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Learn About A Variety Of Doors And Windows


1. Craftsman Doors And Windows: Special Color Schemes And Style Ideas. 2. Exterior French doors and their benefits. 3. Different styles of Craftsman Front Door. 4. Sliding Doors: The New Method To Get Easy Access To Your Home. 5. The True Beauty Of French Doors. 6. Choosing Bay or Bow Windows. 7. Bow Vs Bay - What Is the Right Window for Your Home? 8. New Bay and Bow Windows For Your Home. 9. Craftsman Interior Design: The New Look for Classy Homeowners. 10.Sliding Doors: How To Maintain Their Functionality And Reliability. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Learn About A Variety Of Doors And Windows

Learn About A Variety Of Doors And Windows
  1. Craftsman Doors And Windows Special Color
    Schemes And Style Ideas
  2. Exterior French doors and their benefits
  3. Different styles of Craftsman Front Door
  4. Sliding Doors The New Method To Get Easy Access
    To Your Home
  5. The True Beauty Of French Doors
  6. Choosing Bay or Bow Windows
  7. Bow Vs Bay - What Is the Right Window for Your
  8. New Bay and Bow Windows For Your Home
  9. Craftsman Interior Design The New Look for
    Classy Homeowners
  10. Sliding Doors How To Maintain Their
    Functionality And Reliability

Craftsman Doors And Windows Special Color
Schemes And Style Ideas
  • In the home exterior as well, there is an intense
    coordination when a similar color is used for the
    window panel. For example, the grey hue of the
    home matched with cobalt blue door can be
    combined with a lighter shade of blue on the
    window panel. Generally, this greatly increases
    the visual attraction of the exterior.
  • In addition, the size of the patio should
    determine the selected size of the Craftsman
    door. For instance, a wide door should be
    selected if you have a wide patio. Some smart
    homeowners increase the value of their property
    by improving the visual appeal of the home
    exterior. A simple example is to add Craftsman
    windows that come in pairs or triads.
  • Windows panels are usually pronounced. Thus, it
    is important to be selective while searching for
    color options. This is because you dont want a
    flattering color, but a visually appealing one.
    Good combinations are muted bronze red brick
    combinations and blue and grey.

Exterior French doors and their benefits
  • Beauty with class
  • The alluring appearance of French doors isn't the
    only reason for the rising popularity. Their huge
    size occupies enough space that makes it the
    central point of attention for guests. The wooden
    materials used in carving the frame of some
    French doors also add a touch of vintage to the
    general outlook. The wood is durable and smooth
    to touch. Examples of popular woods for French
    doors are cherry, walnut, and oak all of which
    have a great reputation for durability.
  • Additional of value to the home
  • Real estate agents can explain this point the
    best. The real cost of a property doesn't lie in
    the initial cost of purchase. Rather, the overall
    functionality and design found in the home add to
    the value of the property. A home fitted with
    French doors will cost higher than normal houses.
    In fact, the integration of wood and glass into
    the French doors makes it stand the test of time.
    A home buyer will hardly make an objection the
    high price of such a home, considering the
    quality involved.

Exterior French doors and their benefits
  • Relaxation purposes
  • Few people pay attention to this functionality
    for glass French doors. Transparent French doors
    mounted between one's room and the garden can put
    anyone in a relaxation mood during weekends. At
    night, you can sneak a peek at the starry sky
    while observing the size of the moon. This is
    enough reason for anyone to wake up early in the
    morning to relish the beauty of nature.
  • Increased level of security
  • Have you heard about fibreglass? While some
    people have protested about the dangers, it is
    strengthened with decorative grills to ward off
    intruders. Good substitutes are covert cameras
    and door alarms in the case of theft or burglary.
    Whatever your choice is, the functionality of the
    doors will remain intact.

