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Internet and Entertainment


Internet has really changed the entertainment and how we used to entertain. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Internet and Entertainment

How Entertainment Industry affected by Internet
By Mike Sean
Before Internet, a user had very limited
resources to have entertainment. The primary
source was TV which was a luxurious consumer tech
of that time. Apart from that, Movie theatre was
the only choice that people used to enjoy. There
is a big spike in the trend of entertainment from
1950s to 2018. The technology and internet is
working as a synergy and results are absolutely
Apart from movie industry, Music and newspaper
publishing companies also facing a big problem
after internet. If you have internet, you will
definitely not going to buy a copy of newspaper
or the album CD. Over the past decade, much of
the value created by music, films, and newspapers
has benefited other companies pirates and
respected technology firms alike. This benefits
consumers, who can see, read, and hear what they
want for less money. But free riding is
considered an economic problem for a reason. Over
the long-term, media companies starved of revenue
won't be able to invest as much in artists.
Television networks are already under pressure to
replace dramas with reality shows and newspapers
are leaving areas uncovered as reporting numbers
are reduced. Perhaps worst of all, the difficulty
of making money on original work is curtailing
the kind of innovation promised by the internet.
Instead of investing in technology to tell
stories in new ways, online news executives are
all pursuing "crowdsourcing" because it cuts
Movie theatres and tv are being replaced by
Smartphone, SmartTV and other TV boxes that can
deliver the best entertainment experience at
home. The technology has gotten the major shift
in the quality and reliability of the consumer
products. You can get the better tech products in
your home for entertainment when compared with
what you used to experience in movies
theatres. Online streaming apps and services made
the reach easy and flexible. There are a lot of
streaming apps that are making the entertainment
easy to reach.
Talking about the apps and services for
entertainment, we have that in abundance. Amazon
Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu etc are some of the
greatest source of entertainment. Apart from that
terrarium tv android app is another great way to
reach entertainment to the masses. What you
wanted to watch, when do you wanted to watch,
where you wanted to watch and how long you wanted
to watch, all these question got the answers in
you. TV Schedules are rigid and people dont have
to time for entertainment. They are busy in their
jobs, family and other activities but when they
do have time, they can watch anything and
Entertainment industry has effected a lot and
there is more to come. Entertainment is now easy
and one can entertain himself/herself using their
smartphones. Certainly, copyright laws need to be
updated for the digital age. Many reformers say
they favour protection, but view any attempt to
enforce it as unacceptable. This doesn't make
sense a market can't be based on voluntary
payments, and laws don't work if they can't be
enforced. There needs to be some penalty for
illegal downloading, although slowing the access
speed of a lawbreaker makes more sense than
cutting their account entirely. This has to
change, before newspapers and film suffer
declines like that of the music industry.
Technology companies have long lectured creators
on the need to adapt to a changing changing
digital world. It would be a shame if they
couldn't heed their own advice.
Thank You