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Steps to Clean Your Top Load Washing Machine


Washing Machine Service Helps to Maintain a Machine Performance. Here are few Steps to Clean your Washing Machine. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Steps to Clean Your Top Load Washing Machine

How To Clean Your Top Load Washing Machine
  • Learn the Works Make it Simple

Washing Machine
  • Washer makes our life so simple and comfortable
    by pressing a button, goes a cycle and wash all
    the dirty clothes.
  • How cycle goes? It contains a cask into which the
    clothes fixed.
  • Now the cask is filled with water and then
    rotated quickly to remove dirt from the clothes.
    To remove dirt from clothes, we can add
    detergents to the washing machine.

Cleaning Process
  • Step1Washtub clean
  • The top load washer has an exclusive cycle to
    clean the wash tub.
  • We should run this cycle, on a monthly basis, to
    help remove the detergents and other balance and
    keep your tub clean.
  • Cleaned unit may reduce electricity consumption.

  • Follow this steps
  • Remove all your clothes from wash drum
  • Open the dispenser.
  • Add some cleaning powder such as bleach or tub
  • Close the drawer and lid.
  • Select Tube clean and press start button.
  • When cycle completed, wait for the washer to
    cool. Once cooled, open the lid.
  • Finally, use some soft cloth to wipe around the
    washer lid and door glass.

Washing Machine
  • The normal is nothing more than a cycle on a
    washing machine.

  • Step 2 Dispenser Cleaning
  • A Dispenser should be cleaned on occasion to
    remove build-ups from the detergent.
  • Washers dispenser needs some more attention.
  • Get repair service experts advice before cleaning
    your machine dispenser.

  • Follow this Steps
  • Turn Off the washers Power button and unplug it
    before cleaning.
  • Dispenser drawer to be pulled out until it stops.
  • Lift the front of the drawer and pull it out.
  • Remove inserts from the 2 compartments.
  • To clean the opening drawer, use a non-metal
    brush to clean the abeyance.
  • Reassemble the drawer, reinstall it. Now you are
    done, its good to go.

  • Step 3 Water Inlet Filters Clean
  • Water Inlet filters can get clogged, especially
    if you live in an area with hard water.
  • Cleaning the water inlet filters is easy, and
    that will help the washer to run smooth.
  • Professional Washer service is important to keep
    everything smooth.

  • Follow this Steps
  • Before Cleaning, Power of your washers power
  • Completely turn off both water taps.
  • Loosen the hot and cold water lines present in
    the back of the washer.
  • Remove the filters. Soak them well into white
  • Rinse well before reinstalling
  • Reattach the water lines.

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