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Tips On Replacement Windows


1. Types of Windows and Doors. 2. How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor. 3. Replacement vs. New Construction Windows. 4. Vinyl Replacement Windows and Door Tips 5. Replacement Windows, Costs, Considerations and Ideas. 6. Top Myths of Window Replacement. 7. How to Install Replacement Windows. 8. How To Choose Replacement Windows. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips On Replacement Windows

Tips On Replacement Windows
  1. Types of Windows
  2. How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor
  3. Replacement vs. New Construction Windows
  4. Vinyl Replacement Windows and Door Tips
  5. Replacement Windows, Costs, Considerations and
  6. Top Myths of Window Replacement
  7. How to Install Replacement Windows
  8. How To Choose Replacement Windows

Types of Windows
  • Double Hang Windows- This window has two window
    sashes that can open to allow in air. It is
    easier to clean as both windows can be tilted for
    easy reach.
  • Skylight Windows- This window is installed on the
    roof for additional light, especially in rooms
    with few wall window options. Though mostly
    closed, it still offers maximum natural light
    during the day.
  • Casement Windows Designed with vinyl exterior
    for protection against water damage, these
    windows are attached to frames and open outwardly
    to allow in air.
  • Awning Windows- Also referred to as cranking
    windows, these windows are opened or shut by
    turning a lockable winder handle.
  • Glass Block Windows- Mostly designed to offer
    light. The windows are frosted and placed in
    bathrooms and other private spaces as they are
    not transparent.
  • Picture Windows- Designed with a single pane of
    glass, this window does not open. It is primarily
    design to allow in natural light.
  • Transom Windows- This window is usually small in
    size and commonly positioned above the top frame
    of another window, door or high area of a wall.
  • Slider Windows- This window offers maximum
    ventilation as it opens sideways with one panel
    sliding over the other.

How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor
  • Reputable referrals
  • You should not take a contractors word as the
    gospel truth. Do your due diligence by requesting
    referrals and listening to other clients reviews
    on your contractors performance.
  • Compare and contrast
  • Do not settle on one window replacement
    contractor quickly. Find a variety of contactors
    and compare their services. Also, compare their
    prices to be able to determine which contractor
    best fits your needs.
  • Delivery Time
  • A good contractor will aim to deliver in time
    without compromising the quality of work. You
    should make sure that your contractor knows the
    importance of a completed project within the
    stipulated time. You do not want to live in a
    house with no windows just because the contractor
    dragged his feet.
  • Availability of in-house tools and products
  • To hire the best window replacement contractor,
    make sure you know about the availability of
    tools and products necessary to complete the job.
    You do not want an instance where a contractor
    will leave work undone because he doesnt have
    the required tools.

How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor
  • Other contractors share tools with each other,
    and you may find your contractor missing some of
    his equipment during the project. These
    interruptions will not only cost you money but
    also time.
  • Ask questions
  • With each contractor you interview, ask the
    necessary questions regarding your window
    replacement. If you are not sure about what your
    needs are, ask the window replacement contractor
    to provide you with all the available options.
    This way, you will be able to understand what the
    project entails and what is required of you.
  • Take time to make a decision
  • After thorough evaluation of window replacement
    contractors, take ample time to make your
    selection. Review all the answers to question
    asked, the expertise involved, the turn-around
    time of each contractor and the amount of money
    it will cost. All these factors will help you
    make the right decision without feeling rushed.
  • Sign contract agreements
  • Now that you have settled for a contractor, the
    best thing for you to do at this final stage is
    to sign an agreement contract. The contract
    should contain all the information regarding the
    cost of project, the turn-around time, and every
    other thing that will be involved. The contract
    should also contain alternative measures should a
    project not go as stated. By doing this, you will
    be avoiding last minute changes and cancellation
    of your project.

