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Dupatta Styling Ideas for Bollywood Salwar Kameez


New and innovative way of wearing Dupatta can enhance the look of your Salwar Kameez. Here we have summed up ten dupatta styling ideas to glam up your Bollywood salwar kameez. Visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dupatta Styling Ideas for Bollywood Salwar Kameez

Are you planning to wear a Bollywood salwar
kameez to your next kitty party? Want to look
like a style maven in front of all your friends?
Consider wearing your dupatta in a new and
imaginative way. Most people ignore or forget
that a dupatta can actually enhance the look of
your salwar suit. You no longer have to drape it
across the top half of your body. Try one of
the following ten dupatta styling ideas to glam
up your Bollywood salwar kameez
1. DRAPE AROUND This draping style will not
only make you look stylish but keep you warm as
well. It works best with a very long linen or
cotton dupatta. Simply take one end and wrap it
over one shoulder past your neck and off the
shoulder and bring it around back to the first
shoulder. The other end of the dupatta will
hang loosely on the other shoulder.
2. ELBOW STYLE Want to feel like a queen? Try
this style. Weve all done this when we played
maharani during our childhood days. Bring
both ends of your dupatta from behind your body,
over both forearms or elbows. The ends of your
dupatta should be falling down in front of you
from each arm. This is a signature style with
3. ONE ARM This works very well with a sheer
dupatta that also has lots of stone and
embellishments. Toss one half of the dupatta
over your left shoulder and bring the remaining
half across your chest and over your raised right
arm. Here the dupatta will loosely fall over
your right arm.
4. HIGH NECK This is a typical Punjabi draping
style. It works very well with short kameez and
salwar. Simply rest the dupatta across the base
of your neck and let the dupatta fall behind you.
This is not a new style but an old favourite.
5. TWO SIDED This is a style loved by most moms
and for some of us who want to camouflage our
arms. It works well with sleeveless salwars.
Start by pinning one end of the dupatta on your
left shoulder and carefully pleating and folding
the dupatta down and across your top half then
bringing it over your right shoulder. Once over
the right shoulder, wrap it around and bring it
back over your left arm.
6. ONE SHOULDER ONE ARM As the name suggests,
take your dupatta and place half of it on the
right shoulder. Bring the front half over your
right arm. Hence, one shoulder, one arm! This
draping style is quite effective with floor
length dresses as well.
7. FULL OPEN This style pays homage to the
draping style of the 60s and 70s. Just take your
dupatta and spread it across your chest and over
your shoulders. This is effective if you have a
plain salwar kameez and heavily embroidered or
embellished dupatta.
8. SAREE STYLE This is where the saree meets the
salwar. Take one end of your dupatta, pleat it
and place it over your left shoulder (dont
forget it to pin it in place). Take the
remaining end and wrap it around your body and
bring it back up from the left side and tuck it
in to your waist.
9. PLEAT IT UP Another traditional way of
wearing your dupatta with your salwar kameez is
pleating the entire dupatta and placing one half
over and behind the left shoulder while the other
half falls in front.
10. CAPE STYLE Everyone loves capes and they
look great with your salwar kameez too. Take your
dupatta and wrap it behind your kameez. This
style is excellent if there is a lot of detailing
on your kameez.
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