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Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh (10)


Cloud computing training in chandigarh is provided by CBitss Technologies at sector 34A . For more information contact-us : 9914641983 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh (10)

Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh
  • Cloud has generally utilize as a mark for
    Internet in the web description . Cloud computing
    is a new IT delivery model accessed over the
    network . It is definitely not formed in one day
    by a Big Bang . This insurgent way of computing
    appear from transformative difference , ability ,
    evolution and advancements of technologies over
    the last 50 years.

Evolution of cloud computing
  • How many times have you heard others saying that
    cloud computing is a new technology revolution?
    Perhaps you have entered into a debate of
    deciding whether cloud is an evolution of
    existing technologies or not. Well, like many of
    you I often see people argue on this topic.

The five characteristics that define cloud
computing are
  • On-demand self-service. This means provisioning
    or de-provisioning computing resources as needed
    in an automated fashion without human
    intervention. An correlation to this is
    electricity as a service where a customer can
    direction on or off a switch on-demand to use as
    much electricity as required.

Ubiquitous network access.
  • This means that computing facilities can be
    accessed from anywhere over the network using any
    sort of thin or thick clients for example
    smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers
    and so on .

Resource pooling
  • This means that computing resources are pooled to
    meet the demand of the consumers so that
    resources physical or virtual can be dynamically
    assigned, reassigned or de-allocated as per the
    requirement. Normally the customers are not
    attentive of the correct direction of computing
    resources. However, they may be able to specify
    location country, city, region and the like for
    their need. For example, I as a consumer might
    want to host my services with a cloud provider
    that has cloud data centers within the boundaries
    of Australia.

Rapid elasticity.
  • Cloud computing defend an difficulty of
    integrated supply to the customer . In cloud
    portrait , resources can be elastically
    provisioned or released according to demand. For
    example, my cloud-based online services should be
    able to handle a sudden peak in traffic demand by
    expanding the resources elastically. When the
    spike descend , irrelevant effects can be
    discharged naturally .

Measured service.
  • This means that consumers only pay for the
    computing resources they have used. This concept
    is similar to utilities like water or

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