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Whether a product can have a good sales performance must be tested by the market. Throughout the marketing process, packaging plays an extremely important role. It uses its own unique image language to communicate with consumers to influence the consumer's first emotions. When consumers first see it, they will The packaged product is of interest. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: packaging design

Package Design
Consumer psychology
  • Whether a product can have a good sales
    performance must be tested by the market.
    Throughout the marketing process, packaging plays
    an extremely important role. It uses its own
    unique image language to communicate with
    consumers to influence the consumer's first
    emotions. When consumers first see it, they will
    The packaged product is of interest. It can not
    only promote success but also lead to failure.
    The packaging that does not show power will allow
    consumers to sweep away. With the continuous
    development and improvement of the market economy
    in our country, the vast majority of consumers
    have become more mature and rational. The market
    gradually shows the characteristics of the
    buyer's market, which not only increases the
    difficulty in product marketing, but also makes
    packaging design unprecedented The challenge is
    to drive the packaging of products to grasp the
    public's consumer psychology and move toward a
    more scientific and higher level.
  • Packaging box has become the main act of market
    sales in actual commercial activities, and it has
    inevitably produced a close relationship with
    consumers' psychological activities. As packaging
    designers, if they do not understand consumer
    psychology, they will be blind. How can we get
    consumers' attention and how to further stimulate
    their interest and induce them to adopt the final
    purchase behavior, which must involve the
    knowledge of consumer psychology. Therefore,
    researching consumer psychology and changes is an
    important part of packaging design. Only by
    mastering and rationally using the laws of
    consumer psychology can we effectively improve
    the quality of design, increase the added value
    of goods, and increase sales efficiency.
  • Consumer psychology studies show that consumers
    have complex mental activities before and after
    purchasing goods, and differences in age, gender,
    occupation, ethnicity, education level, social
    environment, etc., divide many different consumer
    groups and their differences. The same consumer
    psychology features. According to the results of
    surveys conducted by the Chinese Social
    Investigation Agency (SSIC) in recent years on
    the consumer psychology of the general public,
    the consumer psychology can be summarized as

  • 1, realistic psychology
  • The main consumer psychology feature of most
    consumers in the consumption process is the
    realistic psychology, and it is believed that the
    actual utility of the goods is the most
    important. It is hoped that the goods will be
    easy to use, cheap, and will not deliberately
    pursue the appearance of the appearance and novel
    style. The consumer groups that hold the
    truth-seeking psychology are mainly mature
    consumers, working-class people, housewives, and
    elderly consumer groups.
  • 2, seeking beauty psychology
  • Consumers with a certain degree of economic
    affordability generally have the psychology of
    seeking beauty, pay attention to the shape of the
    product itself and external packaging, and pay
    more attention to the artistic value of the
    goods. The consumer groups that hold the
    psychology of seeking beauty are mainly young
    people and intellectuals, and the proportion of
    women in such groups is as high as 75.3. In
    terms of product categories, the packaging of
    jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, handicrafts and
    gifts needs to pay more attention to the
    performance of aesthetic values ??and psychology.
  • 3, seeking differences
  • The consumer groups that hold the psychology of
    seeking differences are mainly young people under
    the age of 35. This category of consumer groups
    believes that the style of goods and packaging is
    extremely important. It is novel, unique, and
    personal. It means that the shape, color, and
    graphics of the packaging are more fashionable
    and more avant-garde. However, the value and
    price of the goods are not very high. care. In
    this consumer group, juvenile children and young
    children occupy a considerable proportion, for
    them sometimes the packaging of the product is
    more important than the product itself. For this
    group of non-negligible consumer groups, their
    packaging design should highlight the
    characteristics of "novelty" to meet their
    psychological needs for differences.
  • 4, Herd mentality
  • Herd mental consumers are happy to cater to the
    popular trend or imitate the style of
    celebrities. Such consumer groups span a wide
    range of ages because various media media promote
    fashion and celebrity propaganda. For this
    reason, packaging design should grasp the trend
    of popularity, or directly introduce a product
    spokesperson that is deeply loved by consumers
    and improve the reliability of the product.
  • 5, seeking psychological
  • No matter what kind of consumer groups there is a
    certain name psychology, pay attention to the
    brand of goods, have a sense of trust and loyalty
    to well-known brands. As economic conditions
    permit, even if it does not care about the high
    price of the commodity, it will insist on
    purchasing it. Therefore, establishing a good
    brand image for packaging design is the key to
    product sales success.
  • In short, consumer psychology is complex and
    rarely maintains a long-term orientation. In most
    cases it is possible to integrate two or more
    psychological requirements. The pursuit of
    psychological diversity has prompted product
    packaging to exhibit the same diverse design

