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The Top Reasons to Invest In Talent Management System


Do you want to know about what are the top reasons to invest in Talent Managment System? And if you find it difficult to make a decision then you must read this blog post compiled by 6e Technologies experts. Drop us your comments and reviews about this post – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Top Reasons to Invest In Talent Management System

The Top Reasons to Invest In Talent Management
What is Talent Management? You might have heard
about the term Talent Management. While many
people see talent as top performer employees in a
company that has high potential, others might
think everyone in the industry has got
it. However, as per Chartered Institute of
Personnel Development of United Kingdom, Talent
Management is systematic identification,
retention, development, and deployment of
employees who are valuable assets for an
organization whether it is because of their high
potential or critical role in the company.
Talent Management mostly comes under Human
Resource Management departments of the
Role of Talent Management in an
Organization ? It offers motivation to companys
employees. ? It renders the employees with a
purpose to work towards their organizational
goals and stay loyal to the organization. ? It
helps recruit skilled and talented workforce for
the organization. ? Talent management helps in
generating a brand name for the employer that
attracts significant talents that contribute
immensely towards the organizational goals.
? It ensures that talented people stay longer
in an organization. This reduces the grievances
and issue related to performance
management. ? It helps employees to reach
individual goals and work towards accomplishing
organizational objective improving the overall
business performance.
Talent Management System TMS is the technology
or software tool used by HR professionals or
talent management team to handle employees of an
organization as competitive assets. Prominent
organizations use Talent Management System (TMS),
which is an integrated suite of talent management
software, applications, and collaboration tools,
etc. It covers four aspects of Talent Management.
These are ? Recruitment ? Performance
Management ? Learning and Development, and
? Compensation Management
Purpose of Talent Management System While ERP
and conventional HRMS (Human Resource Management
System) primarily focus on human administration
along with transaction processing including
payroll and time management, TMS concentrates on
rendering the organization with strategic
assistance for achieving organizational
objectives, by retaining human capital or talent.
It is a suite of software tools and
applications that are designed to enhance the
business processes such as recruitment,
development, and training, along with talent
retention to fulfill the present and future
organizational requirements.
Features of Talent Management Software The
different components of Talent Management
Software are given below 1) Application
Tracking System (ATS)/ Recruitment Talent
management software can be paired with ATS that
enables recruitment management. ATS is very
similar to CRM (Customer Relationship
Management), its just that ATS is designed for
recruitment tracking process. There are free open
source Application Tracking systems available in
the market. It uses resume optimization to filter
job applications based on qualifications, skill
sets, experience and other criteria. Below are
some standard features of ATS 2) Orientation for
New Hires It is the onboarding process where new
employees get to know about their social as well
as performance-based roles regarding their jobs.
This is to ensure the quick adjustment of the new
recruits in the organization.
3) Talent Retention TMS offers various
retention-related capabilities that allow the
management to identify the skilled workforce and
top performers. It renders an organization to
look for the best ways to boost loyalty and hence
retention rates. 4) Training Training ensures
that the employees of the organization are aware
of all the techniques, technologies and latest
trends of the marketplace and stay on top of
them. Training offers them new opportunities to
expand their horizon and prepare them for the
additional responsibilities by acquiring new
skills. 5) Performance Management Performance
Management is a dynamic and practical approach to
current performance and competency management of
an organization. It comprises of goal setting,
performance evaluation, learning, and performance
enhancement activities.
Why invest in Talent Management? Here we are
offering you some top reasons for why an
organization needs to invest in the Talent
Management System. The helps the organization
to ? Attract Talent ? Boost the Motivation of
the Employees ? Improve the employee
performance ? Retain Talent ? Manage Continuity
of Critical Roles ? Improve Employee
engagement ? Achieve individual Goals ? Achieve
required business performance
Business Talent Management Cloud for Mid-Sized
Businesses Many organizations in this modern era
have realized the importance of human capital
assets. Their managements have understood that
the productivity of an organization depends upon
the qualifications, skill sets and training
levels of its workforce. Oracle Taleo Talent
Management Business Edition It is an efficient
talent management tool that provides you an edge
over the competition in the market and ensures
that the employees are aligned to offer maximum
productivity. It is a fully scalable tool that
streamlines the training and administration
process to generate strong workforce for
establishing and achieving shared goals. These
days most organization are integrating Taleo with
Fusion HCM in most effective ways to minimize the
manual efforts that are used for managing and
maintaining data.
Benefits of Using Oracle Talent management Cloud
for your organization ? Less time to hire top
Talent ? Cultivate your organizations Talent
Pool ? Offer modern learning experience to your
staff ? Modernize Performance Management ? Review
Progress ? Create Effective Employee Career
Development Programs ? Streamline on-boarding
Process ? Influence recruitment marketing And
much more!
To Sum Up Talent Management is not only a human
resource term it plays a vital role in the
business strategies that are designed to manage
an organizations most critical assets, its
employees. It renders the organization to
recruit, manage, retain and develop the top
talent in the industry. That is the main reason
why many organizations invest in talent
management system and put them in place to
efficiently hire and manage their workforce and
help them develop their skills in order to retain
the excellent employees for the success of the