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The Secret Science of Human Aura. All You Want to Know About Human Aura


No knowledge is bigger than self knowledge. Human Aura Analysis by 3D Kirlian Camera is Quantum leap in Self Analysis to decide about career & spiritual growth. Read the full blog by clicking on the following link: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Secret Science of Human Aura. All You Want to Know About Human Aura

The Secret Science of Human Aura All You Want
to Know About Human Aura
The existence of human aura has been a
controversial topic for a long time. The concept
of human aura is already present in different
cultures.  Different persons have described the
human aura in different ways.
What is Human Aura ??
According to the scientific researches, we all
human beings have an energy field around our
physical body.  This energy field is vibrating at
specific rates. By this vibrating energy, a
magnetic field is created around the human body.
Our bodys processes such as digestion,
respiration system, nervous system and
circulatory system, generate electrochemical
reactions or electric energy. The electrical
energy field and magnetic field interact with
each other and creates a bio-energetic field
around the physical body. This bio-energetic
field is the human aura. The aura readers tell
that the human aura extends about 4 to 5 feet
from the physical body.
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How Does Human Aura Work?
Human aura also interacts with environmental
energies. It creates a link of the physical body
with the outside world. Healthy human aura
maintains the energy flow in our body that is
important for our bodys healthy functioning.
Healthy aura also protects the body from negative
energies and many physical and psychological
ailments. An aura reader can tell many things
about the person by analyzing the color, shape,
and size of the human aura and chakras energy.
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What Does Human Aura Tell?
Human aura has seven major colors like a rainbow
Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,
and Red. The color and power of human aura depend
on the physical and emotional health of a person.
For example, people who contain positive thoughts
are blessed with a brighter, wider and healthy
aura.  On the other side, people with negative
thoughts have smaller, faded or black and weak
What Does Human Aura Tell?
The human aura is interconnected with energy
chakras. The human body has 7 major chakras
(energy centers) and also 122 minor chakras.
These chakras distribute energy to other body
parts. The channel used for energy distribution
is called Meridian System.  Any disturbance in
energy distribution has a negative effect on the
aura. According to scientific evidence, the weak
aura is the main reason for many physical and
psychological diseases.
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How Can You Protect Yourself from Diseases?
It is really beneficial to know about human aura
and chakras. We can detect many future diseases
by analyzing our aura and chakras. By knowing the
status of our aura and chakras, we can also
protect ourselves from illness. We can take help
of aura healing or pranic healing therapy to
treat the diseases earlier before they affect our
physical body.
3D Kirlian Photography Introduction in India
In a current digital era, many advanced systems
have been developed to measure electromagnetic or
bioenergetic field or human aura. Advanced 3D
aura chakra photography or 3D Kirlian photography
has been introduced as the perfect solution to
many human life problems.
3D Kirlian Photography Introduction in India
This is the latest and also the most advanced
method to know hidden things about ourselves by
analyzing the aura and chakras. Moreover, the
person can get answers to many questions by 3D
Kirlian photography. Dr. Singh has many years of
experience in aura reading field.  He is also
popular as the best aura reader.
3D Kirlian Photography Introduction in India
By 3D aura reading the aura readers can give
details about the best career option, marriage,
social life, interests, likes, dislikes,
strengths, weaknesses, future problems, etc. The
aura reader can also tell the personality type of
a person by seeing the aura color in 3D Kirlian
3D Kirlian Photography Introduction in India
Moreover, in 3D Kirlian photography, the person
also gets a suggestion for aura improvement to
achieve the optimum health and well being. People
with weak aura can also restore energy balance
through pranic healing or aura healing.
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