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The New You, The Younger You!


1. Laser Hair Removal: All That You Need To Know. 2. Cellulite Treatment- Current Methods Of Treating. 3. Permanent Eyebrows –Preparing for the Procedure. 4. Permanent Eyebrows- All You Should Know. 5. What Can You Expect From a Laser Acne Treatment? 6. Why Chose Dermal Fillers? 7. Dermal Fillers- All You Need To Know. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The New You, The Younger You!

The New You, The Younger You!
  1. Laser Hair Removal All That You Need To Know
  2. Cellulite Treatment- Current Methods Of Treating
  3. Permanent Eyebrows Preparing for the Procedure
  4. Permanent Eyebrows- All You Should Know
  5. What Can You Expect From a Laser Acne Treatment?
  6. Why Chose Dermal Fillers?
  7. Dermal Fillers- All You Need To Know

Laser Hair Removal All That You Need To Know
  • Overview of Laser Hair Removal
  • Well, laser hair removal is a medical practice
    that removes unwanted body hair using a
    concentrated beam of light in a controlled
    setting. The light that the laser omits is
    absorbed by the pigment and heat energy damages
    the hair follicles that produce hair and inhibits
    and delay future hair regrowth. But one thing to
    remember here is, laser hair treatment doesnt
    result in permanent hair removal, they can regrow
    after several years. Besides that, regular
    maintenance and checkup are also required and if
    you expect to get rid of your unwanted hair once
    in for all, then you may have to undergo several
    laser hair removal treatments.
  • Are There Any Risks Involved In Laser Hair
    Removal Treatment?
  • Well, as we all know that there are pros and cons
    to every treatment and laser hair removal is one
    such treatment where you can witness skin
    irritation and pigment changes, ultimately
    causing you a little discomfort. However, if we
    evaluate this treatment in the bigger picture,
    there are no such after-effects of laser hair
    treatment that can initiate any surgical or
    medical complications. Well, no such case is ever
    recorded, making it clear that besides causing a
    little discomfort or slight reaction to the body,
    there are no such risks involved in the whole

Laser Hair Removal All That You Need To Know
  • Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?
  • Not all laser hair removal treatments have to be
    expensive as there are several affordable options
    available in the market amid ever-increasing
    laser hair treatment centers and clinics.
    However, if you conduct a cost-benefit analysis,
    you will notice that investing your hard-earned
    money on the laser hair removal treatment can
    offer you a great value for money. The money that
    is consistently spent on hair plucking machines
    and creams can dramatically be saved. So, this
    one-time investment can save your time, efforts
    and energies and most importantly your valuable
  • What Are The Safety Precautions Prior To Getting
    Your Laser Hair Removal Started?
  • Since every treatment has unique requirements and
    a code of conduct that you are required to
    follow, there are certain safety precautions that
    you need to adhere prior to getting your laser
    hair removal treatment started. This may include
    protection against the sun for at least 6 weeks
    prior or beginning your treatment, avoiding
    blood-thinning medications, avoiding all other
    hair removal methods, shaving treatment area and
    more. Well, all this will result in yielding the
    desired outcomes and you are likely to see a
    significant reduction in hair regrowth, turning
    your dream into a reality.

Cellulite Treatment- Current Methods Of Treating
  • Medicines
  • People who avoid laser or any kind of body
    surgeries opt for medicines. Some
    over-the-counter medicines are available, but
    consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
  • Cream
  • Another option is to apply the cream on cellulite
    such as Caffeine and Retinol. These creams make
    cellulite less visible and may disappear over
    time. However, it takes about 6 months or more to
    see the visible difference. Ensure to try a patch
    to see no allergy reaction is caused.
  • Laser
  • There are several laser treatments available for
    cellulite treatment. A small laser probe is
    inserted into the skin that breaks up the tissue.
    The effects of the laser may last up to a year or
    more. One of the laser treatment is
    laser-assisted liposuction, which removes the
    fat from the area however, it may make the
    dimples more prominent.
  • Therapies
  • Some of the known therapies for cellulite are
  • Carboxytherapy it inserts carbon dioxide gas in
    the skin. The gas burns the fat and
  • Radiotherapy it is a heating process that
    reduces cellulite with the help of heat.
  • Endermologie it is a massage process with a
    vacuum-like device. It helps lift the skin and is
    approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Permanent Eyebrows Preparing for the Procedure
  • Preparation Before Going For It
  • Keep your skin clean remove the makeup. As the
    process in an invasion process and to limit the
    bacterial infection.
  • Do not wax or pluck your brows before the
  • No laser treatment should be performed prior to
    the process at least one week.
  • Dont tint or dye your brows.
  • Decide A Color
  • You need to communicate to the cosmetic surgeon
    on what you want. You need to tell him which
    color you need for your eyebrows. It is one of
    the critical decisions as once the eyebrows are
    tattooed the color cannot be changed. So make
    sure you take your time while deciding the color.
    You should keep in mind some important factors
    such as the skin tone, hair color, age and skin
    type. If you have consulted an experienced
    cosmetic surgeon then you dont need to worry
    about the right color, as he will help you get
    the best.

