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All You Need To Know About Registered Massage Therapists


1. Why it’s important to choose a registered massage therapist? 2. Alleviate pain and expedite healing with massage therapy 3. Warm hands for cold hands? 4. Massage therapy for Viking disease? 5. Meniere's Disease: how can you make massage therapy your ally Find out more at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: All You Need To Know About Registered Massage Therapists

All You Need To Know About Registered Massage
  1. Why its important to choose a registered massage
  2. Alleviate pain and expedite healing with massage
  3. Warm hands for cold hands?
  4. Massage therapy for Viking disease?
  5. Meniere's Disease how can you make massage
    therapy your ally

Why its important to choose a registered massage
  • Massage therapy involves manual techniques such
    as stroking, applying pressure, manipulate
    tissues and so on, and it can be used to reduce
    stress and promote relaxation, but at the same
    time it is a valuable treatment option in
    alleviating symptoms associated with serious
    medical conditions, including cancer, diabetes,
    multiple sclerosis, post-op conditions and many
    more. This means even the slightest mistake,
    wrong twist or too much pressure applied can
    aggravate the condition and cause more pain.
  • Imagine for a second the case of an oncological
    patient that has been through so much and might
    still have a long way to go to recovery seeking a
    minimally invasive therapy option to help with
    chemotherapy pain or disease associated symptoms
    and having to fall in the unexperienced hands of
    an individual who pretends to make them feel
    well. And this applies to everyone, regardless of
    how minor or complex the condition you are
    looking to alleviate.
  • Luckily, there are ways a patient can easily spot
    a fraud. One would be the oldest rule from the
    book that dictates cheaper usually means lower
    quality. It might seem like a solution to save
    some money and also benefit from a massage, but
    long term you might be exposing yourself to even
    greater financial burden and added pain.
    Secondly, background research on the therapist
    you plan on booking. There are various trusted
    sources that provide lists of registered massage
    therapists, forums that discuss feedback and
    reviews and the website of the therapists
    themselves as usually trained and legitimate
    practitioners publish their certifications.

Alleviate pain and expedite healing with massage
  • Acute pain and stress
  • Before and after surgery, commonly patients
    experience high levels of stress, which is not
    unnatural. It is genuinely known that stress can
    manifest either physically or mentally or both.
    Physically, symptoms occur after the body is
    dealing with the trauma of the surgery and, as a
    result, it gets weaker and more tensed. Mentally,
    the whole idea of a procedure be it minor or
    major, installs a sense of anxiety while being
    constrained to a bed adds extra burden. Through
    muscle and soft tissue manipulation, the blood
    flow is regulated and improved thus helping the
    body heal and recover better and faster.
  • By triggering pressure points and using deep
    tissue massage techniques oxygen and nutrients
    levels are boosted and the body is better
    positioned to start healing. Hand manipulation
    also provide comfort and induce a state of
  • Scarring
  • Besides the fact that many people regard scars as
    being physically unappealing, they can also pose
    a greater risk by building up collagen in the
    fibres and restricting movement and circulation.
    A registered massage therapist will know the
    right techniques to use in order to loosen the
    tissue, realign it and give it its elasticity
    back. Even though it is not always a 100 sure,
    regularly undergoing specialized massage therapy
    session can decrease the appearance of the scars
    as well.

Warm hands for cold hands?
  • A Raynauds attack will cause an interruption of
    blood supply to fingers, toes and other affected
    areas causing them to change colour and feel
    numb. As treatment options, people suffering from
    this condition can use topical medications, such
    as ointments and lotions to boost blood flow, or
    follow a medical treatment which includes calcium
    channel blockers. Patients can also receive
    self-management tips and tricks to help them
    better manage the attacks. Since there are many
    various things that can trigger them, from
    vibrations and a hot wind to smoking and
    contraceptive pills, it is utterly important for
    patients to have all their tools in their toolbox
    ready to use.
  • A highly overlooked but probably most effective
    alternative to the standard treatment can be
    massage therapy, specifically connective tissue
    manipulation performed by a registered
    practitioner who is familiar with the disease,
    the symptoms and acknowledges that every case is
    individually different, and so should the
    treatment plan be.
  • According to the Raynauds Association, a
    massage therapy technique called Russian Friction
    is highly indicated for patients. During a
    session, a practitioner will use friction to
    stimulate body heat through moderate motions,
    genuinely used in sports therapy. By combining
    this with kneading and vibrating movements,
    muscle stiffness is alleviated, blood circulation
    is restored and optimized and stress is reduced.
    The Association also states that this type of
    massage therapy has the potential to improve
    central nervous system functions, better
    equipping the body to deal with an attack.

Massage therapy for Viking disease?
  • According to researches, massage therapy has
    proven to be highly beneficial as an adjunctive
    treatment strategy for Dupuytren's disease
    patients. Among the main improvements observed
    where in attenuating tissue levels that drive the
    progression of the disease, reducing inflammation
    and triggering neuroimmune responses which can
    aid symptoms.
  • A specific massage therapy called
    cross-frictional in addition to gentle stretching
    exercises has been shown to improve tissue
    elasticity and surprisingly, reduce the
    visibility of adhesions. Because this condition
    is highly sensitive, therapists should be
    properly trained and registered to handle and
    help patients seeking treatment. Massage therapy
    is a non-invasive solution that can offer relief
    without causing harm and help millions whose
    lives have been impacted by Dupuytrens.
  • While massage therapy can have direct benefits,
    people suffering from this condition are very
    much encouraged to adopt an exercising routine.
    By doing this at home as well as under the care
    of a professional, benefits can last longer and
    be more visible. There are many techniques that
    your therapist can share with you which will
    ensure an effect of blood flow increase across
    the hands, stimulate cellular activity and
    eliminate nodules.

Meniere's Disease how can you make massage
therapy your ally
  • Registered therapists have found ways to improve
    symptoms and help patients better manage their
    conditions. The cervical spine is as its name
    suggest the backbone of our bodies, it how nerves
    communicate and circulate throughout the body and
    it is both the way in and the way out of
    sensorial receptors. Manipulating and aligning
    the cervical vertebrae of the neck and cranial
    bone taps into the bodys natural pharmacy. It
    optimizes its function and stimulates the inner
    power to heal.
  • For vertigo symptoms in particular, there are 4
    types of massage therapy that have proven their
    efficiency . Ban Hui is performed by a registered
    therapist by standing behind the patient and
    wrapping his hands around their head while
    pressure is applied at the forehead level,
    triggering different points. Qiao Yin massage
    works by applying pressure in circular movements,
    inside and around the ear. Feng Chi is another
    option known to help with vertigo and
    balance-related symptoms. A practitioner usually
    starts pressing his thumbs from the neck up for a
    couple of minutes aiming to reduce the tension
    and promote better blood flow and nerve
    communication. Last but not least, the Tai Xi
    technique has been also praised for its benefits.
    By triggering a specific point located in
    patients legs, between the medial malleolus's
    edge and the Achilles tendon attachment, massage
    therapists to regain vascular activity which can
    have a positive effect across the whole body.

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