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Regenerative Medicine Scottsdale


Regenerative medicine is an exciting, fast growing research field that offers hope to those looking for a nonsurgical alternative to pain management. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Regenerative Medicine Scottsdale

Stem Cell Therapy In Scottsdale
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Safe and effective chronic pain relief can be
achieved by finding and correcting its root
cause. This can be done by using a combination of
traditional and specialized medical diagnostic
examinations.  Once the cause of the chronic pain
is determined, it can be corrected with Stem
Cells, acupuncture, nutritional supplements,
dietary modifications, and/or specific exercise
programs.  These therapies can not only help
relieve pain, they can correct its underlying
cause and restore strength and function. STEM
CELLSStem Cells can result in an 80-90
success rate according to some studies listed
below.  It can result in natural, long term, safe
and effective relief of low back pain, arthritis,
sports injuries, neck pain, herniated discs,
degenerative discs, knee pain, shoulder pain,
tendonitis/tendinosis, partially torn ligaments
and tendons, headache, fibromyalgia, tennis
elbow, TMS and other conditions. The best-defined
and most extensively used stem cell treatment is
hematopoietic (or blood) stem cell
transplantation, for example, bone marrow
transplantation, to treat certain blood and
immune system disorders or to rebuild the blood
system after treatments for some kinds of cancer.
 Stem Cells, also called non-surgical
reconstruction, is a natural, non-operative,
reconstructive technique that triggers the body's
own natural healing. Numerous famous athletes,
movie stars, politicians and other people of all
walks of life have benefited from all forms
of Stem Cells treatment, including a form of Stem
Cells called Platelet Rich Plasma Stem Cells (PRP
Stem Cells) which is also available. Platelet
Rich Plasma is blood plasma with concentrated
platelets.  The platelets found in PRP include
growth factors and bioactive proteins that are
vital for tissue repair and regeneration.  These
proteins increase stem cell production to
initiate tissue healing. Stem Cells have been
used effectively for over 60 years and is safe
and effective with a very high success rate.
There is no down time since daily activities are
not limited during treatment. Many mainstream
medical journals have shown the efficacy of Stem
Cells in many conditions.
Low Back PainNeck PainSports InjuriesSciaticaK
nee PainFibromyalgiaTendinitisTennis
ElbowGolfer's ElbowArthritisHeadacheFoot pain
including plantar fasciitisAnkle painFrozen
ShoulderT.M.J.Sacroiliac problems
What conditions are treated with Stem Cells?
Why do I continue to have pain?
When we have an injury, we often stretch and
weaken tendons and ligaments. These structures
have very poor circulation, but a large nerve
supply. This lack of circulation deprives them of
the nutrients necessary for proper healing. When
ligaments and tendons get stretched, these nerves
become irritated resulting in pain. Pain is a
sign that there is a problem. It is not something
which should be stopped with medications until
the underlying cause of the pain is identified
and corrected. How can tendons and ligaments be
strengthened? Unfortunately, these tissues are
not like muscles and do not improve with
exercise. Exercise cannot strengthen weakened
ligaments and tendons, but Stem Cells can.   What
does Stem Cells do? Stem Cells help repair the
weakened tendons and ligaments. Stem Cells has
been observed to increase the size of tendons and
ligaments an average of 65. It has been shown to
increase their strength by 40. The tissue formed
from Stem Cells is strong, healthy and flexible.
As tendons and ligaments are repaired, nerves are
no longer irritated, and pain goes away.   Stem
Cells therefore get rid of pain by treating its
root cause.
How do Stem Cells work?
A small amount of harmless, natural substances
(along with anesthetic so the injection isn't too
painful) is injected at the exact site of an
injury to stimulate the immune system to repair
the area. This stimulates the body to naturally
produce collagen which strengthens the tissue.
The final result is more stable joints and
decreased or absent pain! Is Stem Cells helpful
for Sports Injuries? Whether you're a weekend
athlete or a professional athlete, Stem Cells can
be very helpful to you. Stem Cells can not only
provide you with pain relief, it can also help
restore normal function and prevent re-injury by
strengthening a weakened area that cannot be
restored in any other way. Although we
specialise in the treatment of the back and neck,
we also excel at the treatment of shoulder,
elbow, knee and ankle injuries. So whether you're
a tennis pro, marathon runner, rugby player, body
builder, mountain climber, or just a desk jockey
we can help you. For example, we have treated
several tennis pros, marathoners and body
builders for serious injuries after they had
failed to respond to traditional medical
treatment. Several of these athletes were
considering surgery which would have required
weeks of recuperation and rehabilitation.
Instead, after careful research, these athletes
chose Stem Cells. After a few treatments, they
were back to their full, pre-injury performance.
They had no down time, no recuperation time, and
there was no need for rehabilitation.
Stem Cell Therapy
Dr. Green has treated hundreds of patients with
Stem Cells Therapy including Olympic athletes,
professional kick boxers, and rugby players,
celebrities and other physicians.   Source