Design trend
  • The design of packaging boxes has developed
    rapidly in recent years, but how to further
    develop to adapt to the ever-changing market
    demand is the most important issue in the current
    development of the packaging box design industry.
    In the end, how can we grasp the trend of future
    packaging box design development? Here mainly
    talk about the following points

  • Sustainability
  • The 21st century is a century of environmental
    protection. People are eager to research new
    packaging materials and environmentally friendly
    design methods to reduce the environmental
    problems caused by packaging solid waste.
    Innovations in packaging materials are as
    follows used for heat insulation, shockproof,
    impact and perishable pulp molding packaging
    materials in the design to reduce the late
    difficult to decompose materials for packaging,
    try to use light weight, small size, Easy to
    crush or flatten, easy to separate materials.
  • safety
  • A company developed a "Faller" medicine packaging
    box that is opened by a die cut line on the
    packaging box. The opening of the paper box
    requires a certain amount of force. This opening
    method is very easy for adults, but It is very
    difficult for children to effectively avoid
    children's accidental opening and eating. As this
    kind of packaging box is opened, it is difficult
    to restore, so it has played an anti-theft role
    to a certain extent. It truly integrates
    protection and security.
  • personalise
  • Personalized packaging design is a kind of design
    method that involves a wide range of influences,
    and it has a great influence on the corporate
    image, the product itself, or the social effect.
    The shaping and expression of the packaging image
    is toward the natural and lively humanity and
    organic shape development, and it gives the
    packaging personality quality and unique style to
    attract consumers. When designing a box, it must
    be considered systematically. Analysis of the
    actual situation should be made in different
    perspectives and positions in order to establish
    and understand various factors that should be
  • Security labeling
  • With the rapid development of modern science and
    technology, general packaging anti-counterfeiting
    technology has no effect on counterfeiters.
    Strengthening the visual effect of packaging
    design and strengthening the packaging and
    printing industry technology has become a
    powerful weapon in counterfeiting and defending
    rights. The innovative method of packaging box
    design is combined with the printing industry
    technology that integrates high-tech
    achievements. The pursuit of innovative and
    unique originality and unique visual effects is
    another direction for the sustainable development
    of the packaging industry in the future.

Design color grasp
  • When designing a box, color techniques should be
    noted from the following points First, the
    relationship between color and packaging and
    second, the contrast between color and color.
    These two points are the key to the use of color.

  • (a) to take care of
  • Then, where should we talk about the relationship
    between color and packaging? Mainly through the
    external packaging color can reveal or reflect
    the inner packaging items. It allows people to
    basically perceive or think of what the inner
    package is. For this question, I have mentioned
    it many times in the past articles, but if we can
    come to the store to get a look at the goods,
    many goods do not reflect this kind of
    relationship. So that consumers can not think of
    what to pack things from the table and inside. Of
    course, there is no positive sales promotion for
    the sales of products. The normal external
    packaging color should grasp this same
    characteristic to varying degrees
  • (1) From the industry's advancement, the normal
    color of food packaging is expressed in its main
    colors of yellow and pink to give people warm and
    close feelings. Of course, many teas are green,
    beverages are green and blue, liquors and
    pastries are made of big red, children's foods
    are made of rose, and daily cosmetics are
    normally used. The main colors are mostly rosy,
    pink, light green, light blue, dark brown, to
    highlight the warm and elegant feeling, clothing
    and shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark
    blue, brown or gray, to highlight the calm Heavy
    and elegant beauty.
  • In terms of performance characteristics, for
    foods alone, cakes and pastries use golden and
    light yellow to give impressions of scent. People
    like tea and beer use red or green to symbolize
    the richness and aroma of the tea tomato juice
    The apple juice is mostly red, and the
    concentration indicates the nature of the item.
    Although some packages do not use the same colors
    as the ones mentioned in the main tone, but look
    closely if the design of the package is written
    by the hands of their own family, then, in the
    packaging of its packaging There must be a
    symbolic color block, color point, color line, or
    focused content highlighted in that color. This
    should be everyone's proud job. Some clothing
    packaging and some cosmetic packaging, and even
    some wine packaging can find a lot of such

