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What’s Hot In Backyard Design in 2018 [6 Tips to an Amazing Yard]


The backyard is that private area in our home where everyone gets peace. In today’s time, everyone wants that their backyard must have a different look. So here are some tips in the attachment provided which will help you to make your backyard look amazing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What’s Hot In Backyard Design in 2018 [6 Tips to an Amazing Yard]

Whats Hot In Backyard Design in 2018 6 Tips to
an Amazing Yard
Aiming for a new look for your outdoor oasis?
Check out whats hot in backyard design!
  • You might be looking for some of the latest
    and greatest gardening and landscaping ideas to
    make your space just that little bit more
    special. If so, youve come to the right place!
    The following are unique design concepts that are
    currently topping the gardening charts

Landscaping With Edibles
  • Most of the time, people plan their landscaping
    to include an herb and veggie garden separate
    from their florals and other more ornamental
    landscaping, but the trend now is to mix and
    mingle the edibles with the decorative.
  • Its a perfect way to keep the edibles front and
    center, and in some cases, the florals can help
    protect them from insects. Marigolds, sunflowers
    and lavender are just three examples of
    ornamental plants that can help protect your
    veggie plants from pests!

  • For extra fun, investigate and try your green
    thumb at growing a new veggie this year.
    Cucamelon, anyone? They are a cucumber watermelon
    hybrid that grow more or less like cucumbers do
    but are smaller, with a tinge of sour. Perfect
    for pickling.

Planning For Climate Change
  • Global warming is here to stay, so gardening
    in sustainable ways that match the current trends
    in weather makes sense. In our neck of the woods,
    designing your landscape to handle more water
    from wetter winters and more heat from drier
    summers is the best way to go.

  • Drought tolerant, low maintenance plants, good
    water drainage and decks that are properly
    treated to avoid wood rot are just a few of the
    ways you can improve your landscape with the
    environment in mind. Another big trend is
    planning for less lawn and more garden, including
    raised or multi-level beds, more natural looking
    mixes of tall grasses and foliage and even adding
    wildflowers, that are hardier and more resistant
    to changes in the environment.

  • If you dont already have a rain barrel, get
    one! They come with spigots, so you can fill your
    watering can and hydrate your favorite flowers
    and plants without using municipal resources.
    Makes sense, right?

Keeping It Real. Your Garden, That Is
  • For a few years, the trend in landscaping was
    about bigger, better and more. The fancier your
    backyard was, the better. These days, the trend
    is towards a more natural, rather than stylized,
    design. Following the flow of a garden and
    working with its existing qualities, rather than
    imposing large, expensive, and unnatural
    additions that dont add any calm to the space.

  • Invest instead in high quality craftsmanship,
    rather than elaborate and overdone designs. That
    concept has never been out of style! If you want
    to create a long retaining wall along one edge of
    your garden, you can! Just make sure you blend it
    into the existing landscape by using natural
    stones and high-grade materials for a project
    that is done well the first time!

  • Another great option is to go for an eclectic
    design by mixing your old landscape with
    something new. No need to raz down the whole
    backyard to change things up! Just look at what
    you can and want to preserve in your current
    design and develop a plan that works around it.

Enhance Your Calm With Water
  • A great way to add value and calm, without being
    over the top, is to consider a water feature. It
    doesnt have to be huge or complicated even a
    standalone fountain can make a big impact without
    being ostentatious.
  • Surrounding your water feature with compatible
    plants and rocks keeps it natural looking.

Add Comfort And Chairs Further From The Back
  • Gone are the days with those old plastic
    webbing flip out chairs that left awful marks on
    the back of your legs and werent that
    comfortable! Worse still, you couldnt leave them
    out for even one season without finding them
    deteriorated and raggedy by autumn. Now you can
    have a sofa, loveseat, chairs and swings, all in
    gorgeous weather resistant fabrics that will make
    you want to stay outside for hours, all summer
    long. Add an outdoor pizza oven, along with your
    grill, and you barely need to venture inside
    after June 1st!

  • An interesting trend is the idea of putting a
    deck and the eating area further away from the
    house, getting away from the traditional deck
    that comes straight off the back. It creates an
    island, as it were, in your yard, which you can
    surround with lush plants, an arbour or container
    gardens. If you have a pool or other visual
    feature in your yard, this can be a great way to
    enhance it!

Making Outdoor Play Space For EVERYONE
  • Sure, you can have a swing set for the
    littles, but how about a bocce or boules court
    for the big kids? All the studies say that
    North Americans arent active enough, so if you
    have the room, setting up a space for badminton,
    or bocce, will get friends and family coming to
    your house for the weekend barbecue, more often
    than not! After all, its nice to sit on the
    outdoor furniture and sip a cocktail its even
    better to beat Uncle Lenny at a rousing game of

  • Whatever trend suits you, have a lot of fun in
    your garden this upcoming season by planning it
    now! Youll be ready to roll when the warmer
    weather is here to stay.
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