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Top Luxury things to do in Dubai


Dubai is known as the city of jaw-dropping architecture, the center of finest cuisines, expensive labels, infamous brands, world-class hotels and restaurants, and many extravagant places portraying the affluence and grandeur lifestyle – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Luxury things to do in Dubai

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  • It is completely okay to visit some extravagant,
    hyped place for leisure and luxury. And when it
    comes to lavishness and opulence, people tend to
    prefer Dubai, as there are ample luxury places to
    visit in Dubai.
  • There is nothing better than a Dubai tour if you
    are willing to experience the epitome of the
  • The city of Dubai has created such a massive
    impact as an ever-demanding tourist spot across
    the world that no one will deny the fact.
  • With the worlds largest, flashes and tallest,
    Dubai city always think very big.
  • The land which was once endless desert, Dubai has
    reinvented itself with the state-of-the-art and
    avant-garde technology that is turning the
    fantasy into the reality.

Introduction (Contd)
  • A city where luxury meets at its epitome has so
    much to offer to you that you will forget
    everything while indulging in one-of-a-kind
    experience in the unique experiences in Dubai.
  • Dubai is known as the city of jaw-dropping
    architecture, the center of finest cuisines,
    expensive labels, infamous brands, world-class
    hotels and restaurants, and many extravagant
    places portraying the affluence and grandeur
  • Starting from luxury yachts, to 7-star hotels,
    Dubai has plenty of offerings in order to keep
    the discerning travelers excited and happy.
  • The city will certainly spoil you with its
    magnificent luxury experiences. While there are
    ceaseless luxury things to do in Dubai, here we
    are picking the best ones among them which spell
    luxury like one another.

Rejuvenating Burj Club Spa
  • Treat yourself to the world of ultimate leisure,
    relaxation in one of the Dubais royal spa
    treatments which is none other than Burj Club
  • Rejuvenate and unwind the effect of the rich
    aromatic oils used by the experts which will not
    only distress you but also you will feel
    beautiful and confident after the spa treatment.
  • If you are searching for luxurious spa, then do
    not miss the opportunity of taking a de-stress
    spa which will not only relax your mind but also
    it will create magic and wonder in your soul and
  • Cost The Pass - Adult AED 432 / Child AED 432
  • Recommended Experience Burj Club Spa Treatment

Dinner at 5-star Cruise Marina
  • Dining at a restaurant isnt it seems an ordinary
  • Now create an unforgettable evening in the 5-star
    Cruise Marina with an international buffet,
    music, live entertainment.
  • Dinner in the dhow cruise Dubai marina is a
    one-of-kind experience and is considered as the
    most romantic destination for dinner.
  • Celebrate your special moments in the magnificent
    Dhow Cruise Dubai with the sumptuous finest
  • Cost Dinner Cruise - Adult AED 180 / Child AED
  • Recommended Experience 5-star Cruise Marina

Luxury Helicopter Ride
  • Do you want to see the city of Dubai from a
    Birds eye vision? Well, there is nothing more
    adventurous than a Helicopter ride. Are you bored
    of Dubai traffic? You can avoid it now by hiring
    private helicopters for enjoying the sightseeing
    in the city. We will recommend you that
    helicopter ride will not only be an adventurous,
    luxurious attraction in Dubai but also you will
    get immense excitement during your ride.
  • Cost
  • 22 Minutes - Adult AED 997 / Child AED 997
  • 12 Minutes - Adult AED 675 / Child AED 675
  • 17 Minutes - Adult AED 775 / Child AED 775
  • Recommended Experiences
  • Helicopter Ride 22 minutes
  • Helicopter Ride 12 minutes
  • Helicopter Ride 17 minutes

Splendid Yacht Tour
  • What could be more opulent than hiring a private
    exclusive yacht in Dubai? Enjoy an extravagant
    vacation in Dubai while enjoying the spectacular
    view of the Dubai Marina and the turquoise blue
  • If you want privacy, then Dubai Marina Yacht
    Cruise is the best option for partying, chilling,
    swimming and other things of your choice.
  • Feel like a VIP and get the chance to enjoy the
    skyline of Dubai along with the most popular
    attractions in Dubai while crossing the Dubai
  • Cost
  • 36 Feet - Price AED 850, 6 Persons Max Allowed
  • 50 Feet - Price AED 1,200, 18 Persons Max
  • 80 Feet - Price AED 2,400, 35 Persons Max
  • Recommended Experience Luxury Yacht Tour

