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Telephone Etiquette


Master the art of using courtesy and good manners while communicating over the telephone and excel in your professional and personal life by and experience skyrocketing your business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Telephone Etiquette

Master the Art of Telephone Etiquettes, Clear
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  • In this growing electronic age, we often forget
    how important it can be to have simple telephone

  • Communication, the human connection, is the key
    to personal and career success.
  • Paul J. Meyer

The Aspects of Phone Etiquette
  • First steps to gaining or improving a persons
    phone etiquette is to know the different aspects
    of it -
  • Using Phrasing
  • Tone of Voice
  • Speaking Clearly
  • Listening to the Caller Carefully

Using Proper Phone Language
  • Telephone language is different than our everyday
    language and can take some time to get used to
    its flow. But with the right tools, it can be
    easy to adapt in no time.
  • Use Please and Thank You
  • Eliminate Slang
  • Avoid Using the Term You
  • Emphasize What You Can Do, Not What You Cant

Eliminate Phone Distractions
  • If you let these distractions hinder our
    telephone etiquette, it will cause us to sound
    unprepared and unprofessional.
  • Avoid Eating or Drinking
  • Minimize Multi-Tasking
  • Remove Office Distractions
  • Do Not Let Others Interrupt You

Handling Inbound Calls
  • Knowing the right tools, such as a proper
    greeting and key phrases, can help the telephone
    operator through any situation.
  • Avoid Long Greeting Messages
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Focus on Their Needs
  • Be Patient

Making Outbound Calls
  • Using helpful techniques, the caller will have no
    problems picking up the phone and dialing a
  • Be Prepared With Information
  • Identify Yourself and Your Company
  • Give Them the Reason for the Call
  • Keep Caller Information Private

Handling Irate Callers
  • How the operator responds can be the difference
    between saving and losing that customer.
  • Stay Calm
  • Listen to Their Needs
  • Never Interrupt While Speaking
  • Identify What You Can Do for Them

Handling Interoffice Calls
  • Transferring Calls - Tell the caller why they are
    being transferred
  • While Placing Callers on Hold- In order to assure
    the caller that you are there to help them, you
    must take precautions when placing them on hold.
  • Taking Messages- Ensure you have all the
    information you need to handover the concerned
    person before disconnecting with the caller.
  • Ensure Conversation Is Over - Always end with a
    professional Good bye

Voicemail Technology
  • Ensure the Voicemail Has a Proper Greeting
  • Answer Important Messages Right Away
  • Ensure Messages are Delivered to the Right Person

Different Methods of Training Employees
  • It is important to the companys success that
    every employee is properly trained and able to
    demonstrate telephone etiquette before being let
    loose on the telephone.
  • Group Training
  • One-on-One Training
  • What Is Peer Training?
  • Defining Job Shadowing

Correcting Incorrect Telephone Etiquette
  • Many employees may not realize that their
    etiquette may be inadequate, so it is important
    that there are several tools available to help
    them get back on track.
  • Screen Calls
  • Evaluate Employee Performance
  • Peer Monitoring
  • Customer Surveys

  • I think the best training a manager can be
    engaged in is management by example.
  • Carlos Ghosn

Inspirational Quotes
Clarence Thomas
Jim Collins
  • Good manners will open doors that the best
    education cannot.
  • In a world of constant change, the fundamentals
    are more important than ever.

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