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Mobile App Development Trends in 2018


Having the right mobile app is vital for any business. Here are 7 mobile app development trends of 2018 that you should follow to beat your rivals. Trends like use of Chatbots and Could-based App Development will surely help businesses gain immense success in the digital world. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

Mobile App Development Trends in 2018
IoT and Wearable To Keep Growing
  • IoT and wearable are in vogue in 2018 and both
    are expected to grow further.
  • An increasing number of IoT developers are
    spending much time and effort on developing an
    advanced and robust IoT and wearable app.
  • It is estimated IoT investment will swell to a
    whopping 120 billion by 2020.
  • The wearable technology's inclusion in mobile app
    development will get a boost in 2018, especially
    in healthcare and manufacturing.
Accelerated Mobile Pages Improving Mobile Searches
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages are a new way to improve
    webpage loading time in mobile app gadgets.
  • They will greatly help enhance businesses'
    conversion rate, improve bounce rates, retain
    audiences or visitors, and offer improved user
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages will become an important
    trend for developers and online businesses during
  • With their inclusion in mobile apps, websites'
    ranking on various search engines will change

Boost to Mobile App Security
  • These days, many people use smartphones for
    online transactions so, Mobile App Security is
  • Mobile App Security steps should be in place
    right from the app development stage, which
    includes code encryption, secure back-end, and
  • Mobile App Security should also be tested well in
    popular payment gateways before it is released on
    various app stores.
Android Instant App for Convenient Use
  • Android Instant App is indeed a big advancement
    in app sharing and app discovery. Through this
    app, Android users can view the Android app and
    browse different content with deep linking
    without installing the app.
  • Android Studio provides tools to modularize the
    app so that you simply load the part of the
    instant app that you need.
  • Using Instant App, Vimeo increased its app's
    session time by 130 in 2017. Thus, Android
    Instant App is expected to be in vogue in 2018
    and ahead.
Adoption of Cloud-Based App Development
  • Cloud-based app development is in vogue and
    numerous mobile app development firms are using
    this technology to streamline their operations
    and boost productivity.
  • Adopting a cloud-based app will help obtain data
    from the cloud, which will put less burden on
    mobile devices' internal memory.
Rise of Chatbots
  • The chatbots technology is growing rapidly and
    its market is estimated to reach 6 billion in
    five years.
  • Chatbots, in sync with mobile apps, can help
    organizations engage with customers, thereby
    improving sales.
  • As per a survey, 65 North American customers may
    interact with chatbots this year.
  • The popular chatbots used today include PONCHO
    (weather forecaster), MELODY (doctor), and ENO
    (financial assistant).
Increase in On-Demand Mobile Apps
  • On-demand Mobile Apps are trending this year on
    account of their user-friendliness. You can use
    them anytime anywhere.
  • On-demand Mobile Apps are generally used as
    food-ordering app, vehicle-cleaning app,
    taxi-renting app, laundry services app, and more.
  • The famous On-demand Mobile Apps include Airbnb,
    Peapod, Ola, and Uber.
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