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FAQ’s about DUI Cases Now Answered by Your Morris County DUI Lawyer


If you hold any kind of DUI case related queries, it is best to give a read to this article as it covers most common question’s answer and then plan to hire a good Morris County DUI lawyer as well. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: FAQ’s about DUI Cases Now Answered by Your Morris County DUI Lawyer

FAQs about DUI Cases Now Answered by Your Morris
County DUI Lawyer

  • When you are stuck with any criminal charges like
    a DUI case, having multiple questions and
    confusion in your mind is very natural.
  • But it is better to speak with a DUI lawyer as
    they will make sure all your queries are solved
    and not kept unsolved. With this, decision making
    can be better.

  • If you have been simply arrested for DUI, you
    might have multiple questions in your mind. This
    question if not answered at the right time, you
    may get yourself more and more in-depth trouble.
  • Thus there are various ways you can collect
    information, but with the rise in the number of
    myths, the internet is a place where you can get
    good as well as untrue information about your DUI
  • To make your work easier and keep you away from
    the myths, here are few questioning answered by
    your expert Morris County DUI lawyer. So the
    information provided here is factual and not
  • Also remember that DUI case is not a normal case,
    it is a criminal offense, which if not performed
    properly you might end up with more and more
    problems. Always ensure that whenever you are
    stuck in a DUI case,
  • you should never ever delay in approaching a
    professional for the same, as if you delay the
    authorities may ask you multiple questions and
    then any statement can be used against you.
  • The rights of every individual involved in a DUI
    case must know really well, only then decision
    making becomes easier.

Some Common Questions their Answers
What Are The Penalties For DUI?
  • This below estimation is simply for the First
    Offense DUI if you are for it, more than 1 time
    makes sure you discuss this with your lawyer.
  • If the Blood Alcohol Content is 8 to 10 (BAC)
  • The fine can be of 250 up to 400
  • Also, the jail time is estimated to be of 30 days
  • Drivers license will be taken away from you for
    almost 3 months.
  • If the Blood Alcohol Content is 10 and above
  • The fine can be of 300 to 500 in such case.
  • Also, the jail time is estimated in this
    situation to be of 30 days similar as above.
  • Drivers license will be taken away from you for
    possibly 7 months or probably 1 year.

Is Refusing For A Breath Analyzer Possible?
  • Although this answer is going to vary from state
    to state, the point here is, refusal of having a
    breath analyzer itself can be a criminal
    violation also you will be charged with some very
    strict penalties. Also, in future, if the case is
    proved against you, then you probably have to pay
    a lot of penalties too further.
  • So in totality, you have to end paying a lot of
    this offense. So, simply it is better to take a
    test and further you can immediately call up a
    Morris County DUI lawyer.

Can I Trust Entirely on Breath-Test?
  • It is possible that the court may allow the
    defendant to keep their point and challenge the
    scientific results. Well, the court doesnt
    completely rely on the test and it is a machine
    and if a human can make mistakes machines can do
    the same. So the changes can be made based on the
    circumstances generated.
  • You can prove that the officer was not trained
    properly, or the machines were not working well,
    or the results were generated after 2 or 3
    attempts and so on. Any point that you feel was
    not acceptable can be spoken out in court.

Will I Lose My License?
  • Suspension of the license is simply after you
    have been charged for DUI. Also, it is very
    important to know that you may lose your license
    but it will be kept with the police authorities
    and after a particular month it will be given
    back to you.
  • As discussed earlier in the query number 1 you
    can understand the time you will be provided the
    license back.

How to Choose a Lawyer?
  • As you know that DUI is a criminal activity, it
    should be treated on time and not delayed
    furthermore. The Morris County DUI lawyer should
    be such that they give you the best guidance,
    support, solution, and advice with their years of
    experience, training and successful case history.
    They should consider your case as unique and not
    any random case just for money.
  • A dedicated lawyer is all that you need to have
    beside you simply to get right results.
    Identifying what I advantage or benefit does
    their client get from the case, is a well
    professional lawyer.

What Are My Legal Rights?
  • Most of the time, when you are questioned by the
    authorities and asked to have a breath analyzer
    test. Just because you are scared or tensed, you
    forget the rights that you deserve. Also, you may
    not be aware whether a person caught for driving
    under influence has any kind of rights on no.
  • But the law is equal to all, you are also having
    the right to immediately call upon a legal
    representative because if you do so, the Morris
    County DUI lawyer will come and help you out in
    that situation. So any question that the
    authorities ask you, you can deny or let your
    lawyer handle it for you.

Will My Case Go To The Trail?
  • Well, the chances of going to the trail or
    settlement before trail are estimated to be
    50-50. As it is a criminal charge and not any
    minor case, the trial consideration is possible.
    But it is also believed that successful
    settlement out of court is now exceeding. But
    this doesnt mean that your case will not go to
    the trail, it depends upon the severity of the
  • If you believe that you really have a strict
    case which needs some very important
    consideration, then your lawyer can be a savior
    and get you ready for trails.

Every case is special and unique, especially DUI
cases are never common, depending upon the BAC
level and depending upon the experienced Morris
County DUI lawyer you have by your side, the
case results are generated. So it is better that
you simply plan to hire them on time without any
delay, make sure to click the link
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