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MEAN Stack Online Training and Good reasons


Visualpath training institute provides the best opportunity to gain knowledge on MEAN stack online Training and in Hyderabad. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: MEAN Stack Online Training and Good reasons

 Good Reasons to use MEAN Stack
  • Here, I am going to list down 7 features of MEAN
    stack that will summarize its potential and help
    developers to know as to why they should be using
    it on their next project.

1.JavaScript All Along
  • The primary reason for preferring MEAN stack over
    others is because of the use of a common language
    for both client-side and server-side. Since, all
    these technologies are written in JavaScript,
    your web development process becomes neat.
    Node.js is a platform that brought JavaScript
    implementation on the server-side. With
    Angular.js, using JavaScript on the front-end, it
    becomes easier to reuse code from back-end to

2. It is Cost-Effective
  • It is beneficial for large-scale companies
    to work with MEAN stack, since they do not need
    to hire different specialists to work on a single
    project. MEAN stack has introduced a new career
    profile, which is a full-stack JavaScript
    developer. It is also convenient to have several
    JavaScript developers in a team from the point of
    view of collaboration and team management, owing
    to their similar backgrounds.

  • Node.js is a runtime environment for
    JavaScript and functions more than a traditional
    web server. Using MEAN stack, a web server is
    included in your application and deployment
    becomes a lot easier. Moreover, Node.js also runs
    on LINUX, Windows and OS X, thus bringing (OS)
    operating system independence.

4. JSON (JavaScript object notation)
  • MEAN stack uses JSON as the format for
    data-interchange on all the layers. So, there is
    no need to use libraries for converting data
    during client-side and server-side interaction.
    Moreover, JSON also allows working with external
    APIs (application programming interfaces) easily.

5. Importance of Mongo DB
  • Mongo DB is a prudent choice for database
    system when managing huge tables with tons of
    data. Unlike any other database, adding a field
    to Mongo DB is simpler as it does not require
    updating the entire table. Moreover, it is a
    NOSQL and a document model database, which is
    extremely flexible to use in a variety of
    applications. In Mongo DB, documents resemble to
    objects in an object-oriented programming

6. Angular.js
  • Angular.js is a front-end JavaScript
    development framework for developing single-page
    applications. It allows a clean way of adding
    interactive functions and AJAX-driven rich
    components on the client-side. Since, you have
    Node.js providing a server-side solution there
    is JavaScript implementation on both client and
    server-side. This makes programming applications
    with MEAN stack very effective.

7. Free and Open-Source
  • All the technologies present in the MEAN
    stack are free and open-source in nature. Hence,
    you are benefitted by any developments or version
    upgrades in the way of contributions done by a
    vast community of developers.

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