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Scientific Paper Editing


Scientific Paper Editing: How to Edit a Technical Document like a Pro? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Scientific Paper Editing

Scientific Paper Editing
How to Edit a Technical Scientific Document like
a Pro?
Scientific Editing Services
  • Our scientific editing services not only involves
    medical research papers but technical documents
    as well.
  • While editing a long technical document, its
    nearly impossible to read through the document
    and evaluate all structural, content, and
    formatting issues in one go.

  • This is where a checklist comes in handy. Using
    this checklist, you can look at each aspect of
    the document the structure, the content, and
    the formatting systematically.
  • This is because the whole purpose of scientific
    paper editing is to structure your document in a
    way that the readers can grasp its meaning easily
    and perfectly.
  • Compare your technical document with a well-built
    house a house with a solid structure, clean,
    well-organised, and nothing out of place, no
    visual obstructions, clear windows, and lots of

Heres the checklist of the items you should take
care of while editing your technical document
Handy tips for Reviewing your Scientific Document
  • Make a quick and separate pass through the
    document for each item on the checklist.
  • Always view the document with fresh eyes.

Checklist for Scientific Editing
1) Structural Review
  • Does the document have appropriate sections as
    per the journal guidelines?
  • Are there any subsections and if yes, are they
    properly organized?
  • Is there any duplicate content? (except in the
  • Consistency through the document (For example,
    same ordering of endpoints in methods and results
    sections, size of figures, etc.)

2) Substantive Review
  • Have you stated the aim/purpose of your study?
  • Do your conclusions meet the desired aim?
  • Does the abstract describe the study objective,
    study design, results, and conclusions?
  • Do you give a clear picture of how your study
    relates to the past studies and why the study is
    being conducted?
  • Are there references for all the statements
    related to the published findings?

  • Do the results include the findings of the
    statistical analysis?
  • Do the tables used correspond with the written
    data? Are they relevant and highlight the written
  • Are the figures relevant to illustrate the
  • Are the conclusions clearly supported by the
  • If you cite any data to support the conclusion,
    has it been presented in the results section?
  • Are there any shortcomings of your study and are
    they clearly stated?

3) Editorial Review
  • Any word that could be interpreted in more than
    one way or is grammatically incorrect
  • Run-on sentences (if you have to track back to
    know the meaning of a sentence, its too long)
  • Long paragraphs (keep your paragraphs short of
    3-5 sentences each)
  • Any text thats in the wrong section
  • Too much/too little detail in the abstract

  • Inconsistent terminology
  • The consistency of the section heading and the
    section content
  • The appropriate numbering of the sections (if
  • Do all subjects/verbs agree? (singular vs. plural
  • The consistency of verb tense through the
  • All style conventions (For example, numbers,
  • Spellings and grammar
  • Are all the acronyms used in the content defined

4) Formatting Review
  • Check the consistency of font type, size, and
    formatting throughout the document
  • Are there any large empty spaces or blank pages?
    Pay special attention to tables, figures, or
    lists breaking across pages.

If you follow this checklist while editing or
reviewing your technical document, it will ensure
you dont miss out on any aspect and develop a
paper which is ready and worthy of publication in
your target journal.
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