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Learn All About Sober Living Facilities


1. Sober living homes and their benefits 2. Sober Living Homes And Rehab Facilities: Which Is Better And More Effective? 3. Why Sober Living Home Is The Best Choice For Complete Recovery From Addiction 4. Finding And Selecting The Best Sober Living Home – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Learn All About Sober Living Facilities

Learn All About Sober Living Facilities
  1. Sober living homes and their benefits
  2. Sober Living Homes And Rehab Facilities Which Is
    Better And More Effective?
  3. Why Sober Living Home Is The Best Choice For
    Complete Recovery From Addiction
  4. Finding And Selecting The Best Sober Living Home

Sober living homes and their benefits
  • Affordability
  • Unlike rehab treatment facilities, sober living
    homes are quite affordable and do not leave a
    hole in people's pockets. Not everyone can afford
    to pay for rental and utility bills due to fixed
    income or insufficient funds. Sober living homes
    can provide the necessary utilities at a rate
    that an average citizen can afford.
  • Support system
  • The support system from peer group is highly
    effective in strengthening the resolve of an
    addict to quit. In the facility, there are peer
    counselors that offer help and systematic support
    to struggling addicts. To an extent, this ensures
    focus and determination.
  • Centralized location
  • There is easy access to means of transportation,
    comfort, and other resources in sober living
    homes. They are strategically built to facilitate
    ease of access to important utilities.
  • Well structured environment
  • There are no strict regulations in sober living
    homes but residents are urged to abide by rules
    so that their aim and objective can be achieved.
    In addition, the residents are urged to attend
    outside treatments or AA/NA meetings which can
    set the right pace for them. During their stay,
    addicts must neither smuggle toxic substances nor
    engage in illicit activities of any kind. Code
    and conduct are not to be flouted.

Sober Living Homes And Rehab Facilities Which Is
Better And More Effective?
  • In sober living homes, patients who are admitted
    are those who have exceeded critical recovery
    stage. Usually, it is important to prevent the
    possibility of the recurrence of the vicious
    cycle of addiction. This is where halfway homes
    become essential. With an ambient and serene
    environment, sober living homes give a smooth
    transitioning to normal life to their patients.
    Since there is no detoxification process or
    counseling sessions, these home do not compare to
    sober living homes in any way.
  • Furthermore, there is a mutual exclusion between
    rehabs and sober living homes. To receive
    addiction treatment, it is best to go to drug
    rehab centers. But halfway homes are best suited
    for learning a positive living style in an
    environment that promotes participation. This
    often reduces the occurrence of relapse.
    Substance abuse as a progressive disease requires
    runs in cycles. Sometimes, treatment can be
    ineffective such that the patient goes back into
    addiction later on. But a supportive environment
    like sober living homes breaks the cycle of
  • After detoxification and therapy, these temporary
    homes are used to eliminate the recurrence of
    temptations or relapse. In a sober living home,
    there is no access to harmful substances or
    reminders - they completely restrain the patient.
    Once the patient gets used to this pattern of
    living, it will not be difficult to detach from
    the problem. With the support staff present in
    these homes, the patients are able to completely
    restrain themselves from harmful substances
    because of the training and support they are

Why Sober Living Home Is The Best Choice For
Complete Recovery From Addiction
  • One of the many benefits one can derive from
    sober living homes is the possibility of finding
    like-minded people that are struggling to quit
    addiction as well. A sober living home is
    characterized by the absolute prohibition of
    drugs and alcohol that can be tempting to the
    patients that are trying to quit addiction in the
    first place. However, the level of strictness may
    vary from one facility to the other but it is
    important to choose the facility that contributes
    to total abstinence from drugs.
  • Generally, a 12-step approach is adopted by
    standard sober living homes. Every addict is
    expected to be one step higher than others in
    their recovery process. These set of addicts are
    appointed as counsellors or mentors to their
    peers. This 'leading by example' method
    facilitates the desire to get rid of the
    addiction. Therefore, sober living homes are
    absolutely necessary to promote personal freedom
    and self-esteem.
  • Again, sober living homes are controlled
    environments that provide security and safety.
    Moreover, the constant and cumulative support
    that is derived from peer support cannot be
    overemphasized. With 24 hours support and
    surveillance, there is little possibility of
    anyone smuggling drugs or alcohol inside the
    home. This ensures a successful recovery and
    relapse becomes remotely impossible.
  • More so, it is important to weight the cost of
    sober living homes against your budget. Truly,
    not everyone requires such facility because
    addiction varies. Except the addiction has become
    life-threatening, there may be little need to
    combine rehab with sober living homes. But it is
    always good to combine both for a successful
    recovery. That said, there are affordable sober
    living homes that can suit one's need and budget.

Finding And Selecting The Best Sober Living Home
  • Different safe houses or sober living homes you
    can find
  • Just like every other organization, sober living
    homes have varieties of management styles and
    services. As an individual, you have to define
    your needs and requirements and select the one
    that suits you best. Also, do not forget about
    the stringent rules and regulations of each home.
    During the program, residents are monitored until
    they are declared to be 'substance-free'. A few
    examples of their restraining methods include
    roll calls, curfews, and so on. After completion
    of the program, the residents are urged to search
    for means of engagement or sustenance as a
    distraction mechanism.

The End
  • For more details, please visit
  • http//soberliving.ca/guide-to-sober-living/
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