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Australia is a diverse nation with many attractions for the inner foodie in all of us. Throughout Australia you will find many flavors worth tasting, from the prominent wineries in The Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley and Margret River to the emerging wine regions of Orange and Mugee. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Townsville Accommodation

Sick And Tired Of Doing Holiday Apartments
Townsville The Old Way? Read This
  • Holiday apartments are a popular choice for many
    travelers offering many of the comforts of home,
    along with the added luxuries of swimming pools,
    gyms, spas, saunas, BBQ areas and often games
    rooms and outdoor playgrounds to keep the
    children amused.
  • Holiday apartments are particularly fashionable
    for those travelling as a family while the idea
    of lying idly by the pool all day reading a book
    and sipping a cocktail is appealing to most
    parents, it's an idea not all that exciting to
    children. Holiday apartments offer the facilities
    to allow mum and dad to relax, while having
    enough activities to entertain the children. They
    are generally located in areas that have many
    family orientated activities, for example,
    Queenslands gold coast, which is home to
    Australia's best theme, Holiday Apartments
    Townsville and water parks and offers a variety
    of free child activities such as the beach and
    the excitement of Caval Avenue.
  • Another reason holiday apartments are popular is
    that unlike hotel rooms, which are often quite
    expensive and generally consist of one (1) room
    with a bed and a small bathroom, apartments come
    in varying sizes consisting of anywhere between
    1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Three (3) bedroom apartments
    are very popular for those with children it
    gives you enough space to spread out and for
    those travelling in a group it offers the
    advantages of being able to reduce the cost of
    your holiday by splitting the cost while still
    allowing you to have your own personal space.
  • While there are many holiday apartments available
    in and around Australia's coastal regions, they
    are not strictly limited to the suburbs. In fact
    Australia offers a large variety of holiday
    rental apartments to suit holidaymakers from all
    walks of life.
  • Australia is a diverse nation with many
    attractions for the inner foodie in all of us.
    Throughout Australia you will find many flavors
    worth tasting, from the prominent wineries in The
    Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley and Margret River
    to the emerging wine regions of Orange and Mugee.
  • Many companies such as Best Western offer
    fantastic deals on holiday apartments which are
    affordable and hassle free with packages
    available that offer not only offer cheap
    apartment-style accommodation, but also includes
    tours of local attractions included in the price.
  • Australia is renowned for its amazing outback,
    bustling cities, luscious rainforests and amazing
    coast lines and, while each of these areas offers
    a new and unique experience for travelers, they
    all have in common the abundance of apartments to
    rent, which means, when you are holidaying in
    these areas, you can focus on appreciating the
    magnificent delights on offer while knowing you
    have a place to relax and call home at the end of
    the day.
  • Holiday apartments do not have the rating system
    typical to that of hotels and motels, however,
    that is not to say there is not a variety of
    different rental apartments available to suit
    travelers on all budgets. Within the one resort
    you will find many different types of apartments,
    ranging from cheaper one (1) bedroom apartments -
    usually on the ground floor with no view - to
    higher-end apartments within the same resort,
    which may have more three (3) or four (4)
    bedrooms, are a lot more spacious and offer a
    balcony and a view either of the ocean or pool.
  • If you are flexible with your dates, or feeling
    impulsive and like splurging on a
    spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, there are a
    number of options for booking last-minute holiday
    apartments. Best Western's website offers a
    last-minute booking option, meaning you may get a
    nicer apartment at a cheaper rate.

Are You Making These Self Contained Holiday
Apartments Townsville Mistakes?
  • Australia is very popular with holiday makers
    going on a family holiday and staying in a
    holiday villa or self catering apartment. There
    are some great holiday homes to rent as holiday
    accommodation in Australia and many tourists like
    to stay in self catering accommodation.
  • Australia is the only place in the world that has
    a tag of both country and a continent. It is the
    smallest continent, Self Contained Holiday
    Apartments Townsville and the sixth largest
    country in the whole world. It lies within the
    southern hemisphere and the official name of the
    country is the Commonwealth of Australia. This
    place is full of great tourist attractions. This
    is why Australia is also known as a tourist
  • You can start your journey of Australia from
    Sydney. When here, you can rent a superb luxury
    villa with swimming pool at your holiday
    accommodation. This place is famous for its
    traditional tourist activities. You can see its
    Opera House, where you can have a feel of its
    rich tradition.
  • If you want to do some leisure activities, then
    you can spend your whole week on the beach. To
    get closer to the history of the country, you can
    visit the place named The Rocks. This place is
    the historic neighborhood having cobble stones
    and colonial architecture.
