Fashion Designer's impact on Modern Society and how you can’t rule out femininity in fashion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fashion Designer's impact on Modern Society and how you can’t rule out femininity in fashion


Female play a vital role in fashion designing. There are many fashion designer known & unknown. Dr. Hanna Rhee is a multitalented woman. She is a doctor, consultant & a fashion designer as well. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Fashion Designer's impact on Modern Society and how you can’t rule out femininity in fashion

Dr. Hanna Rhee
Fashion Designer's impact on Modern Society and
how you cant rule out femininity in fashion
  • Influence of fashion design industry on the
    modern world is a well known fact and not to be
    underestimated. Well-known fashion designers make
    use of their status in the industry to propagate
    and impose conceptions derived and shaped from
    discourses and aptly channeled through various
    mediums. Fashion concepts generally attempt to
    identify questions, distribution of power,
    formation of social and cultural communication
    and sexuality. Dr. Hanna Rhee is one such fashion
    designer who creates her visions into reality and
    conveys them to trendy people through various

Designers are great motivators of the society
  • Last 2 years witnessed the entry of androgens
    principle and it culminated in to the mixing of
    male and female clothing, womens collections
    inspired by masculine concepts, and integration
    of female fashion in to mens. Fashion shows,
    discourses, public speeches and advertising
    campaigns were used to promote the trend but the
    old world values of fashion relevant to both male
    and female bastion is still preserved by
    designers that admire them.

  • Designers make great impact in the fashion
    industry and are the keys to creating cultural
    revolutions. According to a noted critic a
    designer has to be creative but at the same time
    innovative and the later plays a big role in
    promoting trends and fame. Fashion design
    innovations can be in many things and they would
    include materials, environmental impact, and
    their ability to expand to diverse demography.

Sustainability is the magic work in fashion
  • Sustainability is the magic that can sell
    commodities from various industries and fashion
    and design is not exceptional to that. If you ask
    what sustainability in fashion and the answer is
    materials used in fashion designs that dont
    adversely impact the environment. Since the
    designers and retailers are directly responsible
    to the society they now opt for sustainability as
    the way to serve them. Now rest of the industry
    is following suit as the upstarts have started
    the trend, and the quality over quantity
    emphasize is very much on the card.

  • Women fashion has gone topsy-turvy and the mens
    clothing were modified and designed to give a new
    set of fashion clothing to women by some
    designers. The fashion hungry consumers lapped it
    up though the classic feminine fashion with all
    its elegance still rules the roost when it comes
    to be the centre of attraction.

Fashion cant do away with femininity
  • You dont wear masculine or unisex clothing to
    your wedding, do you? The answer will be always
    no, because it is tradition and traditional
    values cannot be sidelined even with advanced
    fashion. You still wear evening gowns and ball
    gowns when you go to formal occasions because
    they are the only suitable attire women can wear
    on these events. If you wear anything contrary
    the gathering is likely to turn their noses on
    you. Dr. Hanna Rhee is a connoisseur of elegant
    fashion furbished with pulsating colors,
    intricate designs, bold patterns and daring lines
    and can be considered as a designer who loves to
    show off the feminine silhouette to the full
    extent. Her fashion is largely dedicated to bold
    women customers, who are confident and aware of
    the power of their sexuality.

About Dr. Hanna Rhee
  • Dr. Hanna Rhee is a doctor of medicine, She is an
    expert family doctor. Dr. Hanna is working
    tirelessly to offer her services to people of all
    age group. Dr. Hanna expertises in Check-ups,
    Heartburn, Immunization, Indigestion Flu (Human
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