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Make Our Homes Beautiful


An Interior Design series for your home that is packed to cover all aspects of home maintenance and decor to support your lifestyle. A bit of History brings an entertaining perspective on basic design development and the monologue stream of Tips, Stories and Inspiration nudge you to create the home you desire. "Houses are like the human beings that inhabit them” – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Make Our Homes Beautiful

Make Our Homes Beautiful
Introduction An Interior Design series for your
home that is packed to cover all aspects of home
maintenance and decor to support your lifestyle.
A bit of History brings an entertaining
perspective on basic design development and the
monologue stream of Tips, Stories and Inspiration
nudge you to create the home you desire. "Houses
are like the human beings that inhabit them
You don't have to be an expert in exterior design
to realise that the outside of a BB is as
important as the inside and if you are doing a
property conversion then it's crucial to pay
attention to kerb appeal. This is true for any
commercial property but even more so for a BB
as, particularly in tourist areas with lots of
competition, it's the inviting look of the
property as people drive past that will draw them
Commercial Property Signage Signage is very
important for attracting passing trade. Unless
you're a trained designer and technical artist
you should not be tempted to make your own signs,
you should engage a professional. The signs need
to do all of the following things Have the name
of the BB clearly marked Be visible both during
the day and at night Conform to local authority
restrictions on commercial property signage
  • Reflect the style and ambience of the BB
  • Match the BB's headed paper, website design and
    other logos and styles
  • Have the street name and number as well as the
  • Direct customers to parking areas
  • Be visible from all the different approaches to
    the property
  • Many of these things help your customers to find
    you and create a good first impression. As well
    as communicating all that information the signs
    need to look good too, so you can see why the
    services of a good signwriter or graphic artist
    could be a good investment.

The Property Conversion Must Blend In Once the
signs are up, attend to the general exterior
design of the property. If you are doing a
property conversion to create a BB from an
ordinary house, design it from the start so that
the new extensions, windows and doors blend in
with the rest of the property. This creates a
harmonious look rather than a higgledy-piggledy
mish-mash of add-ons. If your property is already
set up as a BB take a critical eye to the
exterior decoration. Make sure that the fabric of
the house is in good condition and renew the
paintwork regularly, before it gets dowdy. By
doing this you will also find other problems, and
you can then fix them before they get critical
and start to drag the tone of the BB down.
Exterior Design Includes the Garden After the
building work of a property conversion is
finished it would be very unwise to neglect the
garden and the approach to the house, as
landscaping is an important part of exterior
design. As an absolute minimum the paths should
be swept, the lawn regularly mowed and the garden
generally free of weeds and tidy. It's probably
worth taking it a step further and trying to
visualize the exterior with the fresh eyes of a
customer. Approach the property both on foot and
in a car, from all directions, and try and note
the impressions you get. Is a tree hiding
pleasant architectural details? Is the path to
the front door obvious and clearly marked? Could
you lead the guests' eyes with better planting?
First Impressions Count Finally the BB entrance
is the first thing that customers see once they
arrive, possibly after a difficult journey, so
this needs attention as part of the exterior
design too. If you have a porch with a door and a
separate front door then make sure they are easy
to open and swing easily, the last thing you want
to do is give your new arrivals a hernia! Keep
fresh flowers in the hall but make sure they
aren't in danger of being knocked off by tired
guests swinging large bags. The flooring should
be non-slip and be able to cope with water and
dirt when guests arrive in bad weather. And try
and fit in coat hooks or cupboards, and an
umbrella stand, so that guests don't have to
traipse water all the way through to the bedrooms.
Most bed and breakfast establishments will have
at least two guest rooms apart from the bedrooms,
a dining room and a lounge, and although most BB
guests will be groups of tourists, there might be
extra money to be made from having meeting rooms
too, if you have the space. As well as the
all-important dining or breakfast room, you
should have a lounge and perhaps a conservatory
too so that different groups of tourists can get
together and review their day in peace, and
perhaps plan the next one. Keep decoration plain
and simple and dont be tempted to clutter up the
rooms too much.
Dining Rooms are Key in a BB Dining rooms are
important as it's the 'breakfast' part of the BB
that people often remember, and it's even more
important if you do evening meals too. If
possible, when you're converting the property
into a BB, have a separate guest entrance to the
one where you will be coming through from the
kitchen with plates of hot food. Coordinated
Furniture for Meeting Room Use As far as
furniture goes, it's worth getting chairs and
tables that match, and replace them when they
look old and tired rather than waiting for them
to break. Apart from the fact that it will look
better, if you decide to make extra money by
hiring out your dining room to local businesses
during the day, when it's unused, having all the
chairs identical will make it look a lot more
An exception to this is if the furniture is
antique but in good condition and of a similar
style. This can be very effective in creating a
quality rustic dining room feel but probably
wouldnt work so well in the meeting room
configuration. Pay careful attention to the
groups of chairs and tables so that everyone has
enough elbow room and waiting staff can thread
their way through easily. Use a Sideboard for
Serving Tourists A sideboard or other flat
surface at waist height is invaluable in a BB
dining room. It can serve as a breakfast bar and
a temporary holding point for hot fresh meals as
they are brought into the dining room, so that
you can place them all down safely then pass them
out to the relevant diners. .
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