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10 Steps To Complete The Gestational Surrogate Process


Are you thinking about carrying a child for a friend who is unable to do so? If so, then you’re probably wondering what’s entailed in the gestational surrogate process. Call Rite Options at (516)512-8888. Visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Steps To Complete The Gestational Surrogate Process

10 Steps To Complete The Gestational Surrogate
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Are you thinking about carrying a child for a
friend who is unable to do so? If so, then youre
probably wondering whats entailed in the
gestational surrogate process. Listed below are
ten steps that you need to complete in order to
become an official surrogate 1
Matching Pairing intended parents with a
gestational surrogate is a personal process.
Intended parents look for certain traits in their
surrogate. These include someone who is stable
and healthy and with whom they feel they can
share a close bond. The speed at which you will
be matched with Intended Parents will depend on
how well your requirements meet theirs. It may
take a week, a month or even longer. Once a match
is made, you will be contacted by your case
manager from the surrogacy agency. At this point,
you will also be given a chance to learn about
the Intended Parents.
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2 Introductions If youre happy with what
youve learned about the Intended Parents and
they also feel the same after reading your
questionnaire, then the agency will schedule a
meeting for you two to meet. This may be an
in-person meeting or a conference call. If this
introduction phase is successful, then the case
can move forward to the psychological and medical
evaluation phase. A background check will also be
conducted at this time. Your Case Manager will
coordinate these tests for you. 3 Psychological
Screening After matching, the agencys
psychologist will conduct an assessment of your
emotional and mental readiness to become a
surrogate. This is an informative and helpful
meeting as it helps you discuss your feelings
about the process with the psychologist. The
entire evaluation will take up to an hour during
which time the therapist will also determine your
support system and motivations.
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4 Medical Screening You and your spouse/partner
will be tested at the fertility clinic. You may
need to travel a long distance to visit the
location. However it will be arranged by the
agency and paid for by the intended parents.
The medical screening includes tests for HIV,
AIDs and STDs. It also includes additional
cultures and a gynecological exam. Whether
further testing is required will be determined by
the Reproductive Endocrinologist. These tests are
also paid for by the Intended Parents. 5
Travel You will be expected to travel at least
twice to the clinic chosen by the Intended
Parents. These two occasions will be for the
initial medical evaluation and the next is for an
embryo transfer. In case the clinic is far or out
of town, your arrangements will be managed by the
surrogacy agency and paid for by the Intended
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6 Contract and Compensation Negotiation In the
surrogacy arrangement, it is ensured that the
surrogate will never have to use her own money
for the subsequent pregnancy, IVF-related or
medical procedures, doctors fees, phone calls,
attorney fees, etc. Once this is ready, the
Intended Parents will request their attorney to
draw up the contract. At this time, you are
requested to discuss the terms of the contract
with your own attorney. He or she may recommend
additions or alterations and even a revision
prior to you signing it. Even though you retain
the right to choose your own legal counsel, the
surrogacy agency can also provide one for you.
This is advisable because their lawyers
specialize in reproductive law. All legal fees
are paid for by Intended Parents. 7
Payment Intended Parents will open an Escrow or
Trust fund account into which they will deposit
funds for the procedure before embryo transfer
occurs. Depending on what was agreed on in the
contract, the agency will prompt monthly payments
that will be sent in a timely fashion.
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8 Prepping for Pregnancy The Embryo Transfer
procedure is virtually pain-free. First your
menstrual cycle will be coordinated with that of
the Intended Mother or egg donor. This is
synchronized through daily Lupron injections and
birth control pills. The nurse at the clinic will
assist you in understanding and administering
these injections. You will also be required to
take estrogen before the embryo transfer. At the
same time, the Intended Mother or egg donors egg
development is closely monitored through a series
of blood tests and ultrasounds. Your uterus will
also be evaluated regularly through trans-vaginal
ultrasounds and blood tests to determine the
thickness of your uterus wall. Up to five days
after the eggs are retrieved and fertilized, the
physician will conduct the embryo transfer into
your uterus. Depending on your circumstances, you
may be required to take progesterone injections
or suppositories. After the ET procedure is
complete, you will be asked to take bed rest for
up to 72 hours. Ten days after the procedure, you
will be asked to take a pregnancy test at the
9 Pregnancy You and the Intended Parents have
to decide how much contact youd like to maintain
during the pregnancy. Frequency of contact is a
mutual decision which is often discussed at the
introduction meeting. Some intended parents like
to be involved on a regular basis and some prefer
a weekly phone conversation. Each surrogacy case
is unique. In any case, it is recommended that
both parties maintain cordial relationships.
During the entire pregnancy phase, the surrogacy
agency will provide you with any type of support
you require. 10 Agency Contact The amount of
contact youd like to maintain with the surrogacy
agency is also entirely up to you. Once the steps
leading to embryo transfer and pregnancy begin,
your Case Manager and likely a Surrogacy
Coordinator will always be in touch with you
until at least the birth of the child. These
are some of the steps you can expect in the
gestational surrogate process. To speak to a
coordinator today, contact Rite Options.
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