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Impressive features of ASP.NET core


ASP.NET is a wonder in itself and the ASP.NET core version is like the cherry on the cake. It has features of MVC as API combined together in a wonderful sync. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Impressive features of ASP.NET core

Impressive features of ASP.NET core
The first version of .NET was released in 2001
and then followed various frameworks of it.
Developers explored the realms of .NET and tried
to broaden it. This quest of exploration seemed
to have been highly successful when the first
version of ASP.NET core was released in 2016.
ASP.NET core has won the hearts of developers
from all around the globe and there are several
reasons for it. For everyone who is wondering why
all the developers are so excited with the
release of the Core version of ASP.NET, here are
all the reasons for that
Unified MVC and web API
Model View Controller framework - the framework
that improvised the performance of web pages
manifold has proved successful in developing fast
loading web pages with a simplified structure,
and Application Program Interface which defines
how software components would interact with each
other and that leads to the development
of quality web applications.
Both of these were based on different versions of
.NET frameworks before. But, in ASP.NET core,
both have been unified. In the ASP.NET core
framework, there is a single set of objects
stored within a single namespace which offer the
functionality for MVC as well as web APIs. This
standardized approach simplifies the
complete ASP.NET application development process.
Cross-platform compatibility
The Core version of ASP.NET framework has been
designed to work on all the existing .NET
frameworks smoothly. Also, the complete framework
is platform independent as framework code will be
packaged with the deployed app. This enables the
.NET developer to write applications for Mac,
Linux, as well as Windows.
The best part about this feature is that one
can develop apps for each platform using the same
code. All one needs to alter is the frontend.
Less, very less coding
The framework is modular in structure and that
means everything is managed using the various
nugget packages. This way, it is easier to
upgrade and make changes. Also, ASP.NET core
supports nugget packages for all its library
functions. This way, the developer can just load
the required module of library instead of the
whole library.
With less requirement of coding and a modulated
framework, one can quickly develop a
well-performing application that is extremely
lightweight. In short,in all aspects, the
framework supports the less is more concept.
Well-suited for the cloud environment
With the sudden increase in the demand of cloud
based applications, .NET developers needed to up
their game and create applications that have
cloud compatibility configured. This was made
possible with the ASP.NET core framework. Thus,
now, one can develop mobile backend apps for
internet of things, web applications, etc.
Easy maintenance
Due to the modulation feature of the ASP.NET core
framework, upgrading and makin changes is really
easy as one does not need to alter the complete
design to fit in upgrades. The only nugget which
needs upgradation has to be altered.
Also, with less coding requirement, bulky web
applications also become extremely easy to handle
and maintain.
Take home message
All the above features are just a minor glimpse
of the complete ASP.NET core framework. Also, the
2.0 version of ASP.NET core which was released in
2017, proved to be an impressive upgrade of the
1.0 version. Above all, the capability of the
framework to be seamlessly integrated with
various client-side frameworks like Bootstrap,
KnockoutJS, AngularJS, etc. is like the icing on
the cake.
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