  • (II) Contrast relationship
  • Besides, the contrast between color and color.
    This is the easiest thing to do in many commodity
    packaging but it is very difficult to grasp. In
    the design from the master, the wound effect of
    the package is snow white, otherwise, is the
    lower Riba. In Chinese calligraphy and painting,
    such a saying is often popular. It is airtight
    and sparse. In fact, it is a kind of contrast
    relationship. In the packaging design, this
    contrast is very obvious and very common. These
    so-called comparisons generally have the
    following contrasts the contrast between the use
    of colors, the contrast of the use of colors, the
    point-to-point ratio of color use, the contrast
    between the use of colors, the contrast between
    the use of color and the contrast of color, and
    the contrast of color Contrast and so on.
  • (1) The contrast of the color used.
  • This is the most frequently used color in the
    current packaging design, and it is the most
    widely used. It is very common in many graphic
    designs (such as posters, hanging scrolls, or
    dressmaking classes). The so-called contrast
    between shades and depths should mean that the
    design uses two colors, shades of color, to
    subtly appear on one screen at the same time,
    resulting in a more coordinated perspective. It
    is usually used as a light-colored base with a
    large area, on which a dark composition, such as
    a light yellow base, is used to compose the image
    in brown, or a yellowish or white pattern is used
    in the brown color patch With a light green
    bottom dark green composition pink bottom
    large red composition light gray bottom soap
    black composition and so on. These are all shades
    of contrasts in color use. In this form we can
    design packaging on some cosmetic packaging or on
    some western wine packaging, especially western
    wine packaging. Chinese Changyu wines and
    Shuanghui's sausage sausages as well as Xijie's
    meat packaging are mostly expressed in this form.
    This form of packaging is also common in Japan
    and South Korea. Its visual effects are clear,
    simple, gentle, and elegant.
  • (2) The use of color for contrast (or contrast)
    is one of the important methods of reproduction.
    This kind of contrast is often accompanied by a
    deep and solemn motif on a light and elegant
    background, or in a heavy and solemn motif
    (mostly with color patterns). Shows the theme and
    name of light and elegant packaging, as well as
    trademarks or slogans. In turn, it also uses a
    large area of ??deep dignified pigments. Another
    light and elegant tone or focus on a certain
    color block or fully decorate some patterns. In
    this light contrast, the general color pigments
    have a harmonized color contrast and a cool and
    warm color contrast. The methods of harmonizing
    color contrasts are often light green to dark
    green lighter to deeper coffee pink to reddish,
    and the contrast between cool and warm colors is
    mostly Black and white, red and blue and so on.
  • (3) The point-to-point ratio (or size contrast)
    of color use contrasts mainly in the design
    process of a packaging screen, using the contrast
    of pigments from a center or concentration point
    to the overall picture, ie, a small range and a
    large range. The contrast between the pictures.
    In daily life, especially washing cosmetics, we
    can see a clean box of products on the whole area
    of ??what is not, on the middle of a very focused
    and then appear a very obvious small box of heavy
    colors (or Elliptical or small round) and then
    from this small box of screens, the theme of the
    brand and name of the contents of the package is
    expressed. This is a combination of point and
    surface, but also a contrast between large and
    small, and occasionally from point to point. And
    the gradual transition of the contrast.