Different styles of Craftsman Front Door
  • Clear or stained panes of glasses. Usually, the
    numbers of panes are about three to six and the
    lower two-thirds hold the wooden panel support.
  • In three-pane doors, there are three vertical
    rectangles particularly cased together to
    resemble a symmetrical arrangement of the popular
    Craftsman design.
  • In six-pane doors, there is a grid-like pattern
    which resembles a two-dimensional symmetrical
  • At the upper section of the door, there may be
    selective patterns this is the commonest.
  • Sometimes, Craftsman front door styles can have
    intrinsic designs at the base of the panes. These
    small ledges can be designed with molds.

Sliding Doors The New Method To Get Easy Access
To Your Home
  • Like a train, sliding doors have their 'rail
    tracks'. These tracks, after fitting into the
    door frame, allow for easy sliding of the door.
    The mechanism is facilitated by the installation
    of small rolling hardware pieces which are fixed
    into the track.
  • To have a firm grip on the door during the
    sliding motion, handles or notches can be carved
    into the doors. You can also request for a knob
    or dummy handle if you prefer them to the first
    pair. The benefits of both pairs lie in the
    individual functionality. Thus, it is difficult
    to mention the better pair.
  • Furthermore, there is always an opportunity for
    customization of door material. Selection of the
    type of wood and hardware of the door is
    possible. Best wood types for sliding doors are
    pine and oak.
  • Sliding doors can be made to open on either sides
    or one side, depending on how much access you
    want to have to an area of the home. Since
    sliding doors are made to maximize space, it is
    always advised to aim for functionality rather
    than extravagance.

The True Beauty Of French Doors
  • Giving the home a new perspective
  • You can tweak the appearance of the size of your
    home by installing French doors. In extreme
    cases, incorporating fiberglass into the doors is
    a good option. Fiberglass is the new materials
    that are best suited to the improvement and
    upgrade of the doors. Fiberglass functions
    according to the principle of illusion. Its
    primary aim being the filtration of light into
    the home, this gives the home another outlook
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • By now, you must be wondering how French doors
    can save you some money at the end of every
    month. Well, it is simple and easy. As mentioned,
    French doors allow rays of light enter the home
    when they are made of optic glass. By installing
    such doors at strategic places in the home, you
    can get maximum light into the home especially
    the living room, bedroom, patio, or kitchen. This
    will also decrease the rate at which you switch
    on the lights that suck up energy cost.

Choosing Bay or Bow Windows
  • How to Recognize Them
  • Bay windows are any combination of three or more
    windows projecting outward from a room. There are
    a number of variations made out from the idea of
    bay windows. Take, for example, bow windows.
    These are a variation of bay windows made up of
    four or more window units joined at equal angles
    to form a curve.
  • Which to Choose Them
  • A bay window makes sense for your home for
    reasons such as the multiple views they offer.
    They are great also because having them means you
    maximize space and give your room a more open and
    spacious appearance.
  • When to Use Them
  • For people on the hunt for a little extra
    something in the look of their house, a bay
    window proffers a great solution. If you want to
    add to the living space of your house without
    increasing the footings and foundation size (so
    more for less) then a bay or bow window is the
    way to go.
  • Where to Place Them
  • Bay and bow windows are great no doubt but
    placement, that is, the part of the house theyre
    used in, could diminish the tremendous aesthetic
    effect they usually have. For example, a bay or
    bow window in a bathroom is probably not the best

Bow Vs Bay - What Is the Right Window for Your
  • Bay
  • A Bay window is a three-paneled window that juts
    from your home, and typically features a window
    seat or storage bench below it, on the inside of
    the house.
  • The idea behind it is to create an illusion of
    the outdoor being brought in. By creating the
    feeling that while in your living room, you're
    simultaneously in your yard, the bay window
    creates a unique space and a fabulous atmosphere
    in your room. Of course, the appeal this has on
    the eye can also not be overlooked.
  • Bow
  • Bow windows serve the same purpose as bay
    windows major difference being that they are
    typically larger.
  • Usually, bow windows have five panels, which
    cause them to curve like a bow instead of
    appearing more rigid like a bay window. The size
    makes them a prominent feature in your room, so
    it's important that you have the wall space to
    incorporate them, and that the amount of light
    and exposure theyre built to allow in wont be
    uncomfortable for you.

