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Tips For Dealing With Sensitive Teeth


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tips For Dealing With Sensitive Teeth

Tips For Dealing With Sensitive Teeth
  • Healthy teeth dont just look great in pictures
    -they contribute to your overall physical health
    as well. Not many people realise this but our
    teeth play a vital role in our general health and
    overall nutrition.
  • If you wince every time you consume a scoop of
    ice cream or brush your teeth hard, you may have
    sensitive teeth.

  • This is one of the most common dental conditions
    and can cause a lot pain down the line if
    ignored. Due to the advancement of technology,
    we not have now painless dentistry, so the
    dreaded dentist visits may no longer be as
    traumatic as you imagine. If youre looking for
    the best dentist in Ahmedabad, look for a dentist
    with the right qualifications and experience. As
    recommended by a dentist in South Bopal, here are
    some really helpful tips to deal with sensitive

A. Practice Good Oral Hygiene
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most
    important things you can do for your gums and
    teeth. Oral hygiene not only ensures that you
    have a white smile but also it will also protect
    your teeth from sensitivity by preserving enamel
    that offers protection against gum recession.
  • Choose a toothpaste that is best suited for your
    teeth. Your oral hygiene routine greatly
    influences the health of your teeth. Gently brush
    your teeth twice a day and use a soft bristled
    brush to reduce the wearing down of your enamel.
    Avoid harsh mouthwashes that provoke tooth
    sensitivity. Use tooth whiteners with caution.

B. Limit Consumption of Acidic Foods
  • A healthy diet decreases the chances of
    developing gum disease while an unhealthy diet
    filled with sugary liquids and foods can lead to
  • The regular consumption of acidic food and
    beverages can wear down tooth enamel and
    aggravate existing sensitivity. Certain foods and
    beverages such as wine, soda, coffee, citrus
    fruit juices, tomato sauce can really aggravate
    any existing tooth sensitivity that you may have.
    In order to reduce direct contact between acidic
    beverages and your teeth, sip acidic juices and
    drinks with a straw.

C. Visit Your Dentist on a Regular Basis
  • Do not wait for your gums to become redder,
    puffier than usual or bleed when your brush the
    teeth. By the time these things happen it is
    probably too late. Your teeth area already too
  • Schedule a visit with your dentist during
    particular intervals in order to cure sensitivity
    if you are suffering with or to avoid letting
    sensitivity hit your teeth. Schedule regular
    professional dental cleaning to protect your
    teeth against gum recession, cavities and the
    development of plaque that causes tooth

D. Coatings Dental Varnishes
  • Not all tooth sensitivity problems can be solved
    by using the above mentioned strategies. Some
    people may require dental interventions such as
    bondings, filling replacements, sealants or even
    a root canal.
  • There are also several varnishes and coatings
    that can be applied by the dentist to relieve
    sensitive teeth. For example, applying fluoride
    varnish the tiny holes in the tooth enamel can be
    filled in order to reduce sensitivity.

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