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5 Common Skin Care Myths - Mintrx Pharmacy


When it comes to taking care of your skin, it may be hard to separate fact from fiction, especially with so many skin care myths floating around. Here are the 5 common skin care myrhs that will help you to make your skin care routine a little easier - and your skin a lot happier! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Common Skin Care Myths - Mintrx Pharmacy

5 Common Skin Care Myths
  • Mintrx Pharmacy

Why is proper skin care is important?
  • Proper skin care is important because our skin is
    the largest barrier against infection. Keeping
    our skin healthy and moist helps keep this
    barrier strong.
  • When skin gets dry or irritated by harsh soaps,
    cracks in the skin can occur, which make a person
    more prone to infection.
  • We have put together five of the biggest myths
    that will help to make your skin care routine a
    little easier and your skin a lot happier!

You Dont Need Sunscreen In Winter Season
  • Whoever told you that sunscreen is only needed on
    sunny, summer days is either playing a prank on
    you or needs a lesson in skin care ASAP!
  • One of the main causes of premature skin aging is
    the UV rays of the sun, so your best defense is
    to slather on the SPF all year long.
  • Just because its chilly or cloudy outside, that
    doesnt mean the sun isnt damaging your skin, UV
    rays can still pass through clouds.
  • The biggest surprise of all is that you can still
    get sunburn when there is snow on the ground! 
  • Mintrx Pharmacy offers a wide range of sunscreens
    so you have no excuse to not cover up!

You Should be Careful With The Moisturizer If
Your Skin Is Oily
  • If youre struggling with oily skin, then your
    skin may still be in need of a moisturizer.
  • By skipping the moisturizer, your skin may try to
    make up for the lack of moisture in the skin by
    creating its own, in the form of sebum, but
    unfortunately, the skin can over-compensate by
    producing too much. The end result is even oilier
    skin with an increased risk of breakouts.
  • If youre using the right products for your skin,
    then you cant go wrong. One of our favorite
    moisturizers for all skin types (dry or oily) is
    Obagi Hydrate.

Diet Doesnt Affect Your Skin
  • You certainly are what you eat - everything you
    put into your body will have an effect on your
  • A poor diet can not only affect your waistline
    and decrease your energy levels, but it can also
    show up on your face as a dull complexion.
  • The best diet is well-balanced with
    antioxidant-rich foods to help defend against
    free radicals, and foods rich in omega-3 to help
    maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin.
  • Mintrx pharmacy offers a wide range of Obagi skin
    care products to make your skin look clear,
    brighter and youthful. Get your favorite product

Using Skin Care Products When Wrinkles Appear
  • You may have heard that prevention is better than
    cure and this couldnt be more accurate when it
    comes to your skin.
  • By starting using products targeted towards the
    appearance of lines and wrinkles in your twenties
    or even sooner, before the signs of skin aging
    have manifested, you set a great foundation to
    ensure your skin ages beautifully and gracefully
    with minimal lines and wrinkles.
  • Of course, harsher products are generally
    reserved for more mature skin, but it wouldnt
    hurt to start using a good obagi tretinoin cream
    in your twenties or sooner.

Hot Water May Not Always Best For Opening Up The
  • Hot water may feel great in the shower, but
    unfortunately, its not so great for your skin.
  • While hot water does open the pores, its
    recommended through steaming the skin, not
    putting hot water directly on your skin!
  • Hot water on the skin will dry the skin out by
    stripping it of beneficial oils, and no amount of
    product will make up for this lack of moisture.
  • Always rinse your face with lukewarm water and
    pat dry before applying your products. Leave the
    steaming to the professionals at your next
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  • MintRx Pharmacy is your personal skin care
    boutique that goes wherever you go. Throughout
    your life, your skin care needs change based on
    where you live, what you do, and who you become.
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