New Bay and Bow Windows For Your Home
  • A big advantage of bay windows is the value and
    aesthetic appeal they add to your home. Your home
    has a modern look from the outside and an elegant
    look from the inside. The windows also allow
    natural light to enter and provide good
    ventilation because they offer the option of
    having two operating windows.
  • Though installable anywhere, more people would
    rather have them in their kitchens and in their
    living rooms of modern homes.
  • Its both important to note that although they
    have the same effect, bay and bow windows are a
    bit different in construction.
  • While Bay windows are always built to have three
    parts, bow windows have four or more window units
    joined together to form an arch.

Craftsman Interior Design The New Look for
Classy Homeowners
  • Wood it up
  • Adding wood trimmings to the home gives your home
    a historic and earthly appearance. This style of
    decoration blends accurately with all eras. While
    this adds a touch of class and appeal to the
    overall structure, it can also be a great source
    of inspiration for other homeowners. In case you
    are thinking about remodelling your home, they
    are the best pieces to find vintage architectural
  • Handmade Tiles
  • Craftsman homes are specifically complemented
    with unique handmade tiles. Coastal breeze and
    ash are beautiful hues to choose from. Also, they
    come in various shapes and sizes hexagons,
    subway, rounds, and so on. The beauty of these
    tiles is best seen in kitchens and bathrooms.

Craftsman Interior Design The New Look for
Classy Homeowners
  • Warm décor
  • As said earlier, a craftsman home is alluring and
    appealing to people. The historical colors such
    as brown and green, create a type of grandeur
    that makes it inviting to every guest that comes
    around. If you have a huge budget, you can
    combine this with suitable furniture and soft
  • Brick and stone accents
  • Stone and brickwork are excellent natural
    materials, after wood and tile. Both materials
    can be used in kitchen and patio floorings.
  • Scheme of fresh color
  • Neutral and muted colors such as warm grey are
    especially suited for craftsman homes. If you
    want a royal appearance, warm whites can be used
    in the interior decoration.

Sliding Doors How To Maintain Their
Functionality And Reliability
  • Test existing lock
  • Just like traditional doors, most sliding doors
    are fitted with a lock on either side to keep the
    door fixed to the frame at will. Make sure that
    you choose a sliding door with functioning lock.
    Once the lock becomes faulty, ensure you repair
    or replace as the case may be. To correct any
    lapses, you can hire a professional door
    installation company to help you increase the
    security level of the door so that you can feel
    safe with the lock always.
  • Slide locking bar
  • Being indoors with a well secured and safe door
    helps you to keep intruders away and by
    extension, a peaceful rest. Installation of slide
    locking bars does not only increase the security
    of your door, it also boosts its functionality.
    They are bought as wood dowels or metal bars that
    sit well on the lower door track. Even when the
    door latch is faulty, slide locking bars keep the
    door closed and secure. Yet, there are new series
    of sliding door models that are extra secured
    along the frame length.

Sliding Doors How To Maintain Their
Functionality And Reliability
  • Rollers and door tracks
  • The 'railway tracks' of the door known as rollers
    and door tracks are quite as important as the
    door itself. This is because the doors rely on
    then for sliding motion. Any damage will affect
    the operations of the door. Regular maintenance
    practices like cleaning of debris in the track
    and occasional adjustments for fitness should be
  • Tracks
  • In addition, occasional lubrication of the door
    tracks and rollers ensure an even smoother
    operation. Aerosol lubricants are the most
    suitable types. In fact, you can clean specks of
    dirt in door locks and coat them with the
    lubricant to prevent rust and damage.
    Nonetheless, this requires the disengagement of
    the lock by a professional door installer.
  • Commercial lock
  • The reliability and security of the door are two
    functionalities that are determined by a suitable
    commercial lock. Commercial locks are the best
    substitutes for damaged latch locks. Depending on
    the height of the sliding door, these locks
    should be installed to supplement latch locks
    too. Commercial locks comprise steel bolts and a
    bolt locking system, both of which fall right
    into place. For extra security, an alarm system
    should be installed on the door.

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