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What is RPA? A Revolution in Business Process Automation


Business process management needs great attention and time. The problem in scaling a business or making employees more productive by reducing the time that is spent on repetitive manual tasks is about to end. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is RPA? A Revolution in Business Process Automation

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What is RPA? A Revolution in Business Process
Business process management needs great attention
and time. The problem in scaling a business or
making employees more productive by reducing the
time that is spent on repetitive manual tasks is
about to end.
2018 is an interesting year for us because our
specialist field of AI and RPA has got a
momentum. Well, the future of RPA starts now.
With experimentation going on all over the world,
we are here leveraging the potential use of RPA
in business for better ROI and increase
productivity. Its time you must handover those
monotonous daily office tasks to a Robot and
instead use your employees potential to some
greater creative job. This blog talks about the
RPA and how businesses can use it for the better
  • What is Robotic Process Automation?
  • Robotic Process Automation is an execution of
    technology, managed by business logic and
    structured inputs, focused at automating business
  • Using RPA tools, an enterprise can configure
    software or a robot to capture and interpret
    applications for manipulating data, triggering
    responses, processing a transaction, and
    communicating with other computerized frameworks.
  • Automation has been around for decades however,
    cloud computing and other innovative
  • technologies enabled the expansion of RPA. The
    rise of term robotic process automation can be
    dated to early 2000. Screen scraping software,
    workflow automation management tools and
    artificial intelligence are the three
    predecessors of RPA. Unlike the predecessors, RPA
    is not dependent on coding. Many of the RPA
    software utilizes Optical Character Recognition
    technology that eliminates human interference.
  • RPA is one of the most popular Artificial
    Intelligence application areas as it let
    companies with traditional system to smoothen
    their workflows by developing specialized
    representative which can perform clerical tasks.
  • What are the benefits of RPA?
  • RPA is here to stay, the faster you understand
    its potential, the faster you can make a better
    position for your business.
  • Software robots actually cost less than full-time
    employees. You can save about 30 costs on
    productivity output
  • Robots can work efficiently for 24/7 without
    breaks which allows tasks to be completed
  • much faster
  • RPA helps with accurate and error-free task
    completion which enhance the work quality

How can a business use Enterprise RPA? Walmart,
Ernst Young, Deutsche Bank, Walgreens, Anthem
and American Express Global Business Travel are
among the many enterprises adopting Robotic
Process Automation.
Enterprise RPA delivers results at boundless
scale, helping companies achieve digital
businesses fast and get the advantage on their
way to Artificial Intelligence.
Account Management Companies can use RPA for
general accounting, operational accounting,
value-based reporting, and budgeting.
Customer service It help businesses offer better
customer service by automating contact focus
tasks, uploading scanned files, verifying
e-signatures and confirming data for automatic
approval or rejection. Financial services RPA
is useful in foreign trading, initiating account
openings and closings, overseeing review demands
and handling insurance claims. Human resource
RPA has the capability to complete HR tasks like
onboarding and employee exit management,
registering employee information and timesheet
processes. Monitoring supply chain RPA helps in
a 50 cost reduction in supply chain management.
It can also be used in checking stock levels and
following shipments. Healthcare Medical
institutions can use RPA for handling patient
records, insurances, customer care, billing,
account management, reporting, and analytics.
Sphinxs view on Why your business needs RPA?
There is a big push to automate as many business
operations as possible. Every business wants to
reduce operation cost by introducing innovative
technology. RPA make business processes faster,
more accurate, and more secure. RPA is
applicable in the various industry like banking,
insurance, health or telecom. RPA tools come
with efficient features like easy in setting up
environment, scalability, cognitive business
processes and more which help enterprises to
maximize the gross output. Conclusion According
to McKinsey and Co., one could automate 45 of
tasks using RPA. The evolution of RPA is such
that transformation will become faster and
business models will be aided in much more
extreme ways. Organizations that are currently
taking the step ahead will see a huge
opportunity to develop faster. The time is
definitely changing, in fact, we are experiencing
a surge in demand for our services. Its time
you take advantage of our unique RPA enterprise
to boost your business productivity Our
qualified and dedicated RPA specialists having
enriching experience of industry- specific RPA
solutions can guide with the best solution. The
experience of handling key RPA product platforms
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