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Facts About Seasonal Workplace Flu Vaccinations


Having your yearly influenza vaccination is important for seasonal workers as because of their work are often moving around, so come into contact with a lot of people who could potentially be spreading this year’s influenza virus around often without knowing as it affects different people differently. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Facts About Seasonal Workplace Flu Vaccinations

Facts About Seasonal Workplace Flu Vaccinations
  • Influenza is a very serious disease in many cases
    it can lead to hospitalization and its
    complications can sometimes result in death. Each
    year the very virus mutates so each flu season is
    different. Just as everyone is different the
    influenza infection can affect people
    differently. Each year, millions of people get
    the flu, which results in hundreds of thousands
    of people being hospitalized. Even healthy people
    who rarely get sick can get very sick from the
    flu and spread it to others. During flu season,
    new flu viruses circulate at in Australia higher
    levels throughout the population.

  • An annual seasonal Workplace flu vaccine on The
    Gold Coast is the best way to reduce your risk of
    getting sick and spreading it to others. When you
    get your annual flu vaccination, it means you are
    not spreading the flu virus and with more being
    vaccinate it stops the spread in the workplace
    and community.
  • Consider these facts on seasonal workplace flu

  • How do these flu vaccines work?
  • After about two weeks of being vaccinated the flu
    vaccine causes antibodies to develop in your
    body, these antibodies help to provide you with
    protection against the viruses in the vaccine

  • Flu vaccination for seasonal workers?
  • Seasonal workers usually move from one workplace
    to another, so are more likely to be exposed to
    the influenza virus than other people and are
    also more likely to spread it around.

  • Protecting Others
  • Having your seasonal flu vaccination is an
    important preventive tool for seasonal workers
    and especially those with chronic health
    conditions, it not only protects you and your
    family but protects the people around you.

  • WHO
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated
    that a deadly strain of influenza called the
    Brisbane Strain because it originated in the
    Queensland capital, is one of the most deadly in
    the world so people whose workplace is seasonal
    are urged to get flu vaccinations on The Gold
    Coast early to avoid this influenza virus

  • Last year over 1100 people died from
    complications from this influenza bug. So far,
    as of April 12th this year just in Queensland,
    more than 3200 people it has been reported, have
    been diagnosed with influenza

  • The Brisbane strain of influenza is at least ten
    years old, but because it keeps evolving, as is
    normal for influenza, to keep up with the body
    and our immune systems ability to combat it, so
    this vaccine needs to be reevaluated and updated
    every six months.

  • The decision on which strains of the flu virus
    should be included in vaccines is based on the
    latest strains that are in circulation at the
    time and the most dangerous to public health.
    Local governments are setting millions of dollars
    for state hospitals and local area health boards
    to combat this years flu. You can get your own
    and families, workplace flu vaccinations on the
    Gold Coast by visiting your local public hospital
    or doctors rooms.

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