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Presentation of Voice of Healthcare


Health IT (Health Information Technology) is the area of IT involving the design, development, creation, use and maintenance of information systems for the healthcare industry – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Presentation of Voice of Healthcare

Is healthcare it an essential investment or
inevitable expense in tier ii markets?
Amit U. Jain, Founder
Health information technology (Hit)
  • Health IT (Health Information Technology) is the
    area of IT involving the design, development,
    creation, use and maintenance of information
    systems for the healthcare industry. HIT is now a
    very wide field and it comprises of these

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic
    Medical Records (EMR) essentially involves usage
    of computers to maintain patient records in terms
    of demographic information, past medical history,
    investigations and prescriptions.

  • mHealth (Mobile Health) is essentially using
    mobile phones for medical consultation. It can be
    as basic as a video chat with the patient to
    screening patients retina through mobile camera.
  • mHealth witnessing increased usage in healthcare
    these days.

Telemedicine / telepathology /teleradiology
  • TeleMedicine is now widely used in catering to
    patients in rural areas to save time provide
    timely care
  • By TelePathology, referring doctors get instant
    access to patients pathology reports
  • By TeleRadiology, experts opinions can be sought

Internet of medical things (iomt)
  • Internet of Medical Things is going to be A Game
    Changer in 2020. Things of IoT in Healthcare
  • Wearables e.g. wrist bands that measure steps
    taken, pulse, blood pressure, sleep quality,
    temperature and even oxygen levels. All these
    pieces of data are sent to the users smartphone
  • Organ on Chips (OoC) Organs-on-Chips is truly a
    ground-breaking invention of creating human organ
    system on miniature micro-engendered chips. These
    chips help to better understand the functions of
    our organs
  • Digital Pills The patient consumes a chip in a
    pill, this chip are capable of capturing
    photographs through which specialists come to
    know more about the inner functions of organs,
    also how the drug affects them.
  • Mobile Retina Camera

Internet of medical things (iomt)
  • Google Glass Just imagine a healthcare provider
    who, while examining a patient, knows the past
    medical history. At the same time he can
    communicate with other experts across the globe
    and share valuable information leading to better
    and improved patient care. It could also be used
    during surgical procedures to consult with other
    physicians. Diagnostic images can be shared, home
    care sessions could be taken
  • Mobile Retina Camera It is Smartphone-based
    fundus camera device with ability to image
    peripheral retina. In fact, an Indian company has
    developed an inexpensive smartphone-based fundus
    camera device which is priced at approximately
    US 300.
  • Robots Many hospitals have already started using
    Robots for these purposes remote consulting with
    doctors, guide patients for various facilities,
    measure medical data, to set reminders for nurses
    for better and timey patient care.
  • Portable Pathology
  • Portable Vitals Kit

Internet of medical things (iomt)
  • Portable Pathology These are handy, portable
    kits (less than the dimensions of an A4 paper)
    that can be carried to patient homes to measure
    almost 200 pathological parameters.
  • Portable Vitals Kit These are handy medical kits
    to measure the vitals of a patient (as in home
    care) temperature, pulse, Blood pressure, SPO2
    and ECG.

Past scenario of Healthcare in tier ii cities
  • Tier-II towns had largely remained below the
    radar of private sector in healthcare.
  • Healthcare was largely dominated by doctor-owned
    small to mid-sized centres offering a few basic
  • Availability of medical care was skewed by
    absence of good quality tertiary care medical
    offering in most small cities.
  • Private sector healthcare delivery was limited to
    negligible presence of quality corporate
    hospitals especially in the Northern and Central
    parts of the country

Current scenario of Healthcare in tier ii cities
  • Tier II cities now have improved infrastructure
    and transportation facilities
  • Tier II cities now provide better quality of life
    to professionals and skilled people
  • With the development of basic amenities, more
    influx of nearby rural population to Tier II
    cities is happening at a quicker pace.
  • In the last one decade many Corporate Hospitals
    have entered Tier II cities. For example, Indore
    now has Aollo, Medanta and Shalby.

Current scenario of Healthcare in tier ii cities
  • Expectations of People in Tier II cities in terms
    of healthcare delivery have increased
  • Corporate Hospitals in Tier II cities have a
    distinctive advantage of being processes and
    technology driven
  • Corporate Hospitals in Tier II cities run
    Consultation Camps of Specialists of National
  • Specialists from Tier I cities are posted to Tier
    II locations by Corporate Hospitals

Challenges faced by hospitals in tier ii cities
  • Local Hospitals in Tier II cities are facing
    tough competition by Corporate Hospitals
  • Enhanced expectations of patients in terms of
    facilities and amenities are catalysts to
    increased Capex for the local hospitals Better
    and Innovative infrastructure etc.
  • Tier II cities Hospitals are now transforming
    from single doctor owned hospitals to group of
    doctors owning and running hospitals

Hit Advantages to patients
Hit Advantages to hospitals
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HIT an essential investment in tier ii cities
  • Talking in terms of the past and the current
    scenario of hospitals in Tier II cities, it can
    be safely concluded that HIT is an essential
  • NOT
  • An inevitable expense.

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