Replacement vs. New Construction Windows
  • Physical Differences Between Replacement And New
    Construction Windows
  • New constructions windows are the product of
    choice for a brand-new home. You can use these
    windows in situations where existing structures
    are undergoing renovations and the house walls
    are stripped down to the studs. Adding a new
    window requires the framing and cutting of a new
    area of the wall, so this qualifies as a new
    construction project.
  • Replacement windows are the best choice if your
    window frames are in excellent condition when
    doing home maintenance because the installer
    won't have to remove any exterior material or
    damage the wall, window trim or siding. The
    installer will measure the windows to fit the
    existing window opening perfectly. This process
    will save the homeowner a lot of money and time.
    Replacement windows will be custom made to fit
    your existing opening securely.
  • Other Differences Between Replacement Windows vs.
    New Construction Windows
  • There are other differences between replacement
    windows and new construction windows. One
    difference is cost. New construction windows are
    the most expensive option more materials are
    used and it is more labour-intensive. Replacement
    windows are an excellent choice for homeowners
    that are looking for new windows at a lower cost.
    They save time as well as labour costs and you
    can enjoy all the benefits of new windows. No
    matter whether you choose replacement windows or
    new construction windows, you must be confident
    that you understand the differences in quality
    and performance.

Vinyl Replacement Windows and Door Tips
  • Plan out the project timeline
  • You need to find out beforehand how long the
    replacement process will take and if you will
    need to find an alternative place to stay. You
    also need to know whether valuables in your house
    will be affected as there will be a fair amount
    of dust during the process.
  • Get an expert
  • Look for a professional company that will to
    help you with the installations process. Make
    sure that the crew assigned to do the replacement
    is knowledgeable. You can ask for references so
    as to be able to determine the professionalism
    level of your contractors. You do not want to
    replace a window and have to call in help again.
  • Get quotes beforehand
  • Make sure you find out the correct estimate for
    the vinyl replacement project. This will help you
    in preparing a budget, as you do not want to
    start a project and leave it unfinished.
  • Be informed
  • Be well informed of what materials it takes to
    have a vinyl window and door. If possible, get an
    expert to take you through what a real vinyl
    window and door look like as well as what to look
    out for. This way, you will be able to avoid
    purchasing substandard materials.
  • After-sales service
  • Be involved with a company that will offer you
    after sales service. A great company will assign
    you a contractor that will be happy to come and
    fix any related issues should your vinyl
    replacement window need further work.

Replacement Windows, Costs, Considerations and
  • One thing that is of concern when looking for
    replacement windows is the cost. Fibreglass,
    vinyl, aluminum and timber are some of the
    materials used in windows. These materials will
    vary in cost and installation process. The size
    of your window will also affect the installation
    cost. Though it will require money to do an
    upgrade, its benefits far supersede any money
  • Energy efficiency
  • A lot of heat is gained and lost through
    windows. Choose windows that can work in either
    cold or warm temperatures so as to avoid extra
    costs on heating and cooling appliances.
  • Frame type
  • This will vary depending on your existing frame
    stability. If your existing frames are still in
    good condition, then you will need the Insert
    frames. These frames can fit well into the
    existing frames, allowing you to preserve the
    original frames. In cases where your old frames
    are pretty damaged, then you will need to pick
    the Full-frame windows. With the Full-frame
    windows, you will need to replace the entire
    window fixture. Going the Full-frame way may cost
    you more money but the end product will prove to
    be efficient.

Replacement Windows, Costs, Considerations and
  • Window design
  • Depending on your window functionality, you will
    need to decide on the best window design.
    Double-hung windows, Awning windows and Casement
    windows among others are best for air and
    ventilation, while Skylight, Transom and Glass
    Block windows are mostly designed to let in
  • Window Durability
  • You do not want to keep replacing your windows.
    Windows and all their associated parts like
    hinges, sash locks and handles should be made to
    last. Look for windows that can endure all
    weather conditions without the possibility of
    rotting or corroding.
  • Window Glazing
  • The glazing of a window should be strong enough
    to create a barrier between the interior and the
    exterior of your house. Double-pane or
    triple-pane window glazing offer more layers of
    protection from heat and cold as compared to the
    single-pane window glazing. Noise transmission is
    also minimized with these two types of glazing.