Permanent Eyebrows Preparing for the Procedure
  • Decide The Shape
  • You would have a specific shape of the eyebrow in
    your mind you need to explain it to the cosmetic
    artist beforehand. If you are confused in about
    which shape to go for then you can give this
    charge to him, but it is better to ask them to
    show you what he is planning to do. So you are
    not surprised to see the result in the end.
  • Ask For The Tools To Be Used
  • You should be well informed about the procedure
    as well as the tools being used in the process.
    Ask him which tools will be used and which
    techniques will be used, the type of ink used.
    These questions will give you knowledge about the
    ingredients used in the process. And if you are
    allergic to any of it you can tell him and be on
    the safe side.
  • The Eyebrow Designing
  • The in-office procedure also needs some
    preparations. This is a first step towards the
    permanent eyebrows. The cosmetic surgeon will
    draw the decided shape onto the eyebrows and ask
    for your approval. This step is a life saver, as
    you can see a draft of the shape of the eyebrows
    you are going to have. All corrections are made
    in this step and final assessment is done in this
    designing stage. This may consume a lot of time
    but will save you from having the worst eyebrow

Permanent Eyebrows- All You Should Know
  • A Solution For
  • Getting permanent eyebrows is like getting
    tattoos. It provides solutions to those who have
    been struggling with shaping their thin eyebrows,
    as they can have any shape they desire. It not
    only reshapes the brows but also fill in the
    gaps a few of us have gaps due to less hair,
    making them look lighter and incomplete. You can
    easily get a fuller eyebrow without disturbing
    the original shape of your brows.
  • Permanent Eyebrows Will Last For
  • You can always contact the consultant for
    touch-ups. The duration will stay the same
    depends upon the skin type the color will fade
    away faster on oily skins, whereas will last
    longer on a dry skin. A proper aftercare also
    determines the longevity of the eyebrows. Along
    with this the quality of the ink used also plays
    an important role in the life of the eyebrows.
  • Things To Avoid Before The Process
  • You shouldnt be shaving, waxing or threading
    your brows before the procedure, as the area will
    get sensitive. Remove all the makeup on your face
    as it may cause infection due to being an
    invasive procedure. Dont consume alcohol on the
    day of treatment. If you have a sunburn then you
    should wait till it goes away because the skin
    will be too sensitive and the procedure will
    become painful.

Permanent Eyebrows- All You Should Know
  • It Will Not Be A Painful Procedure
  • The cosmetic artist will numb the area with a
    cream so you dont feel anything at all. It feels
    like little scratching and isnt painful as it
    may seem to be.
  • It May Take Time
  • The procedure will take a couple of hours as it
    is done by hand and the tool is full of needles.
    The artist has to be really careful as one wrong
    stroke can hurt you and ruin your eyebrow shape.
    This can be really technical and time-consuming
    process. But once its done you will save enough
    time everyday which you wasted on getting the
    perfect color and shape with the eyebrow pencil.
  • The Aftercare
  • The needles on the tool will make cuts in your
    skin filled with ink, these cuts should be kept
    clean to save it from infections. You need to
    keep away moisture from the eyebrows, for this
    you need to avoid workouts and washing face until
    its properly healed.

What Can You Expect From a Laser Acne Treatment?
  • Majority of the people see the clearing, however,
    it is not 100. Research shows that lasers, as
    well as other such light treatments, reduce acne.
    It is rare that these procedures alone clear away
    all the acne marks. If you wish to get the best
    results, it is possible your dermatologist will
    recommend you to use another type of acne
    treatment, for instance, medications that you can
    apply on your skin.
  • The results will vary from individual to
    individual. At the moment, there is no way to be
    sure which person will get a clearer skin or how
    much it will clear after the treatment.
  • It will take some time to see the results of the
    treatment. In some studies, scientists
    continually discover that patients are able to
    see the desired outcomes weeks after their last