  • (4) Contrast of simplification of color use. We
    can see the unity "100"
  • Instant noodles, their bags, and the lower half
    of each bag of instant noodles are physical
    patterns, but at the top of the picture it is the
    entire clean, bright green red color, and then
    very prominent prominent "100" words, look again
    The cover of the 66th edition of Packaging World
    magazine (also called the book's packaging). With
    a large area of ??real photos of straw, it is
    very complicated and even packed into the world.
    However, the center of the screen shows a clean,
    blank space. In it, it states "We will extend the
    edition of the magazine in 2000" and "Welcome to
    the Local Post Office". It is so simple and
    simple, but it ingeniously puts the emphasis on
    the magazine's most important thoughts. I also
    saw a dumpling bag and a seasoning bag in the
    store. The whole picture was made of green and
    black pigments and intertwined on one screen.
    Also want to express the name, but also want to
    express the foil pattern. As a result, because of
    the large area of ??the complicated design, there
    is no actual meaning of the dark lining pattern,
    and all of the above description of the main body
    has been diluted, drowned, resulting in this kind
    of packaging. People's psychological depression
    and feeling of irritability naturally affect
  • (5) The contrast of lust in color use is mainly
    to emphasize its elegance by highlighting it.
    This kind of vulgar expression is carried out in
    a disorderly and disorderly manner with colors
    (in fact, it is originality, and some western oil
    paintings are very concerned about this type of
    expressionmodern abstract art). This kind of
    composition is either a symbolic discovery of the
    theme or a service for the theme of "Lotus."
  • To make it a little red in the bush. For example,
    on a packaging screen, it looks like a bunch of
    random colors or thrown on it. Then quietly side
    by side or in the finely articulated theme. This
    is a very interesting thing. In addition to
    packaging, even book bindings, advertisements,
    posters on posters, and casual columns on TV have
    all been tried.
  • (6) Contrast of contrast in color use. This
    contrast contrast is essentially the contrast
    effect formed by different pigments themselves.
    This contrast effect is generally expressed in
    the following ways light and dark contrast (or
    contrast between yin and yang), like China's
    light map contrast between warm and cold, such
    as red and blue contrast between movement and
    sound, such as calm and calm background and
    lively jumping The contrast of the pattern text
    the contrast of lightness, such as the contrast
    between deep pigment and light pigment.

Commodity packaging strategy
  • The packaging of enterprise products, as far as
    possible not to engage in imitation, not the same
    with other packaging, and the use of new
    materials, new processes, new designs, new
    shapes, give consumers a new feeling. For
    example, packaging made of renewable and
    degradable materials is more popular, which is
    convenient for consumers, and it also meets the
    trend of environmental protection and establishes
    a good image for enterprises. Convenient
    packaging strategy. When designing and purchasing
    product packaging, companies must consider the
    convenience of purchasing, carrying, using, and
    keeping them. For the convenience of consumers,
    companies will combine different styles, uses,
    and tastes into a variety of packaging or
    combination packaging.

  • Cheap packaging strategy. The packaging strategy
    is to use low-cost and simple-structured
    packaging for businesses, which are usually used
    for daily use in large quantities. Such as
    general clothing, footwear, edible salt,
    monosodium glutamate, Chinese herbal medicines,
    bags of fresh milk, etc. Of course, enterprises
    adopt this packaging strategy, and they should
    not be randomly purchased because of low consumer
    demand, but should consider their applicable and
    economical characteristics.
  • Series packaging strategy. The difference between
    this type of packaging and the series of
    packaging is that the series of packaging is the
    same type of goods, and the packaging of
    different types of goods. Such as travel kits,
    cosmetic boxes, traditional four treasures - pen,
    ink, paper baskets, etc., are packaged.

  • Similar packaging strategy. Sometimes referred to
    as home-type packaging, the products produced by
    the same company use the same patterns,
    approximate colors, and common features in the
    appearance of the packaging. In particular, the
    company's CI image appears repeatedly, forming a
    visual orientation, which not only saves
    packaging. The cost of design can also deepen the
    user's impression of such products.
  • Change the packaging strategy. In other words,
    the new packaging replaces the original
    packaging. In general, the packaging used by a
    company and a retailer should be relatively
    stereotyped, but when the following three
    conditions occur, the company should adopt a
    change packaging strategy

  • (1) The quality of the product has a problem, and
    consumers have formed a bad impression on it
  • (2) The company's product quality is acceptable,
    but there are many competitors for similar
    products, and the original packaging is not
    conducive to opening the product sales situation
  • (3) The sales of the product are still
    acceptable, but due to the company's use of the
    packaging for a long time, the cost is too high,
    and the cost reduction of the company will make
    consumers feel old.

Packaging Design Overview
  • Packaging is the external performance and
    marketing of products. For packaging, many
    countries have made clear and concise
    definitions. For example, the United States
    Packaging is preparation for the delivery and
    sale of products England Packaging is the
    artistic, scientific and technical preparation
    for the transport and sale of goods Canada
    believes that packaging is the supply of products
    from The tools that can reach the customers or
    consumers and keep the products in good
    condition. The definition of packaging in China
    is the general term for the products that are
    used to protect the products in circulation,
    facilitate storage and transportation, and
    promote sales.

  • Today, people are more fully aware of packaging
    and give it a broader meaning. From the viewpoint
    of system theory, the packaging's purpose,
    requirements, constituent elements, function and
    actual operation are linked together to form a
    complete packaging concept.
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