Luxury Limousine Car Ride
  • Create a memorable experience with the touch of
    royal and luxury in the one-of-a-kind flamboyant
    luxury Lincoln Limousine Car Dubai.
  • If you are planning your dream date or a romantic
    ride with your partner, then nothing beats the
    snazzy Limousine Ride. You will be in love with
    the exclusive comfort-enrich car. If you are a
    hardcore lover of luxury cars, then you are in
    the right place.
  • Get a unique luxury experience while riding the
    car along the roads of Dubai.
  • Cost
  • Lincoln Limousine - Price AED 360, 8 Persons Max
  • Chrysler Limousine - Price AED 420, 8 Persons
    Max Allowed
  • Hummer Limousine - Price AED 540, 14 Persons Max
  • Hummer Limousine - Price AED 540, 18 Persons Max
  • Rolls Royce Limousine - Price AED 840, 4 Persons
    Max Allowed
  • Recommended Experience Luxury Limousine Ride

Exciting Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride is an exciting way to enjoy
    the scenic beauty of Dubai from high Sky. What
    could be more interesting than riding in Hot Air
    Balloon in the early morning while enjoying the
    jaw-dropping sunrise in the Desert?
  • As one of the most recognized Dubai luxury
    activities, Hot Air Balloon Ride is known for
    doubling up your experience when you will glide
    over the Arabian desert.
  • On the other hand, you can also enjoy the scene
    of the futuristic architecture of the city of
    Dubai by exploring it in a new way while floating
    in the sky. It will be indeed one of the most
    luxurious attractions in Dubai which include
    adventure, excitement, thrill at its peak.
  • Cost The Experience - Adult AED 930 / Child
    AED 870
  • Recommended Experience Hot Air Balloon Ride

Exotic Lunch at Giorgio Armani
  • Complete your Burj Khalifa trip while having a
    sumptuous, exotic dinner at the one and only
    Armani hotel. If you want to define opulence at
    its epitome, then there is no other definition
    which will go beyond the grandeur of Giorgio
    Armani hotel in Dubai.
  • Book a table at the Armani and enjoy the ultimate
    splendor culinary experience at its optimum. Your
    Dubai trip is incomplete without paving a visit
    to the iconic Burj Khalifa.
  • For your reference, I would like to inform you
    that the sunset in Burj Khalifa is one of the
    finest luxurious attractions in Dubai which you
    can enjoy from the 148th floor of the building.
  • Cost
  • Entry Pass Armani Lunch - Adult AED 336 /
    Child AED 300
  • Entry Pass Armani Dinner - Adult AED 396 /
    Child AED 283
  • Recommended experience
  • Burj Khalifa with Armani Meal
  • Burj Khalifa with the cafe

Adventurous Dinner in the Sky
  • Considered as one of the top ten most unique
    luxurious dinner experiences around the world,
    Dinner in the Sky is an attraction which you
    cannot afford to miss.
  • Revamp yourself for the most luxurious
    experiences in Dubai from a height of 50 meters
    above the ground while enjoying the panoramic
    view of Dubais picture-perfect.
  • Want to create a memorable adventurous dining
    experience ever? Then Dinner in the Sky is the
    ideal example of creating unique experiences in
    Dubai. We are very much sure that this will be
    your one of the best dining experiences ever.
  • Cost
  • Afternoon Tea (Sun-Thu) - Adult AED 535 / Child
    AED 535
  • Lunch (Sun-Thu) - Adult AED 642 / Child AED 642
  • Dinner (Sun-Thu) - Adult AED 749 / Child AED
  • Afternoon Tea (Fri-Sat) - Adult AED 615 / Child
    AED 615
  • Lunch (Fri-Sat) - Adult AED 718 / Child AED 718
  • Dinner (Fri-Sat) - Adult AED 820 / Child AED
  • Recommended experience Dinner in the Sky

Thrilling Seaplane Tour
  • Catch a glimpse of the grandeur of the Dubai City
    while having an exceptional tour on the seaplane
    with your loved once and create treasured
  • With Seaplane tour, you can have an incredible
    experience when the seaplane will take you high
    from the surface of the sea.
  • Mesmerize yourself while gazing at the splendid
    view of the architectural marvels, lofty sandy
    beaches, traditional Arabian Desert, most
    stunning waterfront buildings of Palm Jumeirah,
    Burj Al Arab, Dubai Creek, Atlantis, etc.
  • Cost
  • 20 Minutes Experience - Adult AED 964 / Child
    AED 822
  • 30 Minutes Experience - Adult AED 1,077 / Child
    AED 913
  • 45 Minutes Experience - Adult AED 1,923 / Child
    AED 1,633
  • Recommended experience
  • Sea Plane Tour Abu Dhabi (30 Minutes)
  • Sea Plane Tour - 20 Minutes
  • Sea Plane Tour - 45 Minutes

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