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Computer Science Scholarships in China


Details Program ID : B3Z2647 Teaching Language : English City : Jingmen Intake : Autumn 2018 Degree : Bachelor Duration : 4 Years Scholarship Duration: 4 Years Original tuition fee: 15000RMB/Year Accommodation fee: 3600RMB or 4800RMB/Year Scholarship Policy (After scholarship you need to pay) Tuition fee: 7000RMB/Year Accommodation fee: 1400RMB to 4800RMB/Year – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Computer Science Scholarships in China

Computer Science Scholarships in China
  • China scholarship data center https//www.scholar
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Computer Science and Technology in Jingmen
Details Program ID B3Z2647 Teaching Language
English City Jingmen Intake Autumn
2018 Degree Bachelor Duration 4
Years Scholarship Duration 4 Years Original
tuition fee 15000RMB/Year Accommodation fee
3600RMB or 4800RMB/Year Scholarship
Policy (After scholarship you need to
pay) Tuition fee 7000RMB/Year Accommodation fee
1400RMB to 4800RMB/Year Important
Notice Nationality limitation Egypt, North
Korea, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Nigeria, Somalia,
Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran Passport type
P Maximum age limit 26 School deposit fee
300rmb is needed to pay to school when digital
admission come out and it will be used as part of
your school fees when registration Fee Structure
Application Documents Documents Required for
Bachelor University application form Photocopy
of valid passport Passport-sized photo Highest
degree certificate transcripts
(notarized) Study plan (at least these four part
- self introduction, education history, why study
in China, why choose this major)
Procedure with scholarship to china
  • Register your account at
  • Search, choose and "Apply"
  • Complete application information and submit
    application documents
  • Pay for the application fee
  • University assessment (If you succeed, the
    digital admission notice will come out around
    5-10 working days. If you failed, we will help
    you apply another university instead)
  • Pay for the school deposit fee to school account
  • Pay for the project fee and it is charged when
    JW202 come out
  • Get your original admission notice and jw202 and
    delivery fee is on ScholarshipChina
  • Apply for a visa in the Chinese embassy
  • Book flight ticket and study in China

Welcome to study computer science in china
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Computer Science Scholarships in China
Computer Science and Technology
PROGRAM OVERVIEW Computer science and technology
is a subject that studies the design and
manufacture of computers. It mainly studies the
theory, principle, method and technology of
information acquisition, representation, storage,
processing and control by computer. Computer
science and technology is the study of computer
technology, both hardware and software.
Computer science and technology covers software
engineering. Computer science and technology aims
to develop technical personnel who have the good
scientific literacy, can systematically master
computer science and technology basic theory,
knowledge and skills, including computer
hardware, software and application. Computer
science and technology graduates can be engaged
in computer teaching, scientific research and
application of computer science and technology
disciplines of senior scientific in the
scientific research department, education
institutions, enterprises, business, technology
and administrative department. However,
computer science and technology is a diverse
field. The required skills are both applicable
and in-demand across practically every industry
in today's technology-dependent world. As such,
the field of computer science and technology is
divided amongst a range of sub-disciplines, most
of which are full-fledged specialized disciplines
in and of themselves. The field of computer
science and technology spans several core areas
computer theory, hardware systems, software
systems, and scientific computing. Students will
choose credits from amongst these sub-disciplines
with varying levels of specialization depending
on the desired application of the computer
science and technology degree. Though most strict
specialization occurs at the graduate level,
knowing exactly what computer science and
technology is (and where a student's interests
fall within this vast field) is of paramount
importance to knowing how to study computer
science and technology.
Computer science vs software engineering
If you are a person interested in computer and
software development and expect to be in the
relevant industry in the future,you will be very
concerned about the differences in computer
science or software engineering. There is no
doubt that knowing the differences between these
two areas in advance is good for your future
career choices. Accredited degrees in these two
areas may prepare students for a variety of
software-related roles.
Similarity The theoretical basis of computer
science is physics, mathematics,
microelectronics the theoretical basis of
software engineering is mathematics, computer
science. The research and practice of software
engineering involves the comprehensive management
of manpower, technology, capital and schedule,
and is the process of carrying out the
optimization of production activities software
engineering must divide the boundaries of the
system and give the system solutions. Therefore,
related disciplines in software engineering
include computer science, mathematics, computer
engineering, management, systems engineering, and
human engineering.
Different fields
  • Computer science and software engineering involve
    different fields. Computer science is a
    comprehensive knowledge of computers, including
    computer principles, hardware, software, and
    trends. While software engineering is mainly the
    development of computer software and the
    preparation of programs.
  • Different career options
  • Computer science is a specialized knowledge of
    computer science. Computer science graduates have
    good scientific literacy and can systematically
    master theories and technologies related to
    computer science and technology, including basic
    theories, basic knowledge and basic skills of
    computer hardware, software and computer
    applications method. Computer science students
    can engage in computer teaching, scientific
    research and application in scientific research
    departments, educational institutions,
    enterprises, undertakings, technology and
    administrative departments.
  • Based on computer science, the software
    engineering emphasizes the engineering of
    software development. Software engineering
    students are proficient in software requirements
    analysis, software design, software testing,
    software maintenance and software project
    management on the basis of learning computer
    science knowledge and skills. The focus is on the
    development of students' professional knowledge
    and professional skills, and the development of
    senior professionals who can engage in software
    development, testing, maintenance and software
    project management
  • Different courses
  • The main courses of computer science and
    technology are computer application foundation,
    advanced mathematics, linear algebra, data
    structure (C), discrete mathematics, assembly
    language programming, computer interface
    technology, database system principle, operating
    system, object-oriented programming, computer
    networks, professional English, software
    engineering, computer security technology,
    computer image processing, software development
    environment and tools.
  • The main courses of software engineering learning
    include university foreign language, advanced
    mathematics, university physics,physics
    experiment, linear algebra, probability theory
    and mathematical statistics, programming
    language, data structure, discrete mathematics,
    operating system, compilation technology,
    software engineering introduction, unified
    construction. Model language, software
    architecture discrete mathematics, data
    structure, algorithm analysis, object-oriented
    programming, modern operating system, database
    principle and implementation technology,
    compilation principle, software engineering,
    software project management, computer
  • Computer science and software engineering do have
    some similarities, but they are not exactly the
    same. There are differences between the two
    majors in terms of curriculum and career choices.
    But, students with Computer science and software
    engineering degrees will have wide careers
    options in the world.

