Benefits of Truck Tire sealants – Seelin Tyre Safety System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits of Truck Tire sealants – Seelin Tyre Safety System


Seelin provides not only bike tire sealant but also best Truck tire sealant products. Must go through the benefits of Truck Tire Sealants for your heavy vehicles. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of Truck Tire sealants – Seelin Tyre Safety System

Benefits of Truck Tire sealants
Benefits of Truck Tire sealants
  • Truck Tire Sealants are a great way to protect
    your truck tires, especially when you ride your
    trucks hard and often over rough terrain with
    heavy loads. However, some people have concerns
    that the dangers outweigh the benefits of tire
    sealant. In particular, some people believe that
    if you use tire repair sealant, chamber fires can
    occur during retreading.

Benefits of Truck Tire sealants
  • During retreading of tires, the tire is heated to
    extremely high temperatures in a pressure
    chamber, over 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people
    believe that if you use tire sealant on your
    tires, the remaining sealant will superheat and
    explode while inside the pressure chamber. There
    is no basis to this fear. The truth is that
    virtually all of the Truck Tire Sealants is
    cleaned off the tire before it reaches the
    chamber stage. If the retreater allowed the
    sealant to remain in place, several steps in the
    retreading process simply would not work.

Even if a full amount of sealant made it into the
pressure chamber, it would not combust under
normal circumstances. While some inferior
sealants contain glycol, it cannot combust
without oxygen. They would first have to
evaporate into a vapor and then catch fire. The
boiling point of these glycols is well over 350
degrees Fahrenheit under normal atmospheric
pressure, and even higher under the pressure
conditions of the chamber, so there is no way it
can create the vapor that could combust. For
glycol to ignite at the temperatures in the
pressure chamber would require an outside
ignition source, and no such source exists as
part of the regular retreading procedure.
Benefits of Truck Tire sealants
  • IMI takes a step further and completely removes
    all glycol from their line of sealants. 
    Throughout history, IMI has set out to make
    innovate decisions from the very beginning and
    IMI accomplished this with sealants that are
    entirely biodegradable and environmentally-friendl
    y, removing any possibility of causing any harm
    to the tire casing or those who come in contact
    with it.

  • Truck Tire Sealant also reduces tire wear, offers
    seven times more corrosion resistance than tires
    without tire sealant, prevents tire dry rot and
    inner tire cracking, and is safe for the
    environment. When your trucks have STS Tire
    Sealant, youll have the peace of mind of knowing
    your trucks have protection from getting derailed
    by nails, glass, rocks, or other debris that
    could damage truck tires.

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