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Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality


How is augmented reality different from virtual reality? This is one of the top trending questions nowadays. In this PPt, we will explain in detail about vr vs ar and significance of augmented reality. If you're looking for augmented reality app development for your business, click for queries - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality
  • PixelCrayons

  • One of the biggest confusions in the world of
    augmented reality is the difference between
    augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • Both are earning a lot of media attention and are
    promising tremendous growth.
  • So what is the difference between virtual reality
    and augmented reality?
  • Lets find out in this presentation

What is Virtual Reality?
  • Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial,
    computer-generated simulation or recreation of a
    real life environment or situation.
  • It immerses the user by making them feel like
    they are experiencing the simulated reality
    firsthand, primarily by stimulating their vision
    and hearing.
  • Virtual reality is possible through a coding
    language known as VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling
  • VRML can be used to create a series of images,
    and specify what types of interactions are
    possible for them.

What is Augmented Reality?
  • Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that
    layers computer-generated enhancements atop an
    existing reality.
  • AR is developed into apps and used on mobile
    devices to blend digital components into the real
  • AR technology is used to display score overlays
    on telecasted sports games and pop out 3D emails,
    photos or text messages.
  • Leaders of the tech industry are also using AR to
    do amazing and revolutionary things with
    holograms and motion activated commands.

Market Prediction
Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are inverse
    reflections of one in another with what each
    technology seeks to accomplish and deliver for
    the user.
  • Virtual reality offers a digital recreation of a
    real life setting, while augmented reality
    delivers virtual elements as an overlay to the
    real world.

How are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • They leverage some of the same types of
    technology, and they each exist to serve the user
    with an enhanced or enriched experience.
  • Both technologies enable experiences that are
    becoming more commonly expected and sought after
    for entertainment purposes.
  • Both have great potential in changing the
    landscape of the medical field by making things
    such as remote surgeries a real possibility.
  • These technologies been already been used to
    treat and heal psychological conditions such as
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

How do Augmented and Virtual Realities Differ?
How do Augmented and Virtual Realities Differ?
  • Augmented reality enhances experiences by adding
    virtual components. Contrastingly, virtual
    reality creates its own reality that is
    completely computer generated.
  • Virtual Reality is usually delivered to the user
    through a head-mounted, or hand-held controller.
  • Augmented reality is being used more and more in
    mobile devices such as laptops, smart phones, and

What are the future withholds?
How do they work together?
  • It is not always virtual reality vs. augmented
    reality they do not always operate independently
    of one another, and in fact are often blended
    together to generate an even more immersing
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality are great
    examples of experiences and interactions fueled
    by the desire to become immersed in a simulated
    land for entertainment and play, or to add a new
    dimension of interaction between digital devices
    and the real world.

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