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Interactive Whiteboard Market Size, Share, Growth, Competitor Analysis, Opportunities, and Forecast To 2026.


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Title: Interactive Whiteboard Market Size, Share, Growth, Competitor Analysis, Opportunities, and Forecast To 2026.

CONSULTANTS Ankita Roy, Treesha Banerjee and
Liza Dsouza from Global Market Estimates throw
the spotlight on the growing Interactive
Whiteboards Market. Interactive Whiteboard Market
Insights The Interactive Whiteboard Market is
expected to grow at a significant CAGR during the
forecast period. Increased trends of digital
learning in the corporate sector and education
and adoption of new learning techniques through
e-learning and digitalized classroom has
increased the market demand for interactive
whiteboards. Interactive whiteboards have
introduced the advanced learning methods for end
users so that they can fully adapt and gain
user-friendly learning experience. In the
current employment scenario, institutions,
colleges, and digital learning centers are
preparing students to gain employment
opportunities across industries such as
aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and
healthcare. Companies across these sectors are
using interactive whiteboards to enhance the
learning experience. The idea behind the use of
interactive whiteboard could be delivering a
roadmap through visual presentations to the
group of people who are interested in learning
about different topics and subjects. The
interactive whiteboard could be seen as the
better replacement for traditional flipcharts,
and for existing conventional whiteboards. Apart
from these benefits, it helps students and
employees on their overall skill growth by
performing complex technical operations. It is
expected that the growing trend of education
gamification will drive the market growth in the
coming years.
CONSULTANTS Interactive Whiteboard Market By
Applications The Interactive Whiteboard Market
can be segmented based on the applications into
education and corporate sector. The market for
this segment is expected to show remarkable
growth during the forecast period. The reason
behind this growth is expected to be an increased
understanding of the use of the interactive
whiteboard to improve the learning experience in
classrooms as well as businesses. The education
sector is expected to contribute the majority
revenue share in the use of interactive
whiteboards and during the forecast period, the
revenue share is expected to increase in the
sector. One of the key factors triggering the
demand for the use of an interactive whiteboard
could be tech-savvy youth, who are well updated
with the growing trends of digital
devices. Interactive Whiteboard Market By
Technology The Interactive Whiteboard Markets
can be segmented based on the technology into
Resistive Membrane and Capacitive. Infrared and
electromagnetic pen are other key interactive
whiteboard technologies. Technological
advancements in the market have increased the
demand for the interactive whiteboards. A major
amount of market share has been acquired by a
resistive membrane segment. The user-friendly
experience of the resistive membrane technology
has increased the demand for the technology.
Moreover, as compared to other technologies, this
technology is more cost effective to
use. Capacitive boards are also showing a
significant amount of growth rate. The main
reason behind this could be the technology can
be found in the tablets, smartphones, and now in
interactive whiteboards. The demand for the
capacitive technology could be increased owing to
the feature of sensitivity, responsiveness to
multi-touch and moreover durable. Interactive
Whiteboard Market By Form Factor The
interactive whiteboard market can be segmented
based on the form factor into two designs
namely, Fixed and portable. Fixed designed
whiteboards provide a standard aspect ratio thus
considered to be more user-friendly. It is
compatible with the most of the existing computer
setups and projectors hence do not require any
upgrade on the existing equipment. It has a
robust construction with accurate and reliable
finger touch interactivity which has increased
the demand for fixed Interactive
whiteboards. Portable design whiteboards have
some new technologies incorporated in it, such as
auto calibration technique, laser image
technology, ad gesture recognition systems.
Portable design whiteboards are suitable for
instant presentations during small classroom
studies and business trips. Various gesture
recognition are involved in portable designed
boards such as, moving, writing, zooming in and
out, erasing, and scrolling up and down, with
the only movement of fingers. These technological
advancements have made it popular amongst the
teachers as well as corporates.
CONSULTANTS Interactive Whiteboard Market By
Projection Technique The interactive whiteboard
market can be segmented based on the projection
technique into two types front projection and
rear projection. More than half of the market
