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Tips for Writing Medical Dissertation


Here are the quick tips to write a quality medical dissertation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tips for Writing Medical Dissertation

Medical Dissertation Writing What Makes a
Quality Dissertation?
Medical Dissertation
  • If you look at the several medical dissertations
    published across the world, you find that they
    are not of the same quality.
  • Some of them are poor in terms of quality because
    of no transparency of
  • results, no explanation of details, unclarity of
    conclusive remarks, and poor
  • structure of information.
  • The authors or the institutes who publish such
    dissertations can
  • perform a quality research and write a
    quality medical dissertation.
  • However, they are not aware of the factors that
    make a quality
  • dissertation. Carrying out research doesnt make
    a quality dissertation. You
  • have to document the entire work in a proper and
    presentable format.

  • Before we proceed to the tips of writing a
    quality dissertation, lets see the
  • features of a quality dissertation.

A Duality Dissertation Has
  • A clear aim of the study
  • Clear statements about the research gap (s)
    filled by the current study
  • A full explanation of the research methods
  • Description of the statistical tools applied in
    the study
  • Details about the data collected
  • Detailed analysis of the data
  • A relationship between the results and the
    existing body of knowledge
  • The relevance of results is clear to the readers
  • A statement about the implication of the study
  • Consideration of the academic and real-world

With these features in mind, here are the quick
tips to write a quality medical dissertation.
1) Title
  • Write the title of your dissertation in
    upper/lower case
  • and within 65 characters.  Choose the title that
  • the content of your dissertation. In simple
    words, the
  • readers must come to know what they will read
    about in
  • your dissertation from the title itself. Dont
    leave them
  • guessing.

2) Abstract
  • Keep in mind the objective of your study i.e. why
  • undertook this study to write the abstract. Keep
  • abstract short, within 250-350 words and use
    double line
  • spacing.

3) Introduction
  • In this section, introduce the readers to the
  • background of the problem, what are the gaps in
    previous research work, and how you intend to
  • solve the problem with your study. This will
    clearly define the purpose of your study. Also,
    define the scientific terms you use in your text
    in the
  • introduction.

4) Literature Review 
  • Here, acknowledge the research projects you have
    used as a reference source for your study.

5) Methods 
  • This section focuses on what resources you used
  • in the study, how you collected the resources,
  • and how you used them to derive your results.
  • For writing a quality dissertation, keep your
    focus on the research questions, and give details
    about the experiment settings, participants, data
  • collection, and data analysis processes.

6) Results/Findings
  • Restate your research question (s) and discuss
  • findings in detail. Keep in mind that the results
  • answer the questions you intended at the
  • of your study.

7) Conclusions
  • In the final chapter, summarize your study and
    its key findings. Remember to explain how your
    findings will
  • make a difference in the academic community and
    how to imply them in practice.
  • Also, include a Recommendations for future
  • research section at the end. Here you can
  • future research to clarify the issues of your
  • further. Explain why you suggest this research
    and what form it should take.

8) Bibliography
  • Cite all the references you used for your
    research and writing your dissertation.

  • Writing a quality dissertation not only requires
    a competent
  • research, but also time management to focus on
    the writing
  • process and complete each section one-by-one.
  • So, stay away from the distractions, make your
    own time
  • table, follow this dissertation guideline, and
    write a quality
  • dissertation.
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    dissertation writing 
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