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Worldwide Generic & Branded medicine suppliers – Chawla Medicos


Find a wide range of pharmaceutical products at very affordable rates on We are leading suppliers of Generic & Branded medicine. We are top Generic Medicine Exporter in India. You can easily search medicine by salts. On our website you can find wide list of generic pharmaceutical companies. Just call us at +91-9999098733, QQ: or mail us at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Worldwide Generic & Branded medicine suppliers – Chawla Medicos

Chawla Medicos
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Branded v/s Generic medicine
What is Generic medicine?
  • The generic drug are the pharmaceutical drug that
    is the exact copy of branded drugs with same
    effects ricks strength as the original. It has
    equivalent effects as branded drugs. Generic
    medicine are cost effective and have
    significantly reduce the price up to 90 from
    branded drugs. India is the leading exporter of
    generic medicine. Earlier the cost of medicines
    was very high. Now a day the cost of generic
    medicines is very effective with almost the same
    cure rate. They produce after the original patent
    has been expired. New formulation of drug should
    meet the standard set by FDA
What is Branded Medicines?
  • A branded medicine is the original product that
    has been developed by a pharmaceutical company.
    When a company develops a new medicine, their
    product must undergo and pass rigorous tests and
    evaluations to ensure that it is both effective
    in curing the condition it claims to treat and
    safe for human use. These are known as branded
    drugs. Many companies launch there brands which
    help in cure the diseases.
  • Many people become concerned because generic
    drugs are often cheaper than branded medicine.
    But the fact is Generic drugs are exactly
    containing the same safety, and strength as the
    original drug. Cost is the main difference
    between generic and brand name. The FDA applies
    the same standards for all drug manufacturing
    facilities, and many companies manufacture both
    brand-name and generic drugs. Generic drugs may
    also have a different expiration date than
    brand-name drugs.
The Autonomy of Generic Medicine In India
  • A generic drug is a pharmaceutical drug. They are
    alternative to the brand-name drugs in quality,
    dosage, strength and many more. You can also
    define it as a chemical makeup of the drug with
    the brand name under which the drug is sold.
    These drugs can only be produced and sold legally
    when the pre-owner of the drug delivery it
    someone else or the patent of the brand expires.
why generic medicine is cost effective than
branded medicines?
  • The main reason of low cost is they dont have to
    face brand-name and manufacturing cost. Whereas
    the brand-name maker often invented the drug, a
    process that can cost hundreds of millions of
    dollars. Also, they have higher initial costs to
    develop, market. According to the FDA, the cost
    of generic medications, on average, 80 to 90
    percent less than the brand-name. the marketing
    cost gets reduced as the drug is already present
    in The market which scientifically reduced Price
    gets reduced up to 90 when being compared with
    branded drugs and they are bio Equibalance which
    means they have the same molecular compound and
    strength which the top most priority.
What are the results of these drugs?
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