share is accounted by front projection
technique. These interactive whiteboards are
assembled with a video projector, generally
fixed to the board frame, which leans over the
board onto the boards surface externally. One of
the disadvantages of front projection is that
the presenter or teacher has to extend his or her
arm by standing in front of the screen, in order
to avoid casting a shadow. It is expected that
rear projection segment will display highest CAGR
over the forecast period. One of the reasons for
such growth is that it traces emissive display or
projector behind the whiteboard in order to
avoid the occurrence of shadows. Interactive
Whiteboards Market By Screen Size The market
for interactive whiteboards can be segmented on
the basis of screen size into, up to 69, 70 to
90, above 90. Different screen sizes of the
interactive whiteboards are used for different
purposes. Up to 69 can be used for delivering
instant presentations by the corporates and for
the small classrooms studies. 70 to 90 are
generally used in medium-sized classrooms and in
board meetings to pitch the ideas. It is the
most demanded size across the globe as it is
comfortable for the presenter to present his
idea with an ample amount of space. Interactive
Whiteboard Market By End Users The market for
interactive whiteboards can be segmented based on
the end users into education, corporate and
government. It is anticipated from the study that
the education sector holds the largest share in
this segment and it is expected that the
dominance of the sector in this segment will
also prevail in the coming years. Education
sector uses the interactive whiteboard to make
the learning experience easier and more
user-friendly for the students. Use of
interactive whiteboard also helps in overall
growth of skills as it provides the platform for
the end users to perform complex technical
Interactive Whiteboard Market Regional
Insights North America is expected to dominate
the market for the interactive whiteboard, with
the U.S. contributing its majority share. The
regions dominance can be attributed to the
various factors one of them being well-developed
infrastructure and also due to the presence of
smart classrooms and the increased use of
various digital learning techniques, one of them
being e-learning. There has been much investment
in the market of interactive whiteboards in the
country because of which there have been
continuous technological advancements in the
education sector. The Asia Pacific market for
interactive whiteboard is projected to grow at
highest CAGR over the forecast periods owing to
the investments by prominent players and various
initiatives to increase the use of digital
services in the education sector. With the
development in the countries such as India,
Japan, government has taken various initiatives
to provide proper technological equipment in the
classrooms in order to facilitate easy learning
for students. Interactive Whiteboard Market
End-Use Landscape The end-use landscape entails
a list of current and prospective consumers
prevailing across the regions. This section
provides company addresses, contact details,
products, and regional presence of companies who
are purchasing or are likely to purchase surgical
retractors over the coming years. Some
institutions which are currently using
interactive whiteboard and are likely to use in
future are New York City board of education,
Fairfax County public school, Los Angeles unified
school districts, Clarke County school, every
local authority in England, Wales and Scotland
and others are currently using or likely to use
interactive whiteboard.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Market Vendor Landscape
  • The report contains a chapter dedicated to
    vendors operating in the market, covering raw
    material manufactures, equipment developers,
    manufacturers, and distributors. The report
    provides these insights on a regional level.
    This section of the report entails contact
    details, experience, products manufactured/suppli
    ed, and geographical presence of companies.
  • Surgical Retractors Market Share Competitor
  • Some of the key players operating in the
    Interactive Whiteboard Market are Hitachi, Ltd.
    SMART Technologies Mimio Promethean Ltd.and
    Egan Teamboard Inc. The market for interactive
    whiteboards is still emerging and evolving in
    order to make the learning experience user
    friendly and more interactive. This emergence
    has opened and in future will further open the
    market for various other industry players.
  • By the year 2015, 70 of the schools in UK were
    equipped with the interactive whiteboard.
  • The report segments the Interactive Whiteboards
    Market on the basis of By Application
  • Education
  • Corporate
  • By Technology

  • By Screen Size
  • Up to 69, 70 to 90
  • Above 90
  • By End Users
  • Education
  • Corporate and Government
  • By Region
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Central South America

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