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9 Monsoon Care Tips for Babies


These are really easy Monsoon Care Tips that hardly need any special effort but are very effective! When everyone is healthy and happy, the monsoons can be a much more enjoyable time! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 9 Monsoon Care Tips for Babies

9 Monsoon Care Tips for Babies
Keep Baby Clean and Dry
  • The rains require a lot of attention to baby and
    toddler hygiene. Ensure that you keep them clean
    by giving them twice a day. Pay extra attention
    to the underarms, neck, genitals and other folds
    and creases in their body. Also ensure that their
    care-takers are wearing clean clothes and are
    free from infections.

Dress them in Comfortable Clothes
  • Climatic fluctuations are quite sharp in the
    monsoon, ranging from hot and humid to sudden
    cold weather. Dress your little-one in
    comfortable cotton clothes to beat the humidity,
    but always carry a cardigan or jacket, which you
    can use in case it gets chilly. Ensure that
    babys clothes are completely dry clothes tend
    to retain dampness in the monsoon which could
    lead to fungal infections.

Keep Mosquitoes Away
  • Diseases like malaria and dengue are extremely
    prevalent in the monsoon, so it is very important
    to keep babies protected from mosquitoes. Wearing
    clothes with long sleeves, using mosquito patches
    as well as clearing away stagnant water from
    around your home can help to a great extent.

Stay Away from People who are Ill
  • Viral infections are extremely common during
    monsoons and are very contagious as well. Keep
    your child away from people who have a flu or any
    kind of infection. Ask your family and friends to
    wash their hands and use a sanitizer before they
    touch your baby, since they may be harboring
    germs even if they dont show any symptoms.

Avoid Crowded Places
  • Crowded places like malls are hotspots for germs
    and its very easy for babies to catch any
    disease since their immunity isnt fully
    developed. Its best to avoid such places during
    the monsoon, or at least go when it is least
    likely to be crowded.

Wash your Own and your Babys Hands often
  • All the hand washing awareness programs have a
    point the best way to stay safe from infections
    is to keep your and babys hands clean. Wash your
    hands with soap and water often, especially after
    handling dirty diapers or coming in from
    outside. Also ask older siblings to do the same
    before touching the baby.

Stick to Boiled Water
  • Ensure that you use boiled and cooled water for
    your babys formula as well as to drink since
    stomach flu and diarrhea are mostly waterborne
    diseases that are more commonly seen during the

Wash Fruits and Vegetables Thoroughly
  • Keep you little one away from all raw vegetables
    and pre-cut fruit, especially from outside. At
    home, ensure that you wash all fruits and
    vegetables with a teaspoon of salt and water.

Stay Away from the First Showers
  • Keep your baby away from the first showers of the
    monsoon, since theyre likely to be acidic and
    could harm babys delicate skin. So stay indoors
    and watch the rains!

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