  • If you like to feel the flora of Australia then
    Royal Botanical Gardens is an ideal place for
    you. Here, you can spend some quality time by
    hitting the rose garden and glass houses. You can
    also get yourself refreshed with the fragrance of
    the beautiful flowers. This place is perfect for
    capturing pictures as you will get beautiful
    views of a natural beauty. Some tourists like to
    stay in self catering holiday apartments and use
    them as a base to explore the area.
  • If you are one of those people who love adventure
    sports, Australia also has several things for you
    as well. You can visit the Great Barrier Reef.
    This place is famous for its beautiful undersea
    world paradise.
  • You can enjoy scuba diving or snorkel with the
    worlds most beautiful and colorful warm water
    fishes. Including a helicopter ride on your Great
    Barrier Reef trip will make your trip more
    exciting and adventurous. With the help of a
    helicopter ride, you can have a complete look of
    the place. Afterwards you can relax in a holiday
    villa with a great swimming pool and top up your
    sun tan.
  • Australia is also famous for its natural beauty.
    You can experience this beauty by adding a trip
    to Queensland in Australia. This place is famous
    for its lush green rain forests! Queensland has a
    place named the Wet Tropics Rainforest. This
    place is one of the best places to visit in the
    Queensland. Here, you can have an experience of
    the natural beauty of the country.
  • The best way to roam this place is to take a four
    wheeler trip. This trip will also include a guide
    to make you familiar with the place. You can also
    enjoy a porcelain to have a good view of this
    place from the sky. Queensland has some of the
    best holiday home accommodation in Australia.
    There is a great choice of holiday villas, self
    catering holiday apartments and some charming
    holiday cottages.
  • To experience the Coastal Australia, you can take
    a drive on the Great Ocean Road. This drive is
    the best way to have a look at the country's most
    beautiful beaches along with some of the highest
    peaks of the continent. Do not forget to see the
    Twelve Apostles, this is the formation made by
    the twelve pillars of Australian red rock. This
    place is also known as a paradise for

Accommodation Townsville An Incredibly Easy
Method That Works For All
  • It is becoming increasingly popular for people
    consider an adventure in Australia by travelling
    in a campervan. It is not only Australians
    getting out and enjoying this experience, but
    people from all over the world. Whether you hire
    a campervan in Australia, or have purchased your
    own vehicles you can join the many Gray Nomads
    that are exploring Australia at their own pace
    and in their own way.
  • If you are not familiar with the term Gray
    Nomads, they are generally people 45 years plus,
    who have all the time in the world to travel
    around the great continent of Australia.
    Sometimes these people are looking for seasonal
    work to supplement their retirement savings -
    others are simply enjoying life. Generally the
    Gray Nomads own their own rig, whether a
    campervan or a caravan, with many selling up
    their family property to enjoy this lifestyle for
    years at a time.
  • There are plenty of people, though, who choose a
    campervan hire in Australia, rather than invest
    thousands of dollars in a vehicle. Campervan hire
    provides more flexibility to have the right type
    of campervan to match the destination. It's also
    a cost effective way for international visitors
    who enjoy the outdoors and camping to explore
    Australia, without the need to bring their
    personal gear. Campervan hire provides transport,
    accommodation and a kitchen for enjoying the
    local produce, which allow savings to go further.
  • Australia offers literally thousands of free or
    low cost camping options which are perfect for
    someone who's thinking about campervan hire.
    There are many publications and websites which
    provide more detail, however, it is fairly
    obvious around 4pm in the afternoon if you're
    away from the main cities. You'll see several
    campervans and motor homes stopped at beautiful
    locations getting ready for the mandatory 'happy
    hour'. This is a good opportunity to have a chat
    with fellow travelers about the best locations to
    travel in Australia, and where you may find the
    next stunning camping location.
  • A popular route to travel in a campervan is the
    East Coast of Australia. There are many stunning
    beaches that have nearby campgrounds. If you are
    lucky, there may even be the odd deserted beach
    for an early morning walk before you head out on
    the day's adventure. If you are considering the
    campervan hire, and have at least a month or two
    available, there are plenty of options. One that
    many fellow campervanners have travelled is the
    coastal road from Adelaide to Cairns.
  • Adelaide is well known for its wine regions and
    gourmet food, with many towns on the coastal road
    to Sydney, via Melbourne providing fresh seafood.
    The Great Ocean Road is also one of the most
    famous roads in Australia, and really is quite
    spectacular as you meander along the coastal
    roads in your campervan. Visiting Wilsons
    Promontory and Phillip Island are a must. It is
    possible to see the Little Penguins in the wild
    at Phillip Island as they ride the waves and
    waddle up the beach to their burrows.
