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Can You Afford Your First Home


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Title: Can You Afford Your First Home

Can You Afford Your First Home?
Thinking About Buying Your First Home
  • If youre thinking about buying your first home,
    theres no better time to act.
  • With Perths property market favoring buyers and
    interest rates at record lows, youre in a better
    position than ever to achieve your dream of home

  • Here Are Our Top Five Tips For Getting Started

Everything In Moderation Including, Moderation
  • You dont have to sacrifice your entire lifestyle
    to save up for your deposit, and in fact youre
    likely to be better off if youre still enjoying
    yourself at least a little!
  • Its important to make it a realistic amount if
    you aim to save too much and try to live on
    two-minute noodles, you wont stick to it.
  • Weigh up the lifestyle you want versus what you
    really need maybe that morning coffee is a
    necessity, but youre not using that gym
    membership anyway.

Manage Expectations
  • Even in a buyers market where you have your pick
    of properties, it can be challenging to keep an
    eye on what you can afford. Dont fall into the
    trap of unrealistic expectations about the number
    of bedrooms or stunning waterfront views.
  • Try not to be too restrictive, and consider
    looking at properties that you can adapt how you
    like later.
  • Its more important to get your foot in the real
    estate market door in a good location than to
    hold out for your dream 5 bedroom 3 bathroom
    house with a scullery!

Buy Smart For Long-Term Gain
  • You have a list of the most important things to
    you, and undoubtedly an idea of the ideal
    location to begin your new phase as a homeowner.
  • However as with your expectations of the house
    itself, you need to be realistic and smart about
    the location.
  • By adjusting your rose-tinted glasses and keeping
    your budget firmly in mind, you may find that
    your ideal property, in the ideal suburb, may not
    be your first home, but it wont be out of reach

Be Careful With The Fhog
  • At present, Western Australias first home owner
    grant only applies to new builds, aiming to
    stimulate new housing.
  • While understandable from the governments point
    of view, it can deter those who are relying on it
    from considering lower-priced, second-hand homes
    in superior locations.
  • If accessing the FHOG is critical to your budget,
    one option is to buy a new apartment. You could
    still benefit from the FHOG, while getting into a
    good area, close to amenities.

Get In Early
  • We have said it before and its worth repeating
    success in real estate comes down to time in the
    market, not timing the market. The sooner you
    purchase your property and the longer you hold
    it, the better it can perform as an investment.
  • The same goes for saving money. If you have been
    taught early in life about saving, and made the
    effort to regularly hoard a portion of your
    pocket money, by the time youre in your early
    twenties, you should have a decent deposit. Even
    without that head start, the sooner you begin,
    the better off youll be.

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