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AOR Natural Health Supplements


AOR provides best health products which brings the best natural health supplements. Product range includes Active green tea, Advanced B complex, Advanced bone protection, AHCC, Amla and more to suite your individual needs. Visit the website for more details. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: AOR Natural Health Supplements

AOR Natural Health Supplements Keeps You Healthy
Introduction People who take additional natural
health supplements along with a balanced diet
have been benefitted in many ways. The trend has
changed, more and more people are including
Natural Health Supplements in their lifestyle.
Taking supplements can add additional nutrients
when you are lacking in good diet or certain
health conditions has led to deficiency in
nutrition. Today, due to chemical processing of
vegetables and other edible substances we do not
get all the vital nutrients that our bodies
require to stay healthy. Therefore, we cannot
only rely on the food we eat and need supplements
to fulfill the bodys requirements
AOR provides specially designed supplements that
meet the bodys requirements conferring to the
bodys needs. They have supplements for
6. Bone Health 7. Detoxification 8. Mood 9.
Muscle Health 10. Weight Management and more
1. Eye Health 2. Joint Health 3. Kidney Health 4.
Anti-aging 5. Brain health
AORs Cellular DetoxAORs Cellular Detox helps
in boosting detoxification at the cellular level.
  • What does it do?
  • It provides probiotics and nutrients that
    protect cells and promote detoxification. It
    effectively promotes the removal of toxins in the
    liver and colon. It has got ingredients which
    support phase II detoxification.
  • How does it work?
  • AORs Cellular Detox starts its work right from
    the cellular level. It has got 3 powerful
    ingredients that stimulate colon, liver and
    cellular detoxification. SGS (Sulforaphane) which
    comes from broccoli is a great inducer of phase
    II liver detoxification. It promotes healthy cell
    growth.  Cellular Detox neutralizes the toxins
    and eliminate them from the body with the
    effective action of D-glucarate. Cellular Detox
    also enhances the bodys immune system with the
    help of Bifidobacterium longum, a probiotic. It
    is a complete action pack designed for short-term
  • There are several other products for
    detoxification such as Hydroxy B12, which is a
    unique form of Vitamin B-12 and is recommended
    for vegetarians because vegetarians are likely to
    suffer from B-12 deficiency. It acts as a great
    support for the nerves and detoxification
    process. Carnosine 500 is another great
    supplement for detoxification as it reduces cell
    damage and waste build-up. Its main purpose is
    to promote youthful cell function.

AORs Joint Health Supplement If you are having
problems in your joints. You feel your joints
have started to leave support and the mobility is
also difficult then you can improve your joint
problems by supplementing yourself with AORs one
of Joint Health Supplement.
  • Boswellia
  • Boswellia provides superior joint support and it
    improves joint comfort and mobility as well. In
    addition to joint health, it also helps in
    improving gastrointestinal and respiratory
    health. Many ingredients used in this product are
    also used in Ayurvedic medicines as well.
  • For more information you can visit

AORs Bone Health SupplementIf you want to
improve your bone health and are low in bone
mineral density, consider having AORs Bone
health supplement for better results.
  • Advanced Bone Protection
  • These capsules are powerful bone supports that
    have protein complexes derived from milk. It
    boosts collagen production and calcium usage and
    also adds up to   bone growth and bone mineral
  • You can find more information and related
    products here https//

AORs Brain Health supplementBrain health
supplements can boost memory, motivation,
creativity, alertness and cognitive functions.
  • BACOPA enlighten has been designed to help
    support the function of the brain. It helps with
    memory and other cognitive functions, protects
    the nervous system. It also boosts antioxidant
    defenses in the brain.
  • for more details visit https//

AORs Eye Health Supplement Taking care of eyes
is very important because eyes are the gateways
through which we see the world. If you want to
give extra benefits to your eyes, consider
supplementing it with some great products.
  • DHA
  • It contains everything that is essential for the
    eyes and the brain. It contains Omega-3 fatty
    acids that is very good for the health. Vegans
    dont have to rely only on plant sources for
    Omega-3 fatty acids now, DHA is a great
  • for more details visit https//

AORs Muscle health Supplement People often
suffer from muscle cramps, fatigues and
weaknesses. The reason behind that is
deficiencies of nutrients that keep the muscles
fit. Muscle health supplements can help in
improving muscle health.
  • Mag malate renew
  • It acts as a support for muscle discomfort and
    fatigue. It contains magnesium malate which helps
    in relaxation of muscles after contraction.
    Malate is a key intermediate in the energy
    production cycle.
  • for more details visit https//

AORs Thyroid Health Supplement Thyroid
hormones are essential for maintaining metabolism
and growth of the body. People suffering from
thyroid problems can supplement themselves with
AORs formula after taking the opinion their
  • T-100
  • T-100 is a powerful Glandular based thyroid
    formula. It stimulates thyroid functions and
    features endocrine gland extracts. It acts as a
    great support for the endocrine system. The
    product description also mentions that it helps
    in weight management as well.
  • for more details visit https//

AORs Sports NutritionThe name might make
anybody think that this supplement is for sport
people but that is not the case. It is mainly for
the cardiovascular health.
  • CARDIO MAG 2.0
  • This supplement helps in protecting the heart
    and the heart cells. It also helps in increasing
    the energy production in the heart.
  • for more details visit https//

  • There are other valuable products including but
    not limited to skin health, stress, flu, cold as
    mentioned earlier. AORs mission is to provide
    high quality nature-based medicines that can
    effectively support your health in all forms.
    They try to deliver the right molecule in the
    right dose, at the right place and at the right
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