1. Computer science and technology
  • Computer science and technology focus on the
    applied theory of computing. Computer science and
    technology often use algorithms and advanced
    mathematics to invent new ways of manipulating
    and transmitting information. Computer scientists
    usually focus on software, operating systems and
    implementations. In fact, computer scientists are
    scientists. This means they understand computer
  • Computer scientists work on computers. The field
    is based on mathematics in computer language.
    Computer scientists understand why a computer can
    work and can create a program or operating system
    that what you want it to do.
  • Computer scientists can understand and write
    code. Computer science and technology students
    will learn the basics of programming languages,
    linear and discrete mathematics, and software
    design and development. Computer scientists study
    machines and understand how and why various
    computer processes work.
  • Most jobs in computer science and technology get
    high salary. At the same time, as computer
    science is a rapidly developing field, the
    employment opportunities of computer science and
    technology students will increase greatly. If you
    are studying for a degree in computer science and
    technology, you can choose the following career
  • Systems engineer Microsoft Windows, Linux, and
    iOS are examples of operating system types. The
    operating system lays the foundation for the
    operation of computers and equipment. Systems
    engineers design and create those types of
    systems for personal computers, telephones, and
    even cars.
  • Application developers As the creative thinking
    behind applications and programs, software
    developers design and build programs and
    applications for computers and technical devices.
  • Web developer A Web developer writes code that
    makes a Web site functional. Web developers
    integrate graphics, audio, and video into the
    site and monitor the site's traffic, performance,
    and capacity. Web developers are not graphic
    designers. Graphic designers create images that
    you see on your Web site.

2. Information technology
Information technology leverages existing
operating systems, software, and applications to
create larger systems that address specific
business problems. IT builds networks from
established building blocks to perform tasks,
such as automated consumables ordering services.
Information technology students will study
network and database design in depth and be
introduced to basic theories and applied
mathematics. Successful Information technology
candidates will have strong critical thinking
skills and the task of IT professionals is to use
resources and tools that they can use efficiently
and economically. Information technology uses
signal systems or system management. In essence,
Information technology professionals are users of
technology. Because of the nature of the job,
Information technology professionals are more
likely to interact with customers and colleagues
outside the department. They may explain to
customers how to solve technical problems or work
with executives and business owners to build
technical plans that meet their business needs.
Information technology can also provide a good
career. Depending on your education level, an
Information technology degree can provide a good
Scholarships in China