Top Myths of Window Replacement
  • All windows are the same
  • This belief isn't true as window quality varies.
    If the materials used to construct your
    replacement windows are top-notch, the quality of
    your windows will be top-notch. What works with
    one house may not yield the same results with
    yours. That's why you should make sure the
    company installing your windows take a look at
    your house before installation so that they can
    help you determine what will work best for your
    home. Hiring reputable window company is as
    important as choosing a quality window.
  • Installation may take weeks
  • The actual installation of your window should
    only take a day or two depending on the size of
    your project, but the manufacturing of your
    replacement windows may take a few weeks. The
    window company you're working with should let you
    know when to expect your window installation and
    everything that it entails.

Top Myths of Window Replacement
  • You can't replace windows in the winter
  • The truth is that you can upgrade your home
    windows in the winter. Although, nobody wants to
    open up his or her home while temperatures might
    be freezing in the winter. A reputable window
    replacement company will always ensure that your
    home is well protected from cold and snowy
    outside. They will replace your windows one by
    one so that way your home is not left open to the
  • Replacement windows require no maintenance
  • It's essential to note that some upkeep is still
    required after you replace your window. From time
    to time, you need to wipe down your new windows
    to make sure no dust or dirt builds up over time.
    It is recommended to clean the window regularly
    to maintain its vibrant and elegant appearance.
    Your new windows will last longer and be in a
    better condition if you start looking after them
  • It is easy to replace windows yourself
  • Window installation is not something you should
    tackle on your own. While it may be tempting to
    take the job yourself in an attempt to spend less
    money, the project can become more expensive than
    you expected. Window installation requires skill,
    precision, and a set of tools. Once you miss the
    measurement, your windows could be useless.
    Windows that isn't professionally installed
    leaves homes more vulnerable to break and
    decreases energy efficiency.

How to Install Replacement Windows
  • Measure for Replacements
  • The first step in the process of window
    replacement is by measuring the existing window
    frame to ensure you make the right order. The two
    measurements youll need are the height and width
    of the old windows. You get the width by
    measuring the distance between the inside of the
    right jamb to that of the left. Also, you get the
    height by measuring the gap between the head jamb
    and window sill.
  • Remove Old Sash
  • Obvious, the old sash must be taken out. In most
    cases, you have to unscrew the wooden stops so
    that you can take out the lower sash. After that,
    remove the parting bread so the upper sash can be
    free. By merely pressing the jamb liners, you can
    pull forward the top of the sash. Then drift a
    side of the sash upward to free it from the jamb

How to Install Replacement Windows
  • Prepare the Frame for Installation
  • Prepare the frame for install by removing any
    drive in, old caulk y, or nails. Scrape off all
    the blistered and loose paint and patch any
    cracks or holes with grade wood putty. Smooth the
    jambs, prime, and then you can paint the
  • Install the Replacement Window
  • Place the window into the frame to be sure it
    will perfectly fit and then remove it. Put a bead
    of caulk along the windowsill and inside the edge
    of the outside window stops. Work from inside the
    room, start by placing the insert replacement
    bottom onto the sill, then direct to the opening.
    Ensure the window fit tight against the blind
    stops or exterior casings.
  • Caulk and Paint
  • From outside the window, measure the gap between
    the casing and frame. The window usually comes
    with an insert to cover the hole or sloped frame
    to fit the sill slope. If neither is available,
    fill the space using a piece of wood. Caulk the
    joint between the insert and structure, and then
    you can prime and paint the interior of the
    window frame and sash.

How To Choose Replacement Windows
  • The ideal layout should be the most important
    thing to consider when having your windows
    replaced. You have to realize the benefit it will
    be for each room to have new windows. Perhaps,
    the room needs more natural light, or maybe the
    window style is outdated and the windows need
    upgrading to give the home a more modern look.
    You will also have to consider the general layout
    as you may need to choose similar window styles
    all around the house, to give the home an
    overall uniform look.
  • Without a doubt, choosing the right material for
    your window replacement can be quite daunting
    for this reason, it is imperative to know how the
    material measures up as far as how strong or weak
    it is. Wood, aluminum, vinyl and fibreglass are
    the most common types of materials that are used
    for window frames.
  • Homeowners always have the concern of safety
    whenever any home improvements are being done
    the homeowner wants to ensure no one will be
    injured by windows that are installed poorly. The
    windows that are being replaced need to ensure
    the homeowner is protected against any form of
    disaster occurring.

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