  • You'll be amazed at the beautiful coastal towns
    all the way along the coast as you start heading
    north. The great thing by having a campervan is
    that there is no need to book accommodation or be
    concerned about where you will spend the
    evenings, as your bed and kitchen are with you
    all the time. Travelling in a campervan gives you
    greater flexibility to stop for the night, if one
    of these beautiful towns takes your fancy.
  • As you continue meandering north, you'll notice
    there are plenty of islands to explore off the
    coast from Brisbane to Cairns. One of the most
    popular is Fraser Island, which is the largest
    sand island in the world. It is easy to arrange a
    4WD day tour of the island's highlights, or even
    longer if you prefer. The Whitsunday's is best
    explored by boat, but don't underestimate the
    stunning views that you can get from the mainland
    overlooking all the islands, Accommodation
    Townsville and the brilliant blue water. The
    drive to Cairns does not disappoint as you travel
    the coast through pockets of tropical rainforest.
    Cairns is a worthy finale to the East Coast
    Adventure with the Great Barrier Reef beckoning.
  • For those that prefer company while they travel,
    or are unsure where to go, there are escorted
    campervan tours available in conjunction with
    campervan hire. This is a great way to go if you
    like a mix of adventure, the outdoors,
    sightseeing, socialising and relaxing. Perfect
    for those that only have three or four weeks
    holiday, with no need to spend hours researching
    the specific route to be travelled. Campervan
    tours are also popular for those that have never
    travelled in Australia or had a campervan holiday
    so may lack a little confidence. There is such
    vast distances between many well known tourist
    attractions in Australia. However many find it's
    the in "between" adventure that is the most
    memorable, and really makes the holiday. Escorted
    tours are excellent for those looking for a
    campervan holiday with a difference.
  • Those considering a campervan holiday in
    Australia vary from those that enjoy luxuries in
    life, to those that are on a more modest budget.
    There are many different types of campervan hire
    available to suit all tastes and budgets. Some of
    the available campervans to hire in Australia are
    more like apartment living, so definitely not
    roughing it while enjoying the outdoors.

This Study Will Perfect Your Townsville
Accommodation Read Or Miss Out
  • Cheap holidays in Australia are easy to find
    whether you are travelling through major cities
    like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or
    Cairns, or heading into more remote areas like
    Kakadu National Park, Uluru (Ayers Rock),
    Kangaroo Island, Eyre Peninsula or the Great
    Barrier Reef. Here are a few things to look out
    for your cheap holiday in Australia.
  • For cheap accommodation you can look for budget
    hotels or hostels, many of the latter now has
    good facilities and have moved on dramatically
    from the backpacker hostels of old. In major
    cities renting an apartment can be cheaper if
    there are 3 or 4 people sharing or a family. If
    you are getting out into the Australian outback
    then camping or a campervan could be a good basis
    for a cheap holiday in Australia.
  • Cheap flights are readily available, with Virgin
    Blue offering some of the best domestic prices,
    plus international flights to New Zealand if that
    is part of your trip.
  • The other major factor of cheap holidays is
    keeping the cost of travelling in the country to
    a minimum. If you are looking to be totally
    independent then the Greyhound coaches or the
    train offers good value to cover large areas but
    will not allow time to stop and see places. Small
    group tours or overland tours are probably the
    best way of having a cheap holiday in Australia,
    whilst getting to see, Townsville Accommodation
    and experience a large number of places of
  • Some popular cheap holidays in Australia are
  • Four wheel drive Red Centre Safari - A chance to
    see some of the very best of the red center.
    Including Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon,
    Mereenie Loop Track, Gosse Bluff, Glen Helen,
    Palm Valley and the Western MacDonnel Ranges.
    Learn about Aboriginal culture at the Cultural
    Centre. Here you will camp.
  • East Coast overland adventure - Combines the best
    of Queensland and New South Wales. Step up to
    this smorgasbord of treats that includes tropical
    rainforests, pristine beaches, coral
    masterpieces, delectable wines, architectural
    icons and much more! Along the way, pick up some
    sheep-shearing skills, mingle with locals, learn
    to sail or simply chill out. With a host of
    heart-pumping activities and beautiful settings
    lined up, there's something for everyone!
  • A short Cape Leveque experience - The Dampier
    Peninsula is one of the most spectacular coastal
    environments in Western Australia, and the
    perfect place to experience Indigenous culture in
    the Kimberley. Visit historical local
    communities, learn about local bush tucker, enjoy
    a taste of the Indigenous Bardi lifestyle, relax
    on beautiful isolated beaches and witness the
    huge tidal flows of the Buccaneer Archipelago.
  • From camping to hostels and overland adventures
    to small group tours there are cheap holidays in
    Australia for everyone.

