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Shobukan Martial Arts is a famous name in delivering the finest martial arts training to individuals and empowering them to reach their full potential. One can get the best coaching to augment their fitness, self-defense, and health in a precise manner. Our experienced professionals leave no stone unturned in delivering the finest services. Our karate experts can help you in finding best karate classes for Kids and adults as well. For more information visit our site or contact us at (08)9309–1444. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Martial Arts Training | Shobukan Martial Arts

Shobukan Martial Arts
Shobukan Martial Arts has been teaching Martial
Arts throughout Perth since 1974. Programs are
available for the whole family from ages 3 yrs
Specialised children's classes that help your
child develop laser sharp focus and rock solid
What Are Martial Arts?
Martial arts are codified systems and traditions
of combat practices, which are practiced for a
number of reasons as self-defense, military and
law enforcement applications, mental and
spiritual development as well as entertainment
and the preservation of a nation's intangible
cultural heritage. Although the term martial art
has become associated with the fighting arts of
eastern Asia, it originally referred to the
combat systems of Europe as early as the 1550s.
The term is derived from Latin, and means "arts
of Mars", the Roman god of war.Some authors have
argued that fighting arts or fighting systems
would be more appropriate on the basis that many
martial arts were never "martial" in the sense of
being used or created by professional warriors.
 Top 10 Martial Arts
1. Judo
Judo is a competition based sport that
originated out of Japan. The primary objective is
to throw or takedown your opponent for points.
Although it was created for sport and exercise,
it has proven to be an effective martial art in
close combat through the use of leverage. 
2. Kickboxing
Kickboxing can be for fitness, self-defense or
sport. There are different origins of the sport,
but we are most familiar with the American
version of kickboxing. Kickboxing combines
punches, knees, head butts, and kicks to disarm
an opponent or attacker. A swift front kick to
the face is more than enough to disarm any
person. The key to kickboxing is speed and
agility, the person must strike before the
attacker can react and respond.
3. Karate
Karate originated in Japan and is practiced
primarily for sport. It involves the typical
kicking, punching, elbows and also incorporates
open hand techniques. The main focus is on attack
deflection, controlling and disabling attacks
that come from directly in front of you. 
4. Aikido
Aikido is a martial art that originates from
Japan and is designed primarily for self defense.
The creator of aikido wanted to make an art that
a person could use to defend themselves, without
causing injury to their attackers. Aikido loosely
translates to the way of harmonious spirit.
5. Taekwondo
Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, combines both
self-defense and attack, as a way of sport and
exercise. The martial art focuses on high kicks
and quick hand movements. Taekwondo is based upon
the belief that the leg is the strongest and
furthest reaching limb that a person has, thus
having the greatest potential to be used as a
powerful weapon while keeping an attacker at a
6. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an all around ruthless
sport based out of Brazil. Martial artists are
taught vicious and aggressive moves such as eye
gouging, choke holds, biting, grappling, hard
striking, and joint locks. Once an attacker is
brought to the ground, the first step is to grab
a limb and manipulate it at the joint until it
breaks. After the attacker is immobilized, the
martial artist can unleash an arsenal of fists
and elbows to the face.
7. Traditional Boxing
Muhammad Ali would float like a butterfly, sting
like a bee each and everytime he entered the
ring. Western boxers are known for their agility,
both with their punches and without. These
athletes can throw punches harder, faster, and
more on point than any other martial artist. Just
to learn proper punching technique takes several
8. Wrestling
Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat,
probably originating from Europe. Im not
referring to the WWE, which many of you may think
is true wrestling. On the contrary, traditional
wrestling is performed on a mat with no ropes.
Wrestling is one of the few martial arts that is
also practiced in schools everywhere, from middle
school all the way up to college.
9. Krav Maga
Krav Maga is Israels national martial art. It
has been designed for the purpose of street
survival and it is taught to the entire defense
force of the country. This martial art involves
aspects of Jiu Jitsu grappling and ground
fighting, Karate kicks and knees, and traditional
boxing punches.
10. Muay Thai
Muay Thai originated in Thailand and is also
known as the Art of Eight Limbs. This martial art
uses punches, kicks, knees and elbows in forming
an attack. The sport can be very violent and
brutal, but due to many safeguards today, it has
become a more universal sport for fun and
Kids Karate Perth Our Little Samurai!
Our Karate kids program allows students to
progress at their own pace setting achievable
goals and developing a positive mind set to
perform at their personal best. Students are
encouraged and rewarded through various skill
testing and attitude coaching.
Master Kyoshin Kayo
Master Kyoshin Kayo arrived to Australia in 1971
to conduct Karate training in Fremantle. A year
later he left to return to Japan and had already
sown the seeds of this academy. Master Kayo
returned to Australia in 1974 and with many of
his former students picked up the task of
bringing Karate to the local community of Perth,
Western Australia. Master Kayo is a well versed
,an ardent exponent of classical Karate. He
commenced training at the age of 14 and has
studied all the major Japanese codes of Karate,
including Wado Ryu under Hiroki Ohtsuka, Shotokan
and Shito Ryu which is our base style under
Master Kenwa Mabuni (the founder of Shito Ryu)
and Kosei Kuniba(Seishinkai)
Contact Us
Shobukan Martial ArtsHeadquartersUnit 426
Baretta RoadWangara 6065 P O Box 1316WANGARA WA
6947 Phone 61 (08)93091444 61 (08)93091444Em
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