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Tampa Cabinet Refacing


Tampa cabinet refacing to make your kitchen remodeling project a success at Find Us here.. Products/Services – Cabinet Refinishing Cabinet Painting Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet Painting – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tampa Cabinet Refacing

Tampa Cabinet Refacing
Elegant Cabinet Refinishing in FORT LAUDERDALE FL
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Cabinet Refacing Tampa
Espresso Finishes was created to answer a need
for homeowners who have quality cabinets that
just seem dated. Many customers believe the only
choice they have to achieve custom new looks for
their kitchens and baths is to entirely replace
all of their cabinets, or to at least replace
their doors and laminate the frames, a process
called refacing. Although painted finishes are
trending now especially in white, gray, and black
colors, so too are dark rich wood looks and even
vintage looks.
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Cabinet Refinishing Tampa
We are able to give you these great options and
many more using the cabinets and doors you
already have. Since there is no demolition or
reconstruction that typically would occur with
refacing or replacing, refinishing offers little
disruption to your kitchen. You can leave your
items in the cabinets and drawers during the
entire process. By utilizing your existing
cabinets, we can achieve a durable custom new
look for less than the cost of replacing or
refacing. Plus, the sky is the limit when it
comes to color and finishes. We are only limited
by your imagination!
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Cabinet Painting Tampa
Your home will remain habitable throughout the
entire process of refinishing. There are no
harmful odors and toxins in our materials in
order to keep your family safe and help sustain
our planet.
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Tampa Cabinet Refinishing
As a family-owned business with over 30 years
experience in the field of surface restoration,
our passion for beautiful design and creativity
allow us to deliver finishes that can not only
capture the beautiful designs of the past, but
also allow us to produce cutting-edge, modern new
looks. From classic Old-World finishes to
sleek, modern designs of today, we provide
customers with a cost-effective alternative to
replacing their cabinets. Were confident that
youll love your new cabinets. Give us a call
today to for a no-obligation design consultation
and experience for yourself the Espresso
Difference. When planning an old house
renovation, many people debate the virtues of
paint versus stain. If the paint is peeling, do
you strip it off and repaint or go with a stain?
While many people simply go by personal
preference, there are historical guidelines as
well. Heres how to look for clues in the period
when your house was built.
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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tampa
In many houses built before the 1900s stain was
used to bring out the best in high quality wood.
Many houses built with rich oak, walnut or birch
trim and windows featured rich stains to
highlight the grain and accent other
architectural elements in the room. Many
Victorian houses, for example, featured grand
rooms with ornate crown molding and 10-inch
baseboards. What better way to accent the thick,
tall moldings than with a rich mahogany or walnut
stain? How about showcasing burgundy or green
stained glass details with a contrasting trim
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Some houses built during that time did feature
paint, however. During the late 1800s, for
example, many contractors used dark paint colors
to showcase the details in their houses. At that
time, the exterior trim often was painted darker
than the siding. During the early 1900s, lighter
colors became popular, particularly for trim. If
your house currently features stained trim that
is either failing (from a bad application or
exposure to the sun, for example) or unappealing
to you, then you face the decision of whether to
restain or paint.
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Florida Cabinet Painting
Sometimes the choice is made based on the
condition of the wood and the stain. If you have
minor surface scratches that can be lightly
buffed with steel wool, then it would be easier
to restain those areas and resist the urge to
switch to paint. 
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Tampa Cabinet Painting
If the stain is bubbling and needs to be removed,
then you are starting from scratch anyway. At
this stage, think about the look you want and how
it relates to the history of the house. Another
factor to consider is how unified the house is.
Do you have stain in some areas and paint in
others? If 75 percent of the woodwork in the
house is painted and the wood is not highly
decorative, then it might make sense to paint the
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Cabinet Refinishing Tampa Fl
The decision to stain instead of paint sometimes
comes down to who will be doing the work. While
staining can be a learned art, it certainly
requires a different sort of finesse than does
paint. If you plan to hire a painting contractor,
then it may not be a concern. If you plan to do
the work yourself, consider your skill level and
temperament, as staining does require a little
more patience.
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Cabinet Painting Tampa Fl
The quality of the wood also should be factored
into the equation. Not all old houses feature
thick oak window casings and solid oak doors.
Some houses were built by contractors who wanted
to use all the inexpensive pine they could find.
As pine is softer and does not take well to
stain, the best solution is to paint.
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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida
On the other hand, if the trim is weighted down
by too many layers of paint, you may have to
strip it and start over. (Follow guidelines for
working with lead paint, as you can assume that
most old houses have some of it!) Once you remove
paint from a few areas youll be able to judge
whether it is worth the effort to take things
down to the bare wood. While stain has its place
in many old houses, some housing styles are a
natural foil for the various colors paint offers.
The bold painted lady Victorians are a prime
example. While there are many different stain
colors, no combination could match the drama
created with five to seven paint colors layered
around the various exterior elements. Searching
for Clues When trying to determine whether the
woodwork in your house was originally stained or
painted, look around the neighborhood for clues.
Check with a historical society or neighbors who
might have old pictures to share.
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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tampa Fl
The decision to go with paint or stain can be
difficult. Youll want to spend time analyzing
how the woodwork is treated throughout the house
and looking for historical clues for guidance.
Also think about your long-term renovation goals
how long you plan to stay there and the time,
energy and money you can sink into it.
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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Florida
There are a number of options available today.
The most expensive choice, of course, would be to
replace the cabinets completely. But, if your
cabinets are well-made and in good condition,
another more cost-effective route may be the
better choice for you.  You can also keep the
wood look by having the cabinets stripped,
bleached and refinished (a messy and expensive
process with sometimes disappointing results).
visit our website www.espressofinishes.com
Cabinet Refacing Tampa Fl
The last, and possibly the best option would be
to refinish the cabinets, either by painting or
staining, which can be the most cost-effective of
all, and offers the best return on your
investment.  Espresso Finishes is able to offer
you hundreds, if not thousands of color options
to give your cabinets a brand new durable finish.
We install new hardware when your cabinets are
completed to give the room a completely new look.
visit our website www.espressofinishes.com
Cabinet Refinishing Tampa
New countertops and flooring, combined
with refinished cabinetry and snazzy new hardware
can work wonders. In addition to providing new
design options, refinishing can greatly improve
the durability of kitchen cabinets, adding years
of life. And dont forget your bathrooms.
Refinishing cabinets and drawers in those areas
will provide dramatic changes for those spaces,
too. Call today for a no-obligation consultation
and let Espresso Finishes help you achieve the
kitchen of your dreams.
visit our website www.espressofinishes.com
Tampa Cabinet Painting
You will be absolutely amazed by the designs and
the ambiance you can end up with in your kitchen
or bathroom through the process of refinishing
your cabinets. The cabinetry ends up looking
better then new because the designs are
completely custom tailored to your preferences
and desires. There is nothing that adds more
value to your home then the look of your kitchen
and bathrooms. The investment into a refinishing
project pays for itself through the ROI you
receive into the value of your home.
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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida
  • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Florida

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