The Ugly Truth About Self Contained Holiday
Apartments Townsville
  • The Gold Coast, situated in south east
    Queensland, is one of Australia's leading holiday
    playgrounds. With 70 kilometers of sun-drenched
    beaches, World Heritage listed rainforests, theme
    parks, shopping and nightlife - it is a world
    class, stylish holiday destination. In fact, the
    Gold Coast has been identified as one of the most
    desirable places in the world to live based on
    political, social, health, personal safety,
    economic and environmental factors.
  • The Gold Coast is located in the sub-tropical
    region of the Southern Hemisphere and enjoys the
    warmth, https// and sunshine the
    whole year round. Australian seasons are the
    opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere -
    the average summer temperature is 25 degrees
    Celsius and in winter, it is around 15 degrees
    Celsius. You can expect over 300 days of sunshine
    each year, with the wet season being December to
    March, when the northwest monsoons move south
    from Asia bringing heavy rain.
  • Your flight will most probably land at Brisbane
    International Airport - which is a 45 minute
    drive north from the heart of the Gold Coast.
    Alternatively, if your Australian holiday began
    with saying Sydney or Melbourne, you can opt to
    fly into the Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta
    which is approximately 35 minutes south of
    Surfers Paradise, considered by any as the
    epicenter of the Gold Coast. Both airports have
    tourist information booths and car rental firms
    represented in their terminals.
  • All foreigners - except New Zealanders - require
    visas for all visits to Australia. The citizens
    of some countries can obtain an Electronic Travel
    Authority (ETA), which is a tourist or business
    visa valid for up to three month stays. These
    ETAs are available online and through travel
    agents at the time of booking your flight to
    Australia. If you apply for your ETA through your
    agent, the fee for applying directly is usually
  • Accommodation With every kind of accommodation
    from exclusive 5-star hotels to farm stays and
    from sunny beachside cabins to sun dappled bed
    and breakfast properties, you'll be spoilt for
    choice. A visit to https// and a
    click on 'accommodation' will show you a variety
    of hotel choices, including location and cost,
    that you can browse and compare. Most visitors
    place themselves at the hub of Surfer's Paradise,
    however if you prefer a quieter, less bustling
    location you could consider an apartment
    overlooking the waterways at Runaway Bay or a
    hinterland retreat in Mount Tamborine where
    rainbow Lorikeets will greet you each morning.
  • Driving Australia drives on the 'left'. Overseas
    visitors who are used to driving on the 'right'
    should exercise caution until they become
    accustomed to this - roundabouts can be
    especially tricky. Your travel agent will be able
    to advise whether your current driving license is
    valid in Australia. Please check this several
    weeks before departure so you have time to apply
    for an International Driving License if required.
    Australia has a well-maintained system of roads
    and highways where speeding, driving under the
    influence, driving while operating a mobile phone
    and not wearing a seatbelt is not tolerated. If
    needed, most car hire companies will provide you
    with children's car seats and these too are
    required by law.
  • Sightseeing and activities When you have settled
    into your Gold Coast accommodation, you will want
    to plan what to see and do. If you are travelling
    with children, theme parks are going to be high
    on your agenda. The Gold Coast boats, four major
    theme parks Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World
    and Wet and Wild. Our family's favorite is
    Dreamworld because it has something for all ages
    (including a water park) and is home to the
    Australian version of the popular reality TV show
    Big Brother.
  • There are also a couple of wildlife parks on the
    Coast that run excellent educational talks at
    regular intervals throughout the day and are a
    great outing. At David Fleays Wildlife Park and
    the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, you can get
    close to snakes and Raptors, cuddle a koala and
    feed kangaroos. At both parks there are cafes,
    picnic and play areas where families can rest and
    play in the shade.
  • When visiting the Gold Coast you will also want
    to head to the beach, where you can catch a surf
    lifesaving carnival, joins a surfing class or
    simply swim and build sandcastles. Some of the
    more popular beaches are Surfers Paradise,
    Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads and Currumbin. There
    is also a very family friendly, sheltered beach
    at Paradise Point, which includes a beachfront
    park, BBQs, picnic tables, plenty of shade, play
    areas and some great takeaway outlets just a
    stone's throw away.
  • Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of
    tourist deaths in Australia is found on its
    glorious beaches. Each year quite a number of
    tourists (and sometimes locals too) drown on its
    shores. Australian beaches - particularly the
    long strips common on the Gold and Sunshine
    Coasts - have extremely strong rips and pulls
    that most people are unable to detect or handle.
    Never swim on beaches that are not patrolled by
    lifeguards. Look for the yellow and red surf life
    saving flag and swim between them to stay safe
    and in view of the local lifeguard.