide and organic
    polisulfidanya high. Scientists believe that
    substances in garlic kills cancer cells and
    interfere with metabolism.
  • Extracts of garlic are boiled can prevent the
    negative effects of carcinogens on DNA, supports
    the immune system, helping the elimination of
    carcinogens, and improve the effectiveness of
    detoxifying enzymes. Garlic is also beneficial
    for patients with colon cancer, gastric cancer,
    breast cancer, and bladder cancer, because these
    herbs slow the spread of cancer cells.
  • Turmeric
  • Turmeric is rich in curcumin, an antioxidant and
    anti-cancer substances, and reported to be
    effective in inhibiting the expansion and
    development of lung cancer, breast cancer, skin
    cancer, and gastric cancer. Curcumin alter the
    production of eicosanoids (prostaglandin E-2,
    for example) and fight inflammation.
  • Research reveals that curcumin can inhibit the
    growth of cancer at every stage, including
    inisisasi, development, and expansion. turmerik
    also interfere with the production of
    nitrosamines, which resulted in increased levels
    of natural home remedies in the body.

4. Green tea Polyphenolic is a compound that
plays an important role in turning the benefits
of green tea as a cancer Home Remedies. Various
studies have proved that green tea is effective
in the fight
against tumors and genetic mutations.
Epigallocatechin (EGGG), a polyphenol contained
in green tea protect cells from DNA damage
caused by oxygen species reactive. Animal
studies show that folifenol in green tea not only
prevent the division of cancer cells, but also
lead to damage and kill tumor cells. The
effectiveness of green tea against tumors is
also observed in patients with cancer of the
colon and stomach.
Treatment of Lung Cancer Treatment and management
of lung cancer depends on the type, size, and
position of the cancer, and the stage of cancer.
Patients health are also influential in
determining the treatment that can be
done. Surgical removal of the cancer can be done
if the cancer is only located on one side of the
lungs and has not spread. In addition, the
health condition of patients with lung cancer
need to be examined whether it is possible to do
the operation. Surgical removal of the cancer
will usually be followed by chemotherapy to
eradicate cancer cells remaining.
For cancer that has spread, only radiotherapy
and/or chemotherapy can be done. In addition,
biological therapy is also available as an
alternative to chemotherapy. Biological therapy
aims to control and suppress the development of
cancer. Surgical Removal of Lung Cancer treatment
  • Surgery is performed to remove the cancer of the
    lung as well as some surrounding healthy tissue.
    This is done by anticipating if there are cancer
    cells that have spread.
  • Wedge resection is a surgical procedure which
    elevates a small portion of lung tissue due to
    the tumor size is small or if the performance of
    the lungs of patients has been decreased due to
    the operation of lobectomy that have been
    undertaken previously.
  • Lobectomy is the process of removing the entire
    lobe in one lung. Lobe is the part of the lung
    that has limits is clear. Right lung consists of
    three lobes while the left lung of two lobes. In
    the procedure of lobectomy, the entire lobe of
    lung with cancer will be lifted. The lungs can
    still function with the rest of the lobe.
  • Pneumonektomi is the procedure of surgical
    removal of one side of the lung as a whole. The
    implementation of this procedure only if forced
    to, for example, because cancer cells are in the
    middle of one side of the lung or has spread to
    all parts of the lungs.
  • Patients will still be able to breathe after the
    operation-the operation above. If a portion of
    lung removed, remaining tissue is still there it
    will inflate after some time. This will make the
    breathing becomes more easy. It took a few weeks
    to fully recover from lung surgery.
  • The same is the case with surgery-other surgery,
    surgical removal of the lung may also lead to
    complications. Examples of complications of lung
    surgery, among others, inflammation of the
    lungs, bleeding, and blood clots.
  • Radiotherapy
  • Radiotherapy uses radiation energy to kill cancer
    cells. Especially in the condition of
    postoperative, this procedure can also be used to
    kill cancer cells remaining. If the operation is
    not possible, radiotherapy is done to relieve
    symptoms or the pain and slow the rate of spread
    of the cancer.
  • Possible side effects that can occur due to
    radiotherapy are as follows
  • Cough to remove phlegm mixed with blood.

Side effects that will arise due to chemotherapy,
among others, physical fatigue, nausea,
vomiting, mouth sores, hair loss, as well as the
appearance of ulcers on the stomach.
Chemotherapy can also make the body become more
vulnerable to infection.
Photodynamic Therapy Step treatment that can be
used to handle stage lung cancer early in
patients who refuse to do the surgery. In this
therapy, a thin lighted tube will be inserted to
the location of the tumor. Then the laser beam
will be fired through the tube to destroy cancer
cells. Biological therapy Step treatment this
is an alternative of chemotherapy. This therapy
uses drugs such as erlotinib and gefitinib,
which serves to inhibit the growth of cancer
cells. Therapy is commonly recommended for those
who have cancer of the lung non-small cell which
has spread so that it is difficult to be treated
with radiotherapy or surgery. Kryoterapi Medical
procedure this can be done if cancer has begun
to clog the air ducts. A tool named kryoprobe
will be laid on the tumor, and then produce
extremely cold temperature. The cold temperature
will shrink the tumor. Radiofrequency Ablation
This is the type of treatment to deal with lung
cancer-small cell lung cancer that can be
diagnosed at an early stage. The doctor will use
a CT Scanner to direct a needle into the tumor.
After the needle piercing the tumor, the radio
waves will be streamed on the needle. The heat
generated radio waves will kill cancer cells. The
complications that generally occur after the
procedure radiofrequency ablation is the
appearance of air pockets trapped between the
inner and outer layers of the lungs.
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