What Can You Expect From a Laser Acne Treatment?
  • In order to get the results, one desires, the
    majority of the people will need a course of
    treatments. Many studies have revealed that a
    series of treatments bring considerably better
    outcomes than just a single treatment.
  • It is necessary that patients get a follow-up
    treatment as required. Outcomes from laser
    therapies are normally long-lived and enduring.
    In order to maintain the result and keep it long
    lasting, patients need to get follow-up
    treatments. The treatment can be required once or
    even twice a year.
  • Just as in the case of any other treatment, there
    is a chance that you might suffer from some side
    effects of laser treatments. The most common side
    effect that you might see from a laser or any
    other light treatments are swelling and redness.
    Some patients might even report that their skin
    burns or stings. However, these side effects are
    ordinarily mild. In fact, they disappear in a
    matter of a few hours. At the most, they subside
    until the next day.
  • Apart from the above mentioned side effects, you
    might experience some other types of side
    effects, though they are rare. They include
    blisters, lingering pain, scarring or burns.
    There is also a chance you might notice your skin
    colour start to change. Make sure that you get
    your treatment from a renowned and
    board-certified dermatologist. If your
    dermatologist has plenty of experience and
    frequently performs laser acne treatment, there
    is a good chance you will not have to endure such
    side effects from the treatment.

Why Chose Dermal Fillers?
  • Dermal Fillers Are Made From A Natural Occurring
    Acid In Human.
  • Dermal fillers are majorly manufactured from
    hyaluronic acid. This acid occurs naturally in
    the human being which maintains the features of
    the skin and gives it the volume. The hyaluronic
    based fillers smooth out the wrinkles rather than
    freezing the muscles. The hyaluronic acid has the
    capability to store moisture which is the reason
    manufacturers came up with an idea of developing
    hyaluronic based fillers. So it is the best
    choice for restoring the natural look of the
  • Just One Injection Of Dermal Filler Will Go A
    Long Way
  • The primary reason behind the increased usage of
    dermal fillers is its ability to cure the
    wrinkles, facial lines and folds in just one
    treatment. One injection of dermal filler can
    iron down the wrinkles on the skin in no time.
    The results will last up to six months giving a
    flawless and young skin.
  • Gives A Natural Look
  • Cosmetic surgeries do provide accurate results
    but do not give a natural look. One can easily
    make out that the individual has undergone a
    cosmetic surgery. Whereas the treatment with
    dermal fillers gives a natural look. The changes
    are so subtle that nobody would notice.

Why Chose Dermal Fillers?
  • Use For Prevention And Treatment
  • People are inclined to use the dermal fillers as
    a prevention treatment. Because it helps in the
    regeneration of collagen and hyaluronic acid in
    the body. Majority of people are using it in the
    early twenties to prevent facial lines. It is
    better to use it earlier, before deep folds and
    severe wrinkles appear.
  • Special fillers are available for different
  • The difference in the consistency of the gel
    gives different results. The reason behind
    different consistency is the particle size of the
    hyaluronic gel. Some brands have gel with large
    particle size which is best for using it to add
    volume to the facial features. Whereas some have
    smaller particles which are used for fine lines
    and crows feet. Your dermatologist would
    recommend the most suitable dermal filler for
    your desired treatment.
  • The adjustable treatment.
  • During the treatment, if you are not satisfied
    with the result, you can always get the treatment
    adjusted. If you want fuller lips you can ask the
    dermatologist to add more plump to the lips, he
    would simply inject more of the gel to get the
    desired results. For an instant, you dont like
    the way your lips look after the treatment, you
    really dont need to worry as there is an enzyme
    available which can dissolve the gel.
  • Affordable Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
  • Dermal fillers are the most affordable treatment
    for skin rejuvenation. Along being less painful
    and minimal invasion it is also not heavy on the
    pocket. All those who suffer from the issue of
    aging skin and couldnt afford the expensive
    cosmetic surgeries can now get the issues
    addressed in an inexpensive way.

Dermal Fillers- All You Need To Know
  • What Are They Used For?
  • For Lip enhancement
  • Smoothing fine lines
  • To reduce severe to moderate wrinkles
  • Restoring the lost volume to the shabby skin
  • For contouring cheekbones, cheeks, and jawlines.
  • The Magical Results of Dermal Fillers
  • Results are visible as soon as the fillers are
    injected into the skin. The procedure of the
    treatment will not take hours. The duration will
    depend upon the area under treatment but still,
    it wont take the entire day.
  • For instance, you are using the fillers to remove
    your laugh lines, the doctor will inject the most
    suitable dermal filler right into the dermis of
    the skin with a syringe after numbing down the
    area with a local anesthesia gel. As the doctor
    injects the gel in the folds you could see that
    the lines are filling and the skin soothes down.
    The filler will take the space left empty behind
    during the aging process and will remove the
